Chapter 1340: Shock the Group with the Sword

The Magus Era

Chapter 1340: Shock the Group with the Sword
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The two snakes transformed into dragons and released two tremendous streams of power, swiftly spreading in all directions.

The nine dragons chariot floated in the sky, with two golden-red dragons hovering around it. As the pair of dragons released blazing flames from their mouths, boiling-hot airwaves swept across millions of miles of area, and evaporated all the rain and waves momentarily. Countless water-kind creatures hid in the flood screamed, before they were incinerated by the dazzling golden light.

Standing on the chariot, Ji Hao watched the pair of snakes transform into a pair of dragons. Sensing that power of evolution, the erupting, thriving life-force, he heard a ‘crack’ from his heart. Then somehow, he felt that an invisible barrier break inside his body.

Ji Hao laughed out loud. Gripping the Taiji Universe mirror with his left hand and the Pan Gu Dragon Mark with his right hand, he proudly looked at the group of elders and provoked, "Old dogs, in your entire lives, you are hustling to make some profits. To the humankind, to this world, you are just like wild wolves’ white poop, completely useless!"

"Except for wasting food, what else can you do?"

"Come on, come on! Fight, die! Killing you bunch of old dogs may not make the world a better place, but it will surely not make it worse! Without you old dogs, the humankind may not grow stronger, but undoubtedly, it will get better!"

Opening his mouth, Ji Hao let out a stream of essence sun fire, as a dazzling light shone from every single pore of his. Pointing at those stunned elders, he shouted, "Come on, I am Marquis Yao Ji Hao! I am right here! I am the one who broke the Kui Gate! I am the one took the highest credit! I am Ji Hao! With my heart and soul, I will help Si Wen Ming attain the throne!"

"No colorful words, no schemes, no useless tricks! If you want your lowly kids to ascend to the throne, talk to me with your fists!"

"Kill me, kill Si Wen Ming, kill Emperor Shun, kill all human beings who know about the flood-control mission. Then, you can push whoever you want onto the throne!"

"But, old dogs, do you have the guts? Do you have the strength?"

Ji Hao laughed out wildly, sounding almost hysterical. Sensing Ji Hao’s pride and his confidence, the pair of dragons roared thunderously towards the sky!

Holding the two supreme treasures, Ji Hao coldly looked at the group of elders with a strong intent of killing in his eyes.

Si Wen Ming and him, and countless brave human warriors, fought so hard against the water-kind. They disregarded their own safety for the future of the humankind. Finally, with the final step, the mission was going to be accomplished. Why would Ji Hao let these greedy old dogs have the credit?

The fierce intent of killing pierced straight into the sky, as Ji Hao growled through gritted teeth, "Come on, try kill me! Those Gong Gongs want to kill me, and you old dogs want to kill me too. Why don’t you join hands with those Gong Gongs and do it together?"

"Come on, let’s fight, let’s kill! Either you kill me, or I will send you to hell!"

As Ji Hao said, killing these old elders might not bring the humankind into a stronger state, but the humankind would be better off without them for sure; the humankind would be cleaner, purer, more ‘human-like’, without them!

These elders glowered at Ji Hao, as giant waves rolled over from all directions. Except for the sky above their heads, they would see nothing but roaring water if they looked around, and nothing else at all.

Facing such giant waves, added with the eleven maniacal Gong Gongs, the allied human force on the scene was facing a risk of complete destruction.

"Whether the humankind is good or not, as a young man, you don’t get to evaluate it." said a Qiong Sang Family elder slowly, "As for whether we are bad or not…Who are you? Do you have the qualification to criticize us…?"

Before he finished, a clear light sphere glistened between Ji Hao’s eyebrows. The golden bridge instantly brought Ji Hao to the Qiong Sang elder, and the Pan Gu Dragon Mark penetrated the elder’s forehead. Pop! Golden fire spurted out from every pore of the elder, burning him into ashes.

Pan Gu Dragon Mark was way too powerful, and Ji Hao was so swift, that a full second after the Qiong Sang elder’s body and soul were both incinerated by the essence sun fire, a horn-shaped magic treasure worn by him buzzed shrilly, releasing waves of electric bolts that swept across the entire area.

This was a top-grade magic treasure meant for both offense and defense, at the level of half-step-Supreme-Magus. Nevertheless, before it could release its great defensive power, its owner was killed right on the spot.

The Pan Gu bell buzzed and released a Chaos power stream. It locked on the horn-shaped treasure and then swallowed it up.

Raising Pan Gu Dragon Mark, Ji Hao roared towards the sky, "This old dog is dead. The other old dogs, who else wants to die?"

The group of elders was shocked for real. They stepped back, as fast as they could, for over a hundred miles. They stared at Ji Hao, and couldn’t believe their eyes. Their minds went blank — Did Ji Hao truly, truly kill a Qiong Sang Family elder?

How could he?

No, they shouldn’t be thinking about how Ji Hao could kill that elder momentarily, because the real question should be — How dare he?

How dare he do it? Qiong Sang Family was the family of Emperor Shaohao. Qiong Sang Family people were direct descendants of Emperor Shaohao, the possessors of the purest Shaohao bloodline, which was one of the noblest bloodlines of the humankind. Qiong Sang Family was highly influential among human beings. Meanwhile, it was a totem worshipped by all Eastern Wasteland clans, even nobler and more sacred than the Yi Family.

How dare Ji Hao kill a Qiong Sang Family elder?

Was he insane? Perhaps, he was truly insane!

Over so many years, only Qiong Sang elders, and elders from the other legendary human families and clans, could bully the others with their powers and the social status of their families, as much as they liked! But no one ever dared to offend any of these elders, not even a little bit! Even human emperors had to maintain good relationships with these elders, as long as they wanted to stay in the position of the human emperor. For many things, important things, human emperors had to listen to these elders. Otherwise, even human emperors could fall into troubles!

Not even human emperors dared to offend these elders, but how could Ji Hao dare kill one of them?

In fact, this Qiong Sang elder was the second important elder Ji Hao killed. Before this, Wu Thunder, the Chu Wu Clan elder, was also killed under Ji Hao’s order!

"Marquis Yao Ji Hao, you’re out of your mind! You, you, you…" A You Chao Family elder stood on his flying fort, pointing at Ji Hao and cursing, "You killed Elder Wu Thunder, and now you killed Elder Qiong Sang Feather! You, you…"

"I also killed Wu Gu!" Ji Hao raised Pan Gu Dragon Mark and shouted, "Wu Gu from the Chu Wu Clan, I killed him too! He sneaked into the Kui Gate and tried to collude with Dark Water Serpent and destroy our humankind! That kind of old dog should die! You bunch of old dogs should all die!"

With the fire of anger burning in his heart, Ji Hao growled, "Who else wants the credit more than the future of the humankind? Step out if you dare to!"

Pan Gu Dragon Mark let out resounding, resonant dragon roars. The sharp intent of killing released from the sword made the looks of many elders change suddenly.