Chapter 1339: Snakes Become Dragons

The Magus Era

Chapter 1339: Snakes Become Dragons
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"You!" This Gong Gong was cut into hundreds of pieces by Ji Hao, but every piece became a meters tall clone of his. They pointed at Ji Hao and screamed in rage.

"I can kill you!" Ji Hao gripped Pan Gu Dragon Mark calmly and looked at the hundreds of Gong Gong clones, then said, "Gong Gong, the Water God, as amazing as the legends indeed! The water is soft and flexible; it can merge, and can also split. Your body, your soul, is cut into hundreds of pieces, but every single piece became a clone of yours! Impressive, truly impressive!"

Gong Gong was so powerful. For this exact reason, Ji Hao couldn’t let him live!

A living Gong Gong was way too threatening to the humankind!

"How can you ever kill me?" Hundreds of Gong Gong clones roared in chorus. In both anger and confusion, they yelled at Ji Hao, "I am Gong Gong, the Water God! I am a god! But you are a human being, a mortal human being!"

"I can kill you!" Still, Ji Hao calmly looked at Gong Gong and said, "You are a god, what’s so important about that?"

This old Gong Gong returned to Pan Gu world from the far Chaos with Yu Ancestor’s great natural ability. Ji Hao refused to believe that Gong Gong didn’t suffer any power loss during the process. Added with the fact that before his return was completed, he suffered thousands of hacks from the blood flying knife in the altar, at this moment, this old Gong Gong had ten percent of his power remained, at most.

Ten percent, Yemo Shayi could easily suppress him. But still, Yemo Shayi attacked him from the back almost shamelessly!

Ji Hao wasn’t weak, and Pan Gu Dragon Mark was a top-grade, fierce treasure. Killing a severely wounded old Gong Gong, wasn’t this reasonable? Smilingly raising Pan Gu Dragon Mark, Ji Hao looked at the eleven old Gong Gongs, who had raised giant waves and had been approaching, then smiled and said, "It’s too late! You’re too slow!"

Pan Gu Dragon Mark descended along with a splendid glow. The hundreds of clones, who were attempting to merge back together, were shredded by Ji Hao with a wild wave of sword hacks.

Pan Gu Dragon Mark let out bright dragon roars, which echoed to the clouds. Waves of dreadful, destructive power struck into this Gong Gong’s body, crushing his original soul. Dark spheres of light floated in the air as the last remains of this Gong Gong — These were his body, or his soul, or the purest divine power which generated him!

The pair of fire snakes was suddenly agitated. They raised their heads, turned around, and pitifully looked at Ji Hao.

The greediness and desire were rolling in their eyes. They couldn’t wait to swallow up the great divine power left by this Gong Gong after his body died. Ji Hao looked at them in surprise and murmured, "But he’s a Water God. He…Hm, I think I am wrong."

Ji Hao was enlightened all of a sudden. Water Gods, Fire Gods, they might have different natures, but their powers all originated from the purest power of Pan Gu world. At the moment, these dark light spheres still had features of ‘water’, but after being devoured and digested by the pair of fire snakes, the nature of the divine power contained in these light spheres would naturally switch to ‘fire’.

Powers had different natures, but eventually, all powers would go back to Chaos, to Taiji.

"All yours!" Ji Hao gently patted the heads of the pair of snakes.

"Little one, don’t you dare!" From far away, the eleven old Gong Gongs who had been rushing over growled out loud together.

"Why wouldn’t I?" Ji Hao laughed aloud. He intentionally released the nine blood flying knives, and let them hover around him. Nine long blood-red light beams tore the air apart and wove into a giant blood-red web around him.

The eleven old Gong Gongs acted like raging bulls which saw a red cloth, when they saw the nine blood flying knives. Scorching hot stream puffed out of their nostrils, as they flew towards Ji Hao at their highest speed. Sadly, the serious wounds on their bodies were never healed. The dirty blood power from the blood pool had been ceaselessly corroding their bodies, because of which, they were only slightly faster than the giant waves they raised, even though they were flying at their current highest speed.

Reaching to Ji Hao couldn’t happen within a short while.

The pair of fire snakes happily opened their jaws and inhaled deeply towards the spheres of dark light in front of Ji Hao. Each dark light sphere was releasing a strong power vibration. Thousands of different sized dark light spheres were evenly divided into two parts, and were swallowed up by the pair of snakes.

Sideway, a boney arm thrust over and attempted to plunder those dark light spheres from the mouths of the two fire snakes. Ji Hao, saw it and acted immediately. He conveniently swung his sword down and generated a shrill howl. Following the howl, the arm of the skeleton puppet sent out by a Chu Wu Clan elder was chopped off.

"Ji Hao!" Watching Ji Hao cut off the arm of his best puppet and seriously weakening it, that Chu Wu elder pointed his finger at Ji Hao and yelled in anger, "You colluded with the water-kind, and you attacked me! You, you…"

Ji Hao didn’t even want to say one more word to these old men, who were ridiculously greedy, and knew nothing but their own interests.

The scales of the pair of fire snakes stood up one after another, while their enormous bodies trembled intensely. Ji Hao leaped up from their backs, with his entire body shining with a dazzling golden light. The nine dragons chariot flew rumblingly out of his forehead and released sky-devouring flames, bumping into the group of elders.

The nine dragons chariot was the divine weapon of the East God Taiyi. The golden light and raging flame released from it were both extremely powerful. Those elders were all protected by top-grade magic treasures, but still, they stopped fighting and desperately fled in all directions, because they dared not to take even one strike from the chariot.

Before the chariot, Ji Hao grabbed the thunder bomb flag. The flag struggled intensely, but Ji Hao threw it directly into the Pan Gu bell.

The bell rang itself, and the thunder bomb flag, which had been quaking and sparkling, suddenly quieted down. It transformed into a stream of Chaos power and merged into the bell.

The bell rang for three times in a row. Abruptly, Ji Hao felt that he had gained a better control of the bell. He spread his spirit power on the bell, and the bell expanded. Within a blink of an eye, the bell expanded to about one hundred meters tall, and the Chaos power it released easily covered the area with a radius of hundreds of miles.

"I took this treasure, old dogs! Do you agree?" Ji Hao had already offended those elders openly, and now, he decided to push it even further!

With the Pan Gu bell floating above his head, Ji Hao trod on the nine dragons chariot, surrounded by the pair of fire snakes which had been shaking intensely, proudly looking down at the group of elders, who were stunned. Pan Gu Dragon Mark had been quaking excitedly, with its power condensed into hazy dragon silhouettes, coiling around the sword edge.

The group of elders glared at Ji Hao. How dare he attack noble elders? How dare he take the great treasure which belonged to Chu Wu Clan? These elders hadn’t met such a rude, disrespectful young man for many years! They should teach him a good lesson!

These elders ignored the giant waves roaring over from all directions and the tremendous water-kind army, which was united by the eleven Gong Gongs. They also ignored their warriors, who were killed or badly injured. They quickly glanced at each other, then decided to combine their powers and kill Ji Hao together.

All of a sudden, world-shaking dragon roars could be heard, from around Ji Hao. The pair of fire snakes abruptly sloughed. Their entire bodies burned with the essence sun fire, while a pair of beautiful deer horns grew out of their head. On both of their bellies, five claws reached out, coiled in fire!

After absorbing the power of an old Gong Gong, the pair of fire snake transformed into dragons, right in front of everyone on the scene!