Chapter 1421: Dangerous People Coming in

The Magus Era

Chapter 1421: Dangerous People Coming in
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Liang Zhu City was the capital city of Yu Dynasty, the center of all Yu Clan nobles' daily lives.

In this city, one could see the fanciest club, the most magnificent theater, the most popular arena, and of course, the largest slave auction house. Right on the west of Liang Zhu City, heavily guarded castles towered up by a large lake. Each castle was a tremendous slave camp.

The floor spaces of these castles were not large. The widest castle was only about two miles squared in area. However, every insider clearly knew that the underground spaces of these castles were enormous. Numerous slaves were imprisoned in countless cells. According to the degree of obedience of each slave, he or she would suffer a long or short torment. All kinds of cruel torment would gradually wear out their temper. Once these slaves learned to kneel and obey, they would be sent to auction houses.

As for the iron-like tough ones, the ones who wouldn't give up their dignity for survival even under the cruelest torture, they would be sent to the arenas in Liang Zhu City. They would fight each other to entertain Yu Clan nobles.

All in all, once one stepped into these dark castles, which had been emitting a strong scent of blood, one would either come out on one's knees like a qualified slave or puff out one's chest and walk into an arena as a gladiator, then become a cold corpse after a series of cruel battles.

Looking at the nearest castle, Yu Mu and Feng Xing gave out their orders in low voices.

Mingling in the crowd, Wuzhi Qi, who shapeshifted into a middle-aged man wearing a black shirt, narrowed his eyes and observed the dark castle in the front. His eyes sparkled with a fierce light as he said, "Strong grievance! Hehe, how many people have died in here? Sadly, I'm not one of those nasty spirit creatures, and the grievance of dead people is useless to me. Otherwise, I might cultivate myself in this place for three to five years, hehe!"

Wuzhi Qi looked around excitedly. This was Liang Zhu City, the central area. Gazing afar, he saw a soaring eave of a large theater behind a garden. Slightly shaking his ears, he even heard the applause and music from the theater.

"Interesting, really interesting! These non-humankind beings have been living a juicy life. Hehe, hehe, fight, smash, plunder, burn, turn this place into ruins… I like this job. Hmm, Marquis Yao Ji Hao is a faithful man. He said that as long as I finish this job, he will forgive my past misdeeds!"

Licking his lips in excitement, Wuzhi Qi continued murmuring to himself, "Good, good, good! I like this job! As long as I knock down these non-humankind beings in Liang Zhu City, I, Wuzhi Qi, will be free again. The world will become my playground!"

In the front, a resonant horn could be heard from a castle. A strong gust of wind blew over and fluttered a silk gold-rimmed, red colored flag tied on the pole — The pattern on the flag was a pile of golden bricks!

This castle belonged to the Glowing Gold Chamber of Commerce, an affiliated chamber of commerce that belonged to the Piji Family from Red Sun. Among countless non-humankind chambers of commerce, this was one of the strongest. As a family in power which stood high above the masses, the Piji Family surely wouldn't bother to manage the chamber of commerce themselves. Therefore, it had been under the joint administration of three appendant families of the Piji Family.

A four-horned white deer rushed up. Mounted on the dear, a Yu Clan man raised his head and shouted, "Oi, open the gate, damn it! We had a great harvest this time! Hah, look, so many top-quality pieces. Open the gate now and throw these scums into the dungeon. My lips haven't touched even a drop of wine for days."

Feng Xing and Yu Mu narrowed their eyes together. In the crowd of 'slaves', quite a few scrawny Maguspreists pinched magic talismans in their sleeves, prepared to cast magic curses at any moment. The man shouting to the gate was a member of the Chi Family, and the Chi Family was one of the three families which had been running this place. The other two families were the Pi and the Ji Family. This Yu Clan man's name was Chi Li, and he was the leader of this slave-hunting troop which belonged to the Glowing Gold Chamber of Commerce. He was also a captive of Ji Hao. Ji Hao captured him outside Yao Mountain City.

At the moment, at least one-hundred and twenty evil types of magic curses had been cast at Chi Li, remaining appendant inside his body. If he dared to do anything undesirable, he would immediately become a strand of ash. His body, his soul would both disappear without a trace.

Chi Li had no desire to lay down his life for a just cause. His life was controlled by magic curses, and Ji Hao had promised him incalculable wealth. Therefore, he had been behaving well all the way. He treated himself as a true slave of Ji Hao. Right now, he only wished that he wouldn't do anything stupid at the last gasp.

The heavy gate slowly rose. About ten Jia Clan warriors and a hundred dark-kind slave warriors walked out with quick steps.

"Commander Chi Li, so many slaves?" The Jia Clan warriors were shocked. The slave-hunting troop of the Glowing Gold Chamber of Commerce was strong, but Chi Li only brought about ten-thousand slave hunters. Based on the records, this number of slave hunters could capture fifty-thousand slaves at most, without a large number of high-grade warriors. Otherwise, slave hunters wouldn't be able to control all salves.

But the giant crowd behind Chi Li and his slave hunters had at least one hundred thousand human slaves Judging by the sense of power coming from their bodies, these human slaves were all strong; some of them were even Magus Kings. Chi Li's slave-hunting troop couldn't possibly achieve this.

"We've done something serious this time." Chi Yi proudly raised his chin and said, "We joined hands with over a thousand slave-hunting troops and launched a surprise attack at the territory of a human marquis. We broke his city, and these people were his private guards…We have a few troops behind us, sending over their families."

Waving his hand, Chi Li continued loudly, "Send your people to invite the family leader and elders down here, and send these human scums to the dungeon. Damn it! If their families aren't under our control, they won't be as quiet as they are now."

Breathing deeply, Chi Li seriously looked at those Jia Clan warriors and said, "Go invite the leader and elders. I think leaders and elders from the families of the other chambers of commerce will arrive soon. How should we share the spoil, that's going to be a big problem."

The few Jia Clan warriors nodded delightfully. They shouted loudly, and following their voices, a group of non-humankind slaves walked out of the castle, yelling and wielding long spears as they drove Feng Xing, Yu Mu, and the other human beings slowly into the castle.

The crowd of human warriors walked into the castle. In the middle of the castle, the entrance of a broad underground passage opened. By the entrance were a few square tables. A few Xiu Clan old man sat behind the tables with account books, pens, and inks placed on the table. They looked at the 'slaves' walking in smilingly.

"All good pieces! Look at their muscular bodies… Haha, truly good pieces!" A Xiu Clan old man laughed aloud.

"Eh? It's not right! Why don't they have slave marks on their bodies? No slave marks, no chains either?" Another Xiu Clan old man found something wrong. He immediately stood up and yelled, "Chi Li, you've become more and more careless!"