Chapter 1395: Dig Through

The Magus Era

Chapter 1395: Dig Through
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During the flood, the non-humankind did have some accomplishments. At least, Liang Zhu City had been reconstructed after it was halfway flattened that day. The city was even more magnificent now, especially the Town Hall located in the central area. The new Town Hall was three times larger than before, luxuriously designed.

In the main hall, on the twelve pillars near the wall, the twelve emperors in power sat straight on enormous thrones. Down below, hundreds of sallow-faced, high-grade Yu Clan nobles with luxurious clothing and puffy eyes were scattered in the round-shaped hall.

Obviously, everyone was tired in these couple of days. A rosy aroma filled the air.

Dishi Yanluo sent out the most urgent message and gathered these people here. Many of those people still hadn't come back to earth from the 'romantic life' they had been living during these days.

The best Xiu Clan masters from the three suns and twelve moons stood on the stage in the middle of the hall, detailedly reporting their research results regarding the twelve portal-base teleporting formations to everyone on the scene. The research results from the other eleven masters were the same as Master Qi, that these formations could not be demolished or broken, and they had connected with each other to form a space navigational light.

With the help of the great vibration caused by the twelve small worlds while merging with Pan Gu world, a lighthouse-like space navigational light had been releasing strong energy waves. According to the twelve masters, this kind of energy wave could be sensed by some legendary 'holy pieces', and help to locate Pan Gu world.

"The void mirror!" Master Q stood on the stage and said loudly, "Your Majesty, you must have heard about the void mirror, a type of supreme treasure used by our kind to sweep across the Chaos and conquer worlds. However, void mirrors are precious, extremely difficult to produce. Till present, the entire Yu Clan only possess less than thirty of them, all in the hands of…"

Master Q's face turned slightly dark. He didn't finish his speech, because he didn't know how to, or, he didn't dare to.

"Tell us about Dishi Cha!" said Yanmo Sha, the emperor in power of the Dark Sun. His body was like a gray sun, releasing faintly sensible, gray-colored energy waves. The space around him had been twisting, interweaving along the gray energy waves. He clapped his hands loudly and talked a bit mumblingly.

A few Yu Clan men in dark-grey long robes walked neatly up to the stage, seeming smart and energetic. Politely, they bowed to each emperor. One of them took out a scroll and started reading aloud the information about Dishi Cha and his family.

Dishi Cha's original name was Di Cha. He was an ordinary member of a branch family of the Di Family. The ancestors of the Di Family were a group of down-and-out low-grade nobles. When they joined the expeditionary force to Pan Gu world, Di Cha's ancestor was merely an ordinary guard of the Di Family.

In the eyes of Yu Clan people, lacking of a good family ground was an original sin. Without a good family background, one would be living at the bottom of the society, working like a horse all his life. Dishi Cha lived the first half of his life like this. In the Di Family, he was only an insignificant member of a branch, with a slight little bit of resources held in his hands. He married an ordinary wife and had two ordinary sons.

One year, Dishi Cha returned to his hometown for the trial of sun and soon. He only had about ten percent chance to survive the trial. While he was gone, his two sons had no income in the Di Family. Therefore, for survival, for cultivation and resources, they raised a slave-hunting troop and headed into the Southern Wasteland to hunt for slaves.

"Anyhow, the Di Family is a decent noble family. But as members of such a family, those young men started a slave-hunting troop, so poverty-stricken!" Dishi Yanluo supported his chin with both hands and murmured, "After he left, his sons had no choice but to become slave hunters. This proved that Dishi Cha had no resources at all…No interpersonal network, no continuation resources, no nothing."

"He shouldn't be able to pass the trial of sun and moon and become a Sun and Moon stage powerful being." Yemo Luoye frowned and said, "We all know that even the twelve emperors before us, who owned all resources of their families, couldn't guarantee success. Dishi Cha, hehe, is he so talented? I don't believe it."

The man with a dark-gray robe continued his reading.

Dishi Cha's two sons became slave hunters, served the family for years, and contributed enough profits. At last, the older one was incorporated into the Blood Moon army, becoming the commander of an ordinary regiment, whereas his younger brother stayed in Southern Wasteland as a slave hunter.

What happened next might make Yu Clan beings speechless. Back in Southern Wasteland, Dishi Cha's younger son was killed by Ji Hao. Later on, Ji Hao was brought to Pu Ban City by Si Wen Ming, just when Dishi Yanluo became emperor. To show his power and strength, Dishi Yanluo launched an offensive against the humankind.

Back then, Dishi Yanluo hadn't attained the full support from all Blood Moon forces. The Chi Ban Mountain battle was a failure. Dishi Cha's oldest son fell in that battle, and this gave Dishi Cha a perfect excuse for revenge.

As an inspector, a Sun and Moon stage powerful being, Dishi Cha returned to Pan Gu world. A father avenging his son was perfectly reasonable. Not long after he returned, he started the Pan Xi world life-and-death game.

Unfortunately, the non-humankind lost the game.

"But Dishi Cha kept his word. He gave us each a coordinate of a new world as our hush money." Fan Hai, the emperor of the Nether Moon, said slowly, "Now think about it! Something about the twelve coordinates is wrong, very wrong! Aha, damn it! Those worlds were all filled with water-kind creatures raised by Gong Gong!"

"Tremendous, powerful water-kind armies like those…Even though the nature of all the twelve worlds was water, raising those water-kind armies still required nearly a thousand years." Yemo Luoye said coldly. "Which means, Dishi Cha attained the twelve coordinates nearly a thousand years ago. And back then, he had already colluded with Gong Gong, sowing the seeds of the water-kind in those worlds."

"Based on Dishi Cha's family background, the resources he had and his individual power at that time, he shouldn't be able to do all this." Dishi Yanluo sighed, "Therefore, he betrayed the agreement made by our ancestors…betrayed our little group. He sold the truth about Pan Gu world to a…powerful being, who may have a void mirror!"

"Dishi Cha could never become a Sun and Moons stage being on his own account!" Fan Hai said with a deep voice, "Damnable thing, he is…"

Fan Hai slightly quivered, with raging gray fire rising from his body. He looked as ugly as a ten-thousand-year-old zombie.

"I am curious though…Currently, Dishi Cha seems to be with Yemo Tian a lot. We all know that Yemo Tian's family background is…" Polo Jia said with a slight viciousness. Polo Jia was the Flow[1] Moon Emperor. Colorful fire sparkles dazzled around his body, and his face was blur.

Yemo Luoye immediately stood up from her seat and gave a furious scream. From her erect eye, a dark beam of light struck towards Polo Jia.

[1] Editor's note: Now as per earlier mentions, Polo family is said to be under the High Moon, but here, the author has mentioned Flow Moon. So, let's just go with the flow (y'all gotta handle the puns as they comes), and see if we can later on come back and correct this or not.