Chapter 1303: Stern Warning

The Magus Era

Chapter 1303: Stern Warning
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A group of shrimp warriors walked onto the stage. Their armors were made from pearl fish skins, and their long spears were made from the bones of poison bonefishes. Walking up with big steps, these shrimp warriors seemed to be full of energy. Held in their hands were ropes woven from seagrasses. Each rope had tens of naked human girls tied on it.

All these girls were pretty, twelve to sixteen years old. They were probably at the best ages of their lives.

Back in human clans, the younger ones among these girls should still be living happily without any worry, under the protection of their parents. As for the older ones, they might have just married, expecting the great future ahead of them. But in here, they were stripped, with ropes tied around their necks like livestock. They were trembling as they were dragged into the auction house. The gazes of all those spirit creatures pierced onto their bodies, blandly, coldly, evilly, and eagerly, like countless daggers and countless greedy tentacles sweeping across their bodies.

"Two-hundred and forty-thousand young human girls, all carefully selected, just like these samples. They are all virgins, all healthy. No one has used up even a slight little bit of their life-force. Ladies and gentlemen, purchase them, and you can do whatever you want with them. They can serve you as slaves, and they can bring you pleasure. Even better, you can also drink their spirit blood to improve your powers!"

The merman smilingly raised his arms and said, "Thirty-thousand top-grade crystals, or three-million high-grade crystals, or other treasures with an equal value…Ladies and gentlemen, who are interested in these beautiful girls?"

Some spirit creatures began to stir, especially the cold-blooded ones, who liked to suck spirit blood.

Human beings were chosen by nature, generated by Saint Pan Gu’s spirit blood. The spirit blood of male human beings naturally contained a slight amount of pre-world positive energy, while the spirit blood of female human beings contained a trace of pre-world, pure negative energy. The negative energy and the positive energy were also known as Yin and Yang. The negative energy and the positive energy contained in human spirit blood were extremely pure, and could be counted as top-grade treasures in the world. These energies were the original force for human bloodlines to develop and pass on. Once Yin and Yang were balanced, an inexhaustible life-force would erupt.

Unlike human beings, the emotional, spiritual, and physical energies of spirit creatures, including those enormous, powerful ones, were heterogeneous. All kinds of impurities existed in their bodies. Because of these impurities, based on the same power-level, spirit creatures were always far weaker than human Divine Magi, if not considering their physical strength.

No one knew when spirit creatures found out that absorbing these pure pre-world energies from human bloodline could actually purify their own powers and largely improve the qualities of their powers, especially to water-kind spirit creatures. Water-kind spirit creatures were born with negative energies, because of their nature of Yin. By drinking large amounts of spirit blood from female human beings, they could not only purify their powers, but also promote the evolution of their bloodlines to allow themselves to grow more abilities and stronger powers.

Two-hundred and forty-thousand carefully selected, healthy, young human girls… In the eyes of water-kind spirit creatures, these girls were two-hundred and forty-thousand magic pills that could bring tremendous help to their cultivations!

"So many spirited young human girls," said a spirit creature while clicking his tongue, "If I could gobble them all up in one gulp, how much would I improve? How much power would I grow?"

"Hmm, you can not only eat them, you can also have a lot of fun with them. So many juicy soft human girls. I’ll pick the most beautiful few to serve me, and use the others in my cultivation… Hmm, that’s for the best."

"When did we ever have a chance to get so many human girls on normal days? Before the flood, we occasionally went to kidnap a few little girls from human clans. But with that, all human clans in a radius of thousands of miles would immediately join hands and chase after as. Hehe, that truly didn’t feel good!"

"Tell me about it! Lord Gong Gong is such a great man. This time, he raised this massive flood and threw the humankind into disarray, breaking countless human villages and towns. Finally, we had a chance to harvest so many top-grade girls…I can even smell the aroma of their spirit blood."

In the surroundings, all spirit creatures voiced their thoughts loudly while eyeing those girls covetously.

As they said, before the flood, not a single ‘spirit creature king’s dared to recklessly kidnap human girls, because all human clans who knew about this would combine their strengths and hunt this spirit creature down, no matter how. Therefore, before the flood, it was extremely difficult for spirit creatures who had run into bottlenecks on their cultivations to get a few human beings to drink blood. But things were different now. Two-hundred and forty-thousand carefully selected, healthy, young human girls were enough to make these ‘spirit creature kings’ drool.

"Ladies and gentlemen, please, start bidding!" The mermen smilingly circled around on the stage, glanced at all spirit creatures on the scene, and continued, "The highest bidder can have them… It can’t be any fairer than that. If you don’t like using crystals, you can pay with all kinds of natural treasures. We have the best evaluators here to evaluate your treasures. So ladies and gentlemen, you will never overpay."

Ji Hao crossed his legs, glanced at Tushan Inkstone, and asked, "You don’t have anything to do with these girls, do you?"

Tushan Inkstone’s face was as dark as ink. Gritting his teeth, he said with a deep voice, "No matter what happens, we Tushan Family people will never sell human beings to these animals. Later on, I will find out who exactly sent these girls to the auction."

"Hmm, let me know when you find out. I’ll slaughter every last one of them." said Ji Hao blandly and coldly, "Regardless of the price, buy these girls out. Hmm, crystals are on me, and you will send them to Yao Mountain City."

Shaking his foot, Ji Hao narrowed his eyes, then grinned and continued, "Hmm, they’re all pretty and healthy. We can introduce them to Yao Mountain warriors, and they can have kids. It will be perfect."

In the surroundings, some ‘kings’ already started bidding impatiently. Some bloodthirsty, rare types of water-kind spirit creatures even screamed hysterically, seeming ready to spend every penny they had to turn these girls into their dinner.

Tushan Inkstone silently crooked his finger. Following his move, an old turtle man, who had served the Tushan chamber of commerce through generations, swayed up his long neck, waved his hands, and growled out to bid against those ‘kings’, even having white foam spurting out of his mouth corners.

Hearing what Ji Hao said, this old turtle man never hesitated when bidding. Within a blink of an eye, the price was pushed to one-hundred and fifty-thousand top-grade crystals by the old turtle.

Those ‘kings’ paused briefly, then glanced at each other. One-hundred and fifty-thousand top-grade crystals, one had to empty quite a few large mines to get such a giant quantity of top-grade crystals. Spirit creatures were never good at mining. Things like mining occasionally happened among these spirit creatures. Therefore, none of these ‘kings’ had a giant amount of crystals.

A distance away, from the top of a thousands of meters tall stone pillar, a bald, dark-skinned, muscular dark water serpent man stood up slowly. Walking to the edge of the pillar top, he pointed at Ji Hao and yelled, "Summer…Are you under Dark Water Ao Ao’s lead? Tell your man to shut up, because our commander wants these human girls! You bid again, and our commander will wipe out all crayfishes and shrimps in Kui Water!"

All surrounding spirit creatures glanced at each other. Their eyes sparkled with a fierce, excited light, which they could not hide.