Chapter 1309: Impatient Pan Jia

The Magus Era

Chapter 1309: Impatient Pan Jia
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"Sir, is this… Netherworld ganoderma?" White Feather turned away from Pan Jia and stopped paying any attention to the fact that Pan Jia suddenly wanted to take back the few treasures from the Dragon Place, which she had authorized for the auction. Instead, leading a few Xiu Clan masters and around ten Jia Clan guards, he flashed across the air and came straight to Netherworld Hierarch.

Staring passionately at the ganoderma for a short while, White Feather assuredly nodded and said, "It is a Netherworld blood ganoderma. According to our family records, an ancestor had seen this treasure, and recorded a trace of its power with a secret magic…But the one our ancestor saw was only a half of a leaf, while this…"

Netherworld Hierarch gently patted the infant-shaped stem and said slowly, "You ancestor had seen this treasure? So what? I took out this treasure to trade with that lady!"

White Feather pressed his hand on Netherworld Hierarch’s wrist and said with a deep voice, "What do you want to trade for? Our Westin Family can fulfill all your requirements. But please, don’t give this treasure to a stranger."

Netherworld Hierarch curved his lip corners downwards, while Ji Hao chuckled aside.

‘Outsider’? This was such a smart choice of words. Was he a friend of Netherworld Hierarch? Why on earth did he call Pan Jia ‘a stranger’?

A dreadful coldness could be sensed while Pan Jia and his tens of followers trod on a watery cloud and flew over in an aggressive way. Staring straight at the blood ganorderma, she chuckled, "Ahyaya, old man, aren’t you ashamed to bully a little girl like me? You see, I have nothing but a soul. Without this treasure to recreate my physical body, I might disappear!"

White Feather’s eyes sparkled with a fierce light. He slowly turned around, looked at Pan Jia, then sneered and said, "Woman, does your life or death have anything to do with our Westin Family? Piss off, or,this place will be where you die!"

Rude, disrespectful.

White Feather was the manager of the shop opened by the Westin Family in the Kui Gate market, and a host of this auction. Speaking of nature, he should be a businessman. Businessmen were always nice and friendly, because harmony brought wealth. However, White Feather suddenly talked so meanly, even threatening Pan Jia’s life, which had completely broken the bottom-line of a qualified businessman.

The Netherworld blood ganoderma was greatly useful to White Feather…No, to the Westin Family!

Countless thoughts flashed through Ji Hao’s mind. The Westin Family knew about the power of the Netherworld blood ganoderma, and they were in dire need of it. The ganoderma definitely meant something extremely important to the Westin Family. Did an important member of the family also need the Netherworld blood ganoderma to recreate his or her physical body?

If this important family member succeeded, that would be a wonderful news to the Westin Family, and a great promotion to the entire non-humankind. But to the humankind, things would be different. Anything good to the non-humankind would be a disaster to the humankind.

This Netherworld blood ganoderma could never fall into White Feather’s hands. Ji Hao laughed out loud and said, "Mr. White Feather, this is still an auction. Surely, the highest bidder can have the treasure. This lady’s treasure is quite attractive to this elder here."

While coughing, Ji Hao held his hands behind his body and continued, "What treasure can you provide to trade for this Netherworld blood ganoderma? As long as your offer is sweet enough, anything can be negotiated."

Pan Jia facial expression turned extremely unfriendly. She maliciously glanced at Ji Hao, and this quick glance even numbed Ji Hao’s limbs, making him feel like being stared at by countless poisonous snakes.

Ji Hao swiftly glimpsed at Pan Jia. He deeply understood that something terrible must have happened to Pan Jia. The Pan Jia he knew would never have such a malicious, cruel look. The power Ji Hao sensed from Pan Jia now was different from before too. By now, it sensed like the fierce, brutal power of a female ghost, which had been imprisoned for thousands of centuries, and was just released.

"This place is crowded. Let’s find somewhere quiet to sit down, then talk about this." Ji Hao smilingly nodded to Pan Jia and said mildly, "Anyhow, we should try our best to satisfy everyone. Our friendship shouldn’t be harmed because of this."

White Feather gripped Netherworld Hierarch’s wrist with his five right fingers and said in a deep voice, "Good, let’s sit down and talk about this. But, I have to make it clear before we start, that this Netherworld blood ganoderma has to be ours, at all cost. Anyone else who dares to even think about it will be an enemy of the entire Yu Dynasty!"

Pan Jia snorted coldly, her eyes shining dimly.

A strong gust of wind blew over, bringing tens of dark water serpent men to the stone pillar, that Ji Hao was standing on. Glancing at Netherworld Hierarch in fear, one of these dark water serpent men stepped forward and began talking in a muffled voice. "Our great ancestor just gave his word. This treasure, our great ancestor wants it too…At any price, our Dark Water Serpent Family will get it."

Slapping his own chest heavily, this dark water serpent man continued in that deep voice of his, "I am authorized to act on behalf of our great ancestor. Old man, whatever you want, you can talk to me. We will get this, this, Netherworld blood ganoderma, even if we need to give away everything we have."

White Feather was familiar with this area. Soon, everything was well arranged. Ji Hao and the others were guided to an exquisite building, which was far away from the auction house. They sat down in the reception room that had countless defensive formations. White Feather activated those formations, and instantly, countless thin layers of light enveloped the entire building, disabling everyone outside from eavesdropping.

Other than Ji Hao and Netherworld Hierarch, Pan Jia, White Feather, and those dark water serpents, around ten water apes on behalf of Wuzhi Qi, a few Kun peng birds, a few descendants of Xiang Liu, and a few representatives of the other few strong spirit creatures under Gong Gong’s command, all gathered in the room.

This area was ruled by water-kind spirit creatures after all. The Netherworld blood ganoderma appeared suddenly, and the news spread fast. Wuzhi Qi, Kun Peng, Xiang Liu and another few extra powerful spirit creatures all sent out their people for the ganoderma.

Once everyone sat down, Pan Jia waved her hand and released a few streams of light from her sleeve. A few oddly shaped treasures quietly floated in front of her, releasing suffocatingly strong power vibrations.

"These few pieces are all precious, cherished supreme treasures from the Dragon Palace. I shall explain no more about this milkyway soul-splitting fan. Each of the other few pieces has its magical functions. For example, these one hundred and twenty-eight raging wave beads, they can form a pre-world raging wave formation, to trap and kill your enemy with an inexhaustible water power. These beads are also world-accompanying spirit treasures."

"And this pair of dragon horn sword is made from the horns of the first dragon in Pan Gu world. These swords had been serving as a sacred treasure in the ancestral temple of the dragon kind, for all dragons to worship their ancestor. As a sacred treasure, these swords are as sharp and lethal as any top-grade supreme treasure, and are highly destructive to physical bodies."

Pan Jia quickly told the stories of the other few treasures she had from the Dragon Palace, then smiled to Netherworld Hierarch and said, "My friend here, earlier, you offered this Netherworld blood ganoderma for the milkyway soul-splitting fan. I assume, if I offer you all these treasures here…I should be able to have this Netherworld blood ganoderma, right?"

Netherworld Hierarch and Ji Hao remained silent.

Both of them stared at the pair of swords, stunned.

The sacred treasure for dragons to worship their ancestor, made from the horns of the first dragon in the world... This pair of sword was as important as the grave monument of the dragon ancestor. But which crazy dragon dared to steal treasures like this?