Chapter 1348: Reasons and Causes, and the Netherworld

The Magus Era

Chapter 1348: Reasons and Causes, and the Netherworld
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"My friend, what do you mean?" Glancing at the ten old Gong Gongs who had taken their pills, Priest Mu smilingly turned around and threw a glimpse at Netherworld Hierarch. Seeing the weird-looking of Priest Hierarch, and the Netherworld power eighteen circles behind his body, his smile instantly froze. Soon, he put on his usual bitterly smiling face, which was even more unpleasant to look at than his crying face.

Slowly, Netherworld Hierarch approached Priest Mu, step by step. After he made one step, a blood-red beam of sword light would emerge around his body. Gradually, thousands of blood-red sword light beams merged into a splendid light screen behind him, which looked like a spread peacock tail.

A strong blood power rolled up. Looking at Priest Mu, Netherworld Hierarch blandly smiled and said, "My friend, can your pills truly save them from the blood poison?"

Priest Mu glanced at the stunningly beautiful light screen behind Netherworld Hierarch, sensed the dark and evil vibe from it. Pondering for a while, Priest Mu nodded and asked, "My friend, was it you who hurt them?"

Netherworld Hierarch held his hands in his sleeves, narrowed his eyes and looked at Priest Mu, then said, "I didn’t do it myself. Earlier, a gifted a set of flying knives to a little friend. They were hurt by those flying knives. I forged that set of flying knives myself, and have hurt countless living beings with the blood poison on it."

While Netherworld Hierarch was talking, the wounds on the ten old Gong Gongs’ bodies had been healing speedily. From their healing wounds, strands of blood-red mist flew out, while a nourishing green light sparkled faintly around those wounds, forcing the blood poison out of their bodies.

Priest Mu didn’t look back, but he clearly knew about the recovering states of the ten Gong Gongs’ injuries.

Squeezing an ugly smile out of his face, Priest Mu responded slowly, "My magic pills can detoxify all poisons in this world. My friend, your flying knives are indeed dangerous, but my pills are even more powerful.

Netherworld Hierarch’s face turned darker and darker. He gritted his teeth, with his mouth corners twitching slightly.

He spent tens of thousands of years to forged the set of flying knives with severe efforts. He thought this set of flying knives was powerful enough to suppress a world. But all of a sudden, he found that the fiercest function of these flying knives was already restrained by someone else!

One could easily imagine how disappointed he was!

Netherworld Hierarch felt that his face was burning. The nine blood flying knives he gifted Ji Hao were surely not as powerful as his blood flying swords. The set of flying knives was merely ten percent as powerful as the set of flying swords. However, the blood poison on the set of flying knife shared the same origin as the set of blood flying swords.

If Priest Mu’s pills could truly detoxify the blood poison from the nine flying knives, those pills would naturally be able to deal with his blood flying swords.

"My friend, you launched your moves so suddenly and showed no respect to me." Netherworld Hierarch slowly reached out his hands. A large seal was held in his left hand, and a staff in the right hand. Coldly looking at Priest Mu, he continued in a deep voice, "I do want to know what you can do, my friend!"

Sensing the strong power vibrations from the seal and the staff, Priest Mu’s face turned more and more bitter and tightened. "My friend, you don’t look familiar to me. I think we’ve never met before. But the power I sensed from you reminded me of someone I know…Netherworld Priest, my friend, when did you start to have an interest in stepping in human world affairs?"

Netherworld Hierarch gritted his teeth and responded with a low voice, "I’ve been cultivating myself in the Netherworld, and never stepped into any mortal affairs. This time, I sent my clones here to do nothing more than collecting some ‘raw materials’. But you, Priest Mu my friend, judging by what you did, you have seriously violated the agreement we signed back then on Sky Pillar. Aren’t you…afraid?"

Priest Mu slightly frowned and then abruptly laughed, "What should I be afraid of? That agreement we signed on Sky Pillar…Sky Pillar is broken already. Is that agreement still effective? My friend, if you want to see what I can do, no excuse is needed!"

Netherworld Hierarch showed a weirdly bright grin and said, "I wasn’t trying to find an excuse. It’s just that…My friend, you have overstepped the boundary. These Gong Gongs were hurt by my treasures. My friend, why did you give them the pills?"

Priest Mu chuckled coldly, then gripped his wooden staff with both hands and smiled, but remained silent all the while.

Netherworld Hierarch laughed out loud as well. Following his resonant laughter, the eighteen circles behind him spread out. Gradually, even the smallest circle had expanded to tens of thousands of miles in radius. As the eighteen circles began spinning at different speeds and in different directions, a dreadful power was quietly generated from them.

The world changed. Suddenly, the water which was flooding the sky disappeared. A cold gust of wind rose from the ground, as blade mountains and sword forests floated in the sky. The boundless blood-pool replaced the earth, while countless enormous pillars of raging fire stood on the ground, with numerous giant pots floating above the fire. Contained in those pots was boiling stinky oil.

Terrifying phenomenon emerged ceaselessly as Priest Mu’s look turned more and more serious.

Quite a while later, when eighteen different types of supernatural phenomenon covered the world before his eyes, Priest Mu gave a long sigh and said, "The foundation of hell is attained by you…My friend, do you know that the Netherworld is an important realm for me to attain my final result of the great Dao of quietus in the future? My friend, you have taken the foundation of hell… Unacceptable! Today, we have to reason it out!"

Netherworld Hierarch sneered, then looked at Priest Mu and said, "Reason? What reason? The Netherworld is my root. My friend, if you need a place to attain your Dao, please go find another realm. If you dare to set one foot into the Netherworld, my friend, I will certainly make you regret forever, like a moon that can never be full!"

Priest Mu suddenly pointed his staff at the sky and laughed wildly, "Moon? Look at this Pan Gu world… Where is the moon?"

Netherworld Hierarch laughed brightly. While throwing out the large seal held in his left hand heavily towards Priest Mu’s face, and starting a dense dark cloud, he said, "The sun, the moon, the great Dao of nature... People can’t see the moon, yet the moon is in my heart! I can still remember that refreshing moonlight shining across the sky! Duo!"

Netherworld Hierarch and Priest Mu both growled out resonantly. Priest Mu swung his wooden staff down, his movement seeming to be simple. The staff landed straight in the middle of the seal. The seal was sent flying away by the wooden staff. Afterward, Netherworld Hierarch gave a resounding roar and gripped his staff with both hands, slightly bending his body as he lunged towards Priest Mu. His black staff glowed with a blinding dark light and released waves of Netherworld power, which whipped down violently.

Behind Priest Mu, a towering linden tree was faintly visible. Holding the cyan-colored wooden staff, he defended himself. The wooden staff and the dark staff bumped into each other and caused muffled booms from time to time.

The movements made by both of them were extremely simple: Sweeping, hacking, smacking. Nevertheless, they were both indescribably fast.

Once the fight between Netherworld Hierarch and Priest Mu begun, the time, space, and other natural laws that ordinarily living beings could never go beyond all became meaningless to both of them. In their eyes, one second in the mortal world was as long as a thousand years; within one single second, they had already exchanged tens of thousands of attacks!

Any ordinary living being would have been turned into ashes by either of them before it was able to see their moves clearly.

Swift, way too swift, completely beyond description.

In fact, to both Netherworld Hierarch and Priest Mu weren’t moving too fast. In their eyes, they were simply attacking each other in an physical way. But to ordinary living beings, they were stunningly fast because they had broken the limits of time and space!

All of a sudden, a blood-red figure flashed around Netherworld Hierarch’s body, and in the following moment, thousands of hazy blood-red swords swept across Priest Mu’s waist.

Priest Mu was cut into two, immediately collapsing into a puddle of blood that splashed everywhere.

High up in the air, Priest Mu’s cold laughter could be heard, "Netherworld Priest, my friend, there will be a time for you to pay for this sword pain you gave me today!"