Chapter 1402: Perfect Offense and Defense

The Magus Era

Chapter 1402: Perfect Offense and Defense
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Following muffled swishing noises, tens of metal plates rose from a valley, flickering with dim lightning bolts. Treading on the metal plates, tens of Jia Clan warriors pounced on Ji Hao while laughing viciously.

Over ten human-shank-thick bows buzzed brightly, while spear-like metal arrows flew towards Ji Hao. The Jia Clan warriors laughed confidently. They believed that Ji Hao would die.

Ji Hao threw a sideways glance at those enormous arrows shot out by the Jia Clan warriors. The arrowheads were transparent, crystalline, three-feet-long, and covered with countless rolling spell symbols. Inside each arrowhead, spell symbols gathered into a black and red cloud. This kind of an arrow was extremely powerful, normally used to break cities. But with these arrows, these Jia Clan monsters attacked Ji Hao, a single human being!

"You're rich, aren't you?" Seeing these Jia Clan warriors releasing over ten powerful explosive arrows for him alone, Ji Hao smirked and pushed his palm out. Along with a resonant, high-pitched sound, his palm vibrated the air and generated a, hundreds of meters wide, cyan-colored, hand-shaped circle of light which slapped on those arrows.

Before the arrows were detonated by the spell symbols buried inside them, the cyan-colored hand-shaped light circle vibrated at a high frequency and shattered the arrows, disintegrating them into the finest grains.

The pupils of the tens of Jia Clan warrior immediately shrank to the size of needle points, their eyeballs almost popping out of their sockets. They glanced at Ji Hao in shock, then silently turned around and flew right away. The dim lightning bolts sparkling on their metal plates instantly grew brighter, leaving tens of meters long lightning bolts in the air.

Ji Hao made a step forward and reached near those fleeing Jia Clan warriors. Then, he threw out his pair of fists and caused muffled whooshing noises. Heavy punches landed on the backs of the Jia Clan warrior's heads. One after another, these Jia Clan warriors were knocked out.

Taking out a dark, triangular small flag, Ji Hao pointed at these Jia Clan warriors. As a stream of Netherworld power puffed out, a twenty-meters-long space-crack appeared in the air. Along with clear metal clangs, tens of black chains flew out of the crack, tied up these fainted Jia Clan warriors, and dragged them in.

This small flag was a treasure gifted to Ji Hao from Netherworld Hierarch after their last deal. With this small flag, Ji Hao could break the space and build a connection with the Netherworld whenever he wanted to send captives to Netherworld Hierarch. Netherworld Hierarch had arranged his people to wait on the other side. This was the main function of this flag. Netherworld Hierarch had been keeping a 'receiving record', according to which, every time the captives Ji Hao sent over achieved a certain number, Netherworld Hierarch would settle a payment. He would pay Ji Hao with valuable natural treasures from the Netherworld, or weapons or tools that he made, or all kinds of his zombie works, ghosts, devils, etc. With enough captives, everything could be negotiable.

Sending away these poor Jia Clan warriors, Ji Hao rolled up his sleeves and collected their metal plates. All non-humankind products had important reference value to the humankind. Before, human warriors had captured many similar metal plates from battlefields, but the metal plates used by these Jia Clan warriors Ji Hao encountered were three times faster than the regular ones. Clearly, the non-humankind had made a great progress in their techniques. Ji Hao would send these new metal plates to the Magi Palace, which might be able to crack them and create some new techniques.

In a short distance away, a group of Yu Clan people on a city of calamity, who had been gazing afar from the city wall, noticed Ji Hao.

Tens of Jia Clan warriors on patrol were taken down so easily by Ji Hao, and somehow, he sent them to an unknown place. Watching this, a Yu Clan young man in a gray cloak angrily pointed at Ji Hao and yelled aloud. Following his voice, the erect eye of a, hundreds of meters tall statue on the city wall shone suddenly, and a dazzling beam of light landed on Ji Hao's body.

Buzz! Ji Hao took a strike from the city of calamity even before he could activate the Pan Gu bell.

So fast, indescribably fast! Ji Hao saw nothing but a blinding light flashing across his eyes. Instinctively, he attempted to dodge, but before that, the light beam had already landed on him. The Taiji cloak released two streams of mist in the colors of black and white, blocking the beam of light. But still, Ji Hao felt his entire body was burning; he even sensed a faint scorching smell from his hair and eyebrows.

The tremendous impact force pushed him back for nearly a hundred miles. The water-tank-thick light beam didn't fade, while the black and white mist streams rotated at a high speed, forming an enormous whirlpool that shredded the light beam and sent it away.

The strike launched by the city of great calamity happened within a moment. As the group of Yu Clan people laughed wildly out on the city wall, Ji Hao flashed across the sky and showed up outside the city. Along with a sizzling noise, bright lightning bolts flickered before Ji Hao's body. In the air, numerous water-tank-sized, hexagon-shaped, transparent defensive screens emerged and pieced together into a strong shield against Ji Hao.

Those loudly laughing Yu Clan people were silenced immediately, choking on their laughter and almost dying of suffocation.

They looked at Ji Hao, stunned. They couldn't believe their eyes, as they failed to figure out how on earth Ji Hao survived a strike from the great city of calamity, even though that was only a small-scale limited strike!

"A Divine Magus?" murmured a Yu Clan young man, "No, Divine Magi will also be injured by such a strike. So, it's because of his treasures! That cloak of his is not only beautiful, but its defensive power is also way too strong!"

The group of Yu Clan people greedily looked at Ji Hao's cloak, even ignored him.

Ji Hao paid no attention to these Yu Clan people. He carefully reached out his hands and pressed on the sparkling defensive screen before his face.

Pop! Pop! A dreadfully strong force burst from the screen. As a lightning bolt dazzled across, smoke puffed up from Ji Hao's ten fingers. Sensing a piercing pain, Ji Hao instinctively took his fingers away from the defensive screen.

Ji Hao stared at this sparkling defensive screen in surprise. By now, he was incredibly strong. His body was over a hundred times stronger than any Divine Magus. However, this defensive screen bought him a pain. Clearly, this was an amazingly strong defensive screen, which could definitely block an attack from a Supreme Magus. Breaking this defensive screen would require a sizable number of Divine Magi and a long period of time. But during this process, this city of great calamity would certainly cause a major loss to those Divine Magi.

"Stupid, undeveloped barbarian, these twelve cities are treasures from our homeworld. We got them thirty years ago!" Through the defensive screen, a Yu Clan young man laughed at Ji Hao aloud, "For these twelve treasures, we almost emptied our treasuries. This time, we will show you their powers!"

"Unstoppable attacks, unbreakable defenses… These treasures are perfect for both defense and offense!" Bragged another Yu Clan young man proudly, "Send out your so-called Supreme Magi. We will teach them a good lesson!"

Ji Hao frowned. All of a sudden, he threw a fierce punch at the defensive screen of the city of great calamity in front of him.