Chapter 1338: Aggressive Sword Move

The Magus Era

Chapter 1338: Aggressive Sword Move
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The allied human force was now turned into a mess.

They fought each other. But before they could reach to an end of their internal conflict, a fierce old Gong Gong popped out and slaughtered tens of thousands of their warriors. Before they could gather their strengths and kill this old Gong Gong, eleven old Gong Gongs showed up, marching towards them with countless water-kind creatures. These eleven were also severely wounded, but even more dangerous and crazier.

The twelve water worlds ‘inlaid’ on Pan Gu world had been merging with the Pan Gu world, or in other words, were being devoured. The inexhaustible water power from these twelve worlds would become the strongest natural power in Pan Gu world, before Pan Gu world completely devoured and digested these twelve worlds. During this process, the power of the Gong Gong Family would reach to an unprecedented peak.

All water-kind spirit creatures, even all the ordinary water-kind creatures, would become tens of times more powerful than before. During this period of time, a little water-kind spirit creature, which could only raise three-feet-tall waves normally, would be able to easily raise hundred-meters-tall waves. And those large, enormous water-kind spirit creatures, who could already raise giant waves, would be able to stir up world-destroying waves.

At the moment, the allied human force was facing waves of overwhelming, world-destroying waves, coming from all directions.

The waves rolled over from every direction, purely dark, and looking like iron walls. Countless weird-looking water-kind spirit creatures were hidden in those waves. They roared as loudly as they could, and marched towards the allied human force under the leadership of the eleven old Gong Gongs.

At this very point in time, some elders from those powerful human families and clans still reached out their hands and strived for that thunder bomb small flag, with no efforts spared.

Surrounding them, elite warriors were slaughtered; right in front of them was a tsunami-like water-kind force. Yet, they neglected it all. They neglected all kinds of terrible consequences that the giant waves could bring, and instead, saw nothing else but the thunder bomb flag!

Taking the thunder bomb flag, weakening Chu Wu Clan, strengthening themselves!

For the thunder bomb flag, a little sacrifice was not worth mentioning.

Tens of silhouettes dashed around the flag, as fast as lightning. They bumped into each other and released thunderbolts, hurricane, raging fires, and poisonous gases. Meanwhile, the enormous Gu bug had been spraying venom randomly under the control of Chu Wu people. Blood splashed everywhere, along with body parts; even the sky seemed to fall.

The old Gong Gong with a pair of crescent-shaped blade laughed with a hissing voice. He scornfully glanced at those elders who almost fought their brains out over the thunder bomb flag. He roared hoarsely and killed surrounding human warriors with all of his power.

These elders…were hopeless. Human beings couldn’t count on them. On the contrary, some passionate and brave ones among those elite warriors from these powerful human families were the future of the humankind. And the Gong Gongs wanted to destroy this very future of the humankind.

‘Kill, kill, kill.!’ That old Gong Gong wielded his blades and slaughtered crazily. He smirked and raised sky-flooding waves around his body. Every wave had a crescent-shaped beam of blade light sparkling on it. When the waves rose to the sky, body parts were thrown up like trash.

No blood could be seen on these body parts, as the pair of crescent-shaped blades had already drained all the spirit blood of these dead human warriors.

"Old dogs! Gong Gong is killing your people! Your children! Your descendants! Do you not care about their lives only because of a thunder bomb flag?" Ji Hao couldn’t bear watching all this anymore. The eleven Gong Gong and countless water-kind creatures were approaching, and Ji Hao was definitely their first target.

At the moment, he should disappear from the scene, because that was the safest thing to do.

Nevertheless, he couldn’t bear watching the behavior of these elders, he truly couldn’t. That old Gong Gong had been slaughtering their people as easily as chopping watermelons, while these elders were still endlessly fighting against each other over a small thunder bomb flag!

"Ji Hao, who do you think you are? What qualification do you have to talk to us like that?" An elder laughed, "Such a great treasure, it will bring us fortune. Our family will thrive with it. For a treasure like this, sacrificing a million clansmen is…acceptable!"

The old Gong Gong who was slaughtering human warriors with his crescent pair of blades suddenly burst with thunderous laughter, "Human beings, this is what human beings are like! Haha! Fuxi, Suiren, Xuanyuan, Shennong, You Chao! You old people, look at your descendants…These are human beings, and these are your descendants!"

Following his hysterical laughter, this Gong Gong wielded his blades and sent hundreds of human heads up into the sky.

Those poor elite warriors! Indeed, they could never rival this old Gong Gong, but at least they could run. Nevertheless, Gu bugs released by Chu Wu people had still been running rampant inside their bodies, which weakened their bodies to an extreme point. Facing Gong Gong’s blades, they didn’t even have the strength to run!

At this moment, over one million elite human warriors were merely lambs for slaughter!

Ji Hao gave a resonant, bright roar. Seeing Shermie and large groups of shrimp warriors dive into the flood, leaving the battlefield at their highest speed, Ji Hao eas relieved. He shattered the space with one step and blocked that old Gong Gong’s way.

That thousands of meters tall Gong Gong looked down at Ji Hao, twitched his mouth corners, and gave a grim smile. Then, he raised his pair of blades and hacked down violently.

Ji Hao smiled coldly too, as a Chaos power stream spurted out from the Pan Gu bell and swiftly drilled into Ji Hao’s body. With muffled, thunder-like noises that could be heard from his body, Ji Hao started growing taller, meter by meter. Within a blink of an eye, he became thousands of meters tall as well.

The pair of fire snakes darted out of Ji Hao’s sleeves and hissed shrilly. They expanded their bodies to tens of thousands of meters long and let Ji Hao tread on their bodies. The pair of snakes was coiled in raging flames. They carried Ji Hao up and floated in the midair. Suddenly, they opened their jaws and let out two blazing fire streams towards that Gong Gong.

During the past few years, Ji Hao had been cultivating this pair of fire snakes with no efforts spared. He had spent incalculable resources on them. By now, this pair was about to turn into flood dragons. The fire that came out of their mouths was no longer earth-core poisonous fire. Instead, it was now the glistening, bright, liquid-gold-like essence sun fire.

The essence sun fire was not too pure, but it was authentic, spreading on that Gong Gong’s face.

Wielding his blades, that Gong Gong howled in pain. Surely, he recognized this pair of fire snakes, magical creatures from the earth core, found deep under Southern Wasteland volcanos. These kinds of fire snakes were indeed amazingly powerful, but at the level of this pair, they shouldn’t be able to do much.

Nevertheless, the fire released by this pair of fire snake was essence sun fire!

That old Gong Gong wasn’t prepared for this. Half of his face was immediately incinerated, which made him scream and deviated his blades.

A shred of shadow suddenly emerged from behind him. Silently, Yemo Shayi penetrated the heart of this Gong Gong with his sword and pierced the sword tip out of this Gong Gong’s chest.

"Shameless!" Again, this Gong Gong didn’t see this coming. How could a Supreme-level powerful being sneak up on him and stick a shining sword into his heart?

Ji Hao’s Pan Gu Dragon Mark let out an echoing, bright dragon roar, as Ji Hao gripped the sword hilt with both hands and made the Big Dipper step. He silently launched eighty-one sword hacks at this Gong Gong in a row.

Following the series of metal clangs, the pair of crescent-shaped blades held in this Gong Gong’s hands splintered. He couldn’t believe this, shrieking in surprise. While his voice lingered in the air, Ji Hao cut his body into hundreds of pieces.