Chapter 1250: Dark Water Yao Yao

The Magus Era

Chapter 1250: Dark Water Yao Yao
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All Streams to The Final Land great formation, reaching the stage of the nine final water gates, it was almost completed.

On both sides of the Kui Gate, the mountains were towering and cliffy, like an enormous study wall, firmly blocking the vast water. Tens of thousands of different sized rivers had merged into an ocean. The enormous waves fiercely slapped the cliff of the Kui Gate. Pushed by fierce undercurrents, countless whirlpools bumped against the cliff like bombs. Every time when a whirlpool shattered, the explosive sound would be as loud as ten-thousand bombs going off together.

Facing the dreadful flood, Kui Gate remained perfectly stable. Si Wen Ming dredged the water channels in Midland with the great formation called ‘All Streams to The Final Land’. While the endless water power in the air was being drawn away, the great formation was also affecting the flowing directions of the underground natural meridians.

Drawn by the great formation, the earth power was also drawing to the nine water gates in the east. In the past few years, nourished constantly by the pure and thriving earth power, the thousands of meters tall mountains on both sides of Kui Gate had been growing rapidly like bamboo shoots in spring nights. Within a couple of years, the mountains had reached thousands of miles high. From the foot of the mountains, no ordinary people could see the mountaintops. These mountains now even looked like the magnificent Buzhou Mountain, the fallen Sky Pillar.

These mountains had become hundred-times harder than the best steel, full of pure earth power. Dark Clouds blocked the sunshine, and the world was dark. But, these mountains shone with a bright, dark-yellow light in the darkness, like giant dark yellow jade pieces. Through the translucent rock, one could see streams of earth power flowing, twisting like oddly shaped dragons, while enormous natural spell symbols flashed across from time to time.

The nine water gates were the keys of the All Streams to The Final Land great formation. In order to connect the nine water gates with the main formation, Si Wen Ming and his people had to not just deal with the strong water-kind armies stationed in the nine areas under Gong Gong’s order. Merely breaking these strangely hard mountains and creating paths broad enough to allow the water to flow through was never an easy thing to achieve.

Treading on a fiery cloud, Ji Hao faced the Kui Mountain, less than a hundred miles away. He spread his spirit power and carefully scanned across both sides of the gate.

A sizzling noise could be heard without an end. Ji Hao concentrated his spirit power, drilling into the mountains and clashing against the crystalline, highly concentrated earth power inside the mountain intensively. Dazzling fire sparkles were generated from the tens of thousands of miles long mountain range, while a dazzling light shone from the mountain.

Snorting slightly, Ji Hao took three steps backward.

He sensed a piercing pain from his forehead. His red sun primordial spirit and the five embryos of Dao were all weak and powerless. Silently, Ji Hao was shocked again by Si Wen Ming, who designed this great formation and almost completed it. It was so amazing. Aside from dealing with the flood, this formation also gathered all the earth power in Midland on the nine water gates. Ji Hao bumped against the Kui Gate with his spirit power, by doing which, he was almost challenging all the earth power in the entire Midland with his very own power. Not to mention the fact that Ji Hao had only managed to absorb less than one percent of the original souls of the eighteen ‘Zun’-level sky devils and the over ten-thousand regular sky devils so far, even if he did absorb them all, he could not possibly win against the entire Midland, which was the core continent among all five in the Pan Gu world.

"Impressive!" Ji Hao sighed in praise. This great formation created by Si Wen Ming was truly amazing.

Based on Ji Hao’s current knowledge, nourished by the earth power from the entire Midland, the nine water gates would certainly become the nine top-grade rich areas in the future. If one used these nine areas well, countless great treasures could be produced.

Ji Hao couldn’t tell for sure if Si Wen Ming designed the formation in this way on purpose, or this just happened luckily. If Si Wen Ming designed it in this way from the beginning, his accomplishment in the sphere of magic formation must be way beyond many people’s imaginations!

The turbid waves rolled under Ji Hao’s feet as countless whirlpools squeezed together. A strong suction force attacked from down below, as if thousands of enormous mouths were waiting down there to swallow Ji Hao. A sharp gust of wind screamed ear-piercingly around Ji Hao’s body, ruffling his Taiji cloak and causing a loud noise.

Ji Hao stood in midair, surrounded by a devil-like, dreadful power vibration. Thousand-miles around him, not even a drop of rain could fall. No fire was burning on his body, but this whole area was scorching hot, such that all the rainwater was evaporated, far before it could fall from the sky.

Standing a hundred miles away was the Kui Gate.

A thin chasm existed between two towering mountains, thousand-miles-tall, and less than three-hundred-meters wide. This was the Kui Gate. It was not small, but in comparison with the entire All Streams to the Final Land formation, it was like a tiny crack. To make the great formation work, the Kui Gate must be expanded to at least eight-hundred-miles-wide, to let the flood go through. Only in this way could the floodwater be drained off from Midland.

A dark cloud quietly floated before the Kui Gate, ten miles high from the water surface. Black Water Serpent coiled on the dark cloud like a mountain. He narrowed his eyes and looked at Ji Hao from head to toe. Abruptly, he let out a sharp stream of venom and yelled, "Kid, are you Marquis Yao Ji Hao? I heard about you from my kids. You are from Southern Wasteland, the Fire Crow Clan. I think there is some hatred between your clan and mine, right?"

Ji Hao shook his head, smiled, and cupped his hands as he bowed to the Black Water Serpent. Judging by the serpent’s enormous body shape, he should be a powerful being who had lived since the prehistorical era. He might even be the very first black water serpent in the world. Ji Hao never minded being polite enough towards ancient, powerful living beings like this, even though he was a deadly enemy.

"Today, we shall only talk about official business, instead of anything personal. What do you think?" Ji Hao grinned and said to the serpent, "If anyone from Dark Water Serpent Clan in Southern Wasteland doesn’t like me, just come to kill me. But, does that clan have any…Divine Magus?"

Ji Hao grinned again, proudly and slyly.

The serpent’s face twitched, while a light of anger flashed across his eyes. Dark Water Serpent Clan in the Southern Wasteland was only a small branch clan, and Senior Magi were peak-level forces of that clan…Divine Magi? Not to mention Divine Magi, how many years hadn’t those people seen a Magus King?

"Master Elder, let me cut off Marquis Yao’s head!" A dark-skinned, bald and muscular man trod on a stream of water and flew down. He was half-naked, with nothing else but a piece of hide tied around his waist. Coldly staring at Ji Hao, the man said blandly, "Those boys in theSouthern Wasteland are weak, but no matter how, they share the same origin with us. We cannot let anyone despise them."

The serpent hissed and let out his fork-tongue, then slowly snorted and said, "Go, cut him."

The bald man flew swiftly towards Ji Hao. From a long distance away, he pulled out a strangely shaped blade, bared his teeth, and laughed, "Marquis Yao, I, Dark Water Yao Yao, is the man who will kill you."

Tens of watery clouds descended immediately from above the Kui Gate. Standing on each cloud was a strong dark-skinned man. Seeing Dark Water Yao Yao almost darting up to Ji Hao, those men cursed out together, disappointedly waving their fists.