Chapter 1367: What Happened in Pu Ban City

The Magus Era

Chapter 1367: What Happened in Pu Ban City
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When the black and white lights of He Tu and Luo Shu shone from the tent, Ji Hao had already sensed something.

As the lights flashed, Ji Hao clenched his fingers towards the tent. Essence sun fire condensed into an enormous hand and slapped on the leather tent. Instantly, the tens of layers of defensive spell symbol on the tent exploded like popcorns, and the thick leather pieces were instantly incinerated by the fire, exposing things inside the tent.

Tens of ministers of You Chong Family shouted out loud and rushed towards Si Wen Ming.

Si Wen Ming frowned slightly, waved his hands, and said in a deep voice, "I’m alright, don’t fuss! That assassin didn’t…"

But before he finished, three high-pitched swishing noises could be heard from a mountain hundreds of miles away. Three dimly glowing arrows flashed across the sky, diving towards Si Wen Ming in an unstoppable way.

One arrow aimed at the spot between his eyebrows and one aimed at his throat.

The black and white lights wove again together and immediately ground the two strong arrows into ashes. But meanwhile, followed by a howl, the archer who attacked Mr. Crow earlier and was put down by Ji Hao and his friends, had his head penetrated by an arrow. The arrow exploded and blew up this archer’s head, crushing his soul.

Ji Hao shouted in anger. The golden bridge flew out of his forehead and flashed to where the three arrows came from, leaving a clear streak of light in the air.

He flashed across the air and came to where the three arrows were released. But he found nothing more than a dimly shining, three-meters-wide teleporting formation. The archer who shot out the three arrows had disappeared without a trace. Ji Hao prepared to step into the teleporting formation. But before he moved, he heard a clear ‘crack’. All spell symbols in the teleporting formation fell apart simultaneously, which meant someone had already destroyed the formation from the other side.

"B*stard!" Ji Hao stomped his foot against the ground. The golden bridge suddenly dazzled with countless thin beams of clear light, then went through space, chasing after the space vibration left by the teleporting formation. In his spiritual space, his embryo of Dao stood up, his eyes releasing waves of Chaos space vibration. At this moment, Ji Hao boosted up his power of the great Dao of space to his current limit!

Within a single moment, Ji Hao saw a tiny light spot across hundreds of thousands of miles. That was where the enemy fled to through the teleporting formation.

As Ji Hao’s body gradually turned blue, attempting to continue tracing the faint space vibration left by the teleporting formation, a strong space power flow struck sideway, shredding the last grasp of the space vibration left by the enemy. Even the golden bridge couldn’t keep tracing the enemy anymore.

Ji Hao fell into silence. The enemies were experienced and extremely cautious, and a master of the great Dao of space definitely existed among them. They erased the last trace and completely disabled Ji Hao from following.

"But we captured the first archer so easily!" Ji Hao helplessly shook his head.

Apparently, the first archer wasn’t lucky enough. He shot an arrow at Mr. Crow, but was discovered by Ji Hao the first time, and suffered a punch from him. He didn’t have the time to trigger his teleporting formation before Ji Hao hurt him. The other three archers hiding in the darkness were obviously more experienced than Ji Hao. They didn’t recklessly attack Mr. Crow. Instead, they seized the opportunity and launched a lethal attack on Si Wen Ming, then conveniently silenced the first archer.

Fortunately, Si Wen Ming was protected by powerful supreme treasures, and the arrows failed to harm him. As for that silenced archer, he was killed, and his head was blown up. No one could recognize him like this for sure. But, Feng Xing still had the sky-shaking divine bow. With the bow, he could be easily identified.

Ji Hao returned to the campsite in a hurry as Si Wen Ming moved to another tent. Fan Gui was nailed on an iron shelf by a group of angry You Chong Family ministers, and had already suffered all kinds of cruel tortures. Covered in wounds and blood, he howled in pain, but never gave any useful information.

Warriors in the campsite were all enraged. They growled thunderously, shouting that they would defiantly dig out the people who wanted Si Wen Ming dead.

Things were clear now. People from the tens of homeless clans were tricked to here to attack the campsite, but apparently, they were used as cannon fodder. They carried strong poisons inside their bodies. If Ji Hao didn’t handle that so well, and if those people had managed to break into the campsite, a severe casualty would have been caused.

Turning people into poisonous puddles of blood that exploded ceaselessly, this was obviously a magic created by human beings. Non-humankind beings never used such a bloody and brutal magic. In other words, the ones who wanted Si Wen Ming dead were definitely from the humankind.

Warriors growled in rage, and their rumbling voices even quaked the ground.

They finally beat the flood, and had a chance to go home, repair their houses, plow their farmlands, living happily and safely with their wives, maybe even having their own kids. But some people actually pointed their weapons at them, who made so many contributions to the flood-control mission. Anyone would be infuriated by this!

Ji Hao, Si Wen Ming and a group of trusted human leaders ran a secret discussion in the tent. About half an hour later, Ji Hao led a large group of warriors with a dark face and drove the nine dragons chariot, flying to Pu Ban City.

In the meanwhile, people in the campsite began spreading the news that Si Wen Ming was badly injured by an assassin and wounded severely by a highly poisonous arrow, as a result of which was now in a coma. The news spread fast, including all details about the fact that the assassin named Fan Gui nearly killed Si Wen Ming and Ji Hao rescued him timely.

Ji Hao unhurriedly drove the nine dragons chariot and flew back to Pu Ban City at the speed slightly faster than a Divine Magi, but not too fast. Over a hundred different sized teleporting magic formations were built between the nine dragon areas and Pu Ban City. With the help of these formations, Ji Hao finally arrived in Pu Ban City seven days after he left the campsite.

Standing in midair in the suburbs of Pu Ban City, Ji Hao bared his teeth, bit his tongue broken, and squeezed two lines of tears out of his eyes. He prepared to shout ‘Minister Si Wen Ming is severely injured by an assassin’ with a heartbreaking voice, but as he scanned across the entire Pu Ban City with his spirit power, this fake cry of his got choked in his throat.

In the center of Pu Ban City, outside the Town Hall, thousands of Maguspreists with all kinds of flags, streamers, magic talismans held in their hands, had been waving their arms, performing an offering dance and incanting a spell around Ji Hao’s Taiji creation cauldron which floated in the air.

Streams of light reached to the Taiji creation cauldron. The round cauldron had been shaking slightly, letting out deep, muffled buzzes.

These Maguspreists were sealing and suppressing the cauldron!

If Ji Hao came back later, the cauldron might have fallen into the hands of some other people!

From his heart, the anger rose straight into his head. Ji Hao lost the interest to gave a fake cry and tell everyone that Si Wen Ming was injured badly. Instead, he gave a growl with a strong, resounding voice.

"Who dares to touch my treasure? Piss off!"

Following his voice, the cauldron vibrated suddenly. A red light rose from the cauldron, and standing on the light was the Pan Jia sun. The blinding red light swept across the entire area along with a destructive heat.

Thousands of Maguspriests around the cauldron burst into cries and howls as their eyeballs exploded simultaneously. They were all blinded by the heat of Pan Jia sun.