Chapter 1400: Make Up for Their Errors

The Magus Era

Chapter 1400: Make Up for Their Errors
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You Xiong City, the ancestral land of the You Xiong Family…

Inside the core defensive screen, dense yellow clouds had been rolling above the ancestral family temple. Emperor Xuanyuan sat in the midair, legs crossed and eyes burning like a pair of suns, as he looked down at the You Xiong Family people.

Gong Sun Bo had already been through the torment of a secret soul-interrogating magic. Poor him, his soul wasn't strong. So, when it was disintegrated into the finest grain, he died in pain. However, all dirty things he had done in his life were exposed by Emperor Xuanyuan. He sneakily hid fifteen super-scale mines that belonged to the You Xiong Family, captured human slaves, and forced them to become miners, excavating crystals without restraint. All kinds of arms deals often happened between him and the non-humankind. Secretly, he raised numerous men of sacrifice, sending them all over Midland in disguise of homeless clans.

Those men of sacrifice served as sharp weapons of Gong Sun Bo. In the darkness, they had taken out quite a number of his enemies. Not only the ones from other human families, many You Xiong Family elders died in their hands too. Before Gong Sun Bo, the last leader of the Gong Sun Family was Gong Sun Meng, who ended up being possessed by a sky devil. After his death, Gong Sun Bo assassinated quite a few elders, who were his strong competitors, for the leader position.

Gong Sun Bo's soul was gone, but his body remained alive, kneeling in front of the ancestral temple while facing the gate. Behind him were over a thousand leaders of branches of the You Xiong Family, and hundreds of elders. All of them witnessed Emperor Xuanyuan launch his move and Gong Sun Meng howled heartbreakingly till his soul perished.

With twisted faces, these branch leaders and elders looked at Emperor Xuanyuan sitting above the ancestral temple. Cold sweat was streaming down their bodies as they nearly fainted in fear. They were clearly aware of the fact that they had all done dirty things more or less. Taking advantages of their powers to bully the others, this kind of thing was just normal in their eyes.

Based on Emperor Xuanyuan's temper, they all had to die!

Emperor Xuanyuan was just like the Xuanyuan sword he made himself, strong, fierce; he would rather break than bend. He could not bear watching unfairness. When he was serving as the human emperor, he managed You Xiong Family people hundreds of times more strictly than the others.

Back in his era, every single one of You Xiong Family people was a brave and fearless warrior, a humble, decent human being, with an impeccable moral character and capabilities. In Emperor Xuanyuan's days, even the most ordinary member of the You Xiong Family could be counted as a person of virtue. But in these days…

With an extremely twisted face, a branch leader, whose mind was already destroyed by the fear, hysterically rushed out of the crowd. As a low-level Divine Magus, he rose into the sky, pulled out his sword, and pointed at Emperor Xuanyuan.

"Great Ancestor! Holy Emperor! We are your descendants! We are your blood descendants! We are You Xiong Family! We have the noblest human bloodline! Why can't we have more profits, more lands, more children than the others? What's so wrong about that?"

"Because of your achievements, your contribution to the humankind, we should stand high above the masses, and those ant-like people should kneel under our feet. Their lives should be held in our hands!"

Emperor Xuanyuan wielded his hands and sent out a shadow of sword, turning the branch leader into a strand of smoke.

"All achievements belong to me; all contributions came from me. What do my achievements and contributions have to do with you? If you want an achievement, build it yourselves. If you want to make a contribution, make it yourselves!" Emperor Xuanyuan's voice was strong and cold, sounding like the clang of a sword.

"The non-humankind have occupied the north for countless years! If you are useful human beings, you should go destroy the non-humankind and turn Pan Gu world into a paradise of human beings. How shameless are you? How can my achievements and contributions serve you as a reason to harm human beings?"

"You Xiong Family, my bloodline…Are you my only descendants?" Emperor Xuanyuan laughed out loud, even quaking the sky and the earth, "All human beings, all descendants of old emperors like me…In my eyes, you are nothing different than the others. In the end, we are all Saint Pan Gu's descendants!"

"I am Gong Sun Xuanyuan. I am nothing more than an insignificant one among Saint Pan Gu's countless descendants. Luckily, I grew strong and made my humble contributions for the humankind. The world gifted me with a great natural reward power and helped me become a Supreme Magus."

"In my heart, clans and families can no longer divide the humankind. I see no families, but the entire humankind. Today, I will investigate the You Xiong Family thoroughly. Everyone with a dirty history will die. You are the cancer of the humankind, so you will be eliminated. For the humankind, I will not feel pain even if I have to destroy the entire You Xiong Family today!"

The group of branch leader and elder fell to the ground in despair.

Emperor Xuanyuan used to be their greatest hope, their faith, their belief, their spirit totem, their 'god'. However, for the other human beings, Emperor Xuanyuan had no hesitation to even destroy the entire You Xiong Family!

Great ancestors souls, Emperor Xuanyuan was crazy!

Countless Youxiong Family people who had done dirty things cried out, their faces covered in tears. They kneeled on the ground and kowtowed to Emperor Xuanyuan, begging for mercy. They swore to the heaven that they would change and would be decent men.

But even in the face of all this, Emperor Xuanyuan showed no change. Slightly shaking his head, he sighed. Looking at these crying and howling people, he understood that not too many You Xiong Family leaders were clean.

As a cold light flickered in his eyes, Emperor Xuanyuan stood up slowly. He knew that he didn't need to deal with these people with the cruel soul-torturing magic, and instead, could kill them directly. He still had a mission to accomplish. Where could he find the time to waste on these disappointing descendants of his?

An enormous sword gradually emerged behind Emperor Xuanyuan, while a tremendous spirit power spread out like tidewater, instantly enveloping those crying You Xiong Family people. All the crying ones must have dirty histories buried in their hearts, and all deserved to die. As for the ones who weren't killed, they could be examined one by one, after the crying ones were dead.

Before the enormous sword descended, a fiery light flashed across the sky. Ji Hao drove the nine dragons chariot into You Xiong City at his highest speed.

"Emperor, please don't kill them!" Ji Hao shrieked with a hoarse voice. He brought the most urgent message just received by Pu Ban City.

"The non-humankind launched offensive with full force! With twelve especially strong cities of great calamity, the twelve non-humankind families have launched an all-out attack. All non-humankind monsters in Liang Zhu City with fighting capacities are sent out!" Ji Hao yelled breathlessly. "We can't kill these people! Let them make up for their errors. Let them go to the battlefield and fight the non-humankind!"

Two beams of fiery light shone from Emperor Shun's eyes as he exclaimed, "Twelve cities of great calamity? Damn it! Are they so strong already?"

On the ground, countless whiningly crying You Xiong Family people seized a glimpse of hope as they immediately howled out.

"Great Ancestor! Great Ancestor! We are willing to make amends… to make up for our errors!"