Chapter 1464: True Strong Enemy

The Magus Era

Chapter 1464: True Strong Enemy
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"Barbarian, so strong!" The Sun and Moon knight looked at Ji Hao in surprise.

The time seemed to slow down by tens of thousands of times at this moment. The knight's right hand was shaking slightly, while his skin slowly split up, exposing his red flesh and muscles. Skin pieces were flying all over the sky.

Following the puffing noise, the knight's red muscles and flesh split as well. His hand bones were crystalline and glistening like the best ruby, completely transparent. Countless golden spell symbols were flowing in the bones while sparkling.

Along with a loud series of popping noise, the knight's hand bones cracked. Clear spider-web-like cracks started appearing on the bones, extending upward. Soon, his forearm bones, elbow, and shoulder blade shattered. Blood splashed, with jade-white skin pieces flying in the air like broken porcelain.

Enduring the pain, the knight scrambled a few more steps backward and kept himself away from Ji Hao.

A dim blood-red light sparkled in his erect eye as he stared at Ji Hao and said while frowning, "Barbarian, you have a very great strength! I've been to three-hundred and seventy-two worlds which were conquered by our kind. Among all barbarians I've seen, you have the greatest physical strength."

Ji Hao's left hand was trembling slightly. Because of an indescribable pain, he nearly lost his eyesight temporarily.

He had a much greater strength as the knight had. Just now, Ji Hao gave the enemy a heavy strike with his physical strength through the punch. The knight's splitting arm was more than enough to prove the result of Ji Hao's strength. However, in the same way, an extremely weird force had struck into Ji Hao's hand from the knight' fist.

It was cruel, violent, fierce, twisted. If it had a color, it should be red. The red power was like a swirl formed by countless sharp daggers, roaring inside Ji Hao's body and spinning swiftly, crazily damaging his body. The skin of Ji Hao's hand wasn't even red, but under the skin, his blood, muscles, bones, meridians, veins were all being crushed and destroyed at a scary rate.

The noise coming out of Ji Hao's fist sounded like popping corns. Within a couple of breaths, the evil red power swirl reached Ji Hao's shoulder blade. His shoulder hollowed weirdly, as all bones in that area were crushed, and muscles shredded and minced.

His heart drummed, sending waves of scorching hot Chaos blood to his left shoulder. Ji Hao boosted up his spirit blood power as much as he could to flush the evil red power, which had invaded into his body. Silently, a brutal war began inside his body.

The evil red power was all about violence and killing. It ran rampant inside Ji Hao's body like a well-trained army. Ji Hao 's spirit blood power was strong and overwhelming, striking on the army, slashing away the enemies' muscles, and slowly crushing their bodies.

This might sound long, but in fact, in all happened within a second. The evil red power sent into Ji Hao's body by the knight was forcibly crushed and devoured. Ji Hao flicked his left arm, letting his broken shoulder blade regrow. Along with a series of creaking sounds, from his shoulder to his fist, all broken bones, muscles, meridians, and veins of his had regrown.

Ji Hao spat out a mouthful of sticky, black blood, then raised his red arm. It was again a strong arm with healthy blood flow, even improved after the destruction and reconstruction.

"Red Sun?" Ji Hao looked at the knight.

Ever since Ji Hao attained a basic-level Pan Gu body, he had fought a lot of powerful enemies, but not even prehistorical creatures like Kun Peng, Xiang Liu and Wuzhi Qi managed to cause him such a severe injury. This Sun and Moon knight was incredibly strong indeed.

"Barbarian, you're very strong. So, you are qualified to know my name." The knight said in a deep voice, with his three eyes sparkling with a fierce, blood-red light, "You're right, I am a child of the Red Sun. My name is Red Lei."

Proudly puffing out his chest, Red Lei swung his right arm. A blood-red light erupted from his body and wrapped up his splitting right arm. His body began to heal itself as well, although not as fast as Ji Hao. But, within the span of a breath, his right arm had recovered completely.

"In Pan Yu world, only real high-grade nobles can use the names of the suns and moons they believe in as their family names." Red Lei chuckled, glancing at the destructive weapon behind Ji Hao as he said, "As for Yemo, Polo, Dishi…These family names belong to some poor low-grade nobles."

"Does it mean that only twelve high-grade noble family names exist in Pan Yu world?" Ji Hao looked at him and asked curiously.

"Yes! The twelve families of ours are the noblest, purest nobles. But of course, we do have branches, and they developed many many families. But, that isn't important." Red Lei narrowed his eyes and looked at Ji Hao, "You're not an old nerd from the Flow Family, and won't study the long history of Yu Clan families. So, you don't need to understand these things."

"What you do need to know is that the Red Family is one of the noblest twelve families in Pan Yu world. Red Family people are the purest descendants of the great and supreme Red Sun. And I, Red Lei, am the youngest Sun and Moon knight of my generation. I am the glory of the Red Sun!" Red Lei bragged about himself, then twisted his neck and continued, "Barbarian, you are qualified to taste the real power of the Red Sun."

Ji Hao sent Pan Gu Dragon Mark back into his body and looked at Red Lei seriously as he responded, "I won't bully you with my weapon anymore. I'd like to see the real Red Sun power."

Piji Nu was the Red Sun Emperor. Ji Hao had fought quite a number of strong warriors from the Piji Family. However, none of them had the Red Sun power as great as Red Lei. Red Lei's Red Sun power was actually able to drill into Ji Hao's body and injure him seriously.

If one compared the Red Sun power of Piji Nu and his people to an intermittently flowing stream, Chi Li's Red Sun power would be like an ocean, deep, boundless, and unstoppable. Was this the difference between a high-grade noble from Pan Yu world and the poor, lowly ones who were born in Pan Gu world?

Ji Hao took off the Taiji cloak too. He bared his upper body, his swelling muscles, then clenched his fists as he approached Red Lei with large steps. This was a truly strong enemy. Ji Hao intended to find out exactly how powerful these Sun and Moon knights were.

Red Lei smirked as he dragged off his golden armor and the luxurious tight shirt beneath it with both hands. He too bared his body, wearing nothing more than a tight short, showing his perfectly shaped, muscular body.

Clenching both fists, Red Lei took a deep breath.

His body looked like a glowing-red crystal, emitting a dazzling red light which seemed translucent. His long hair fluttered in the air and turned into blinding light beams, gradually expanding to hundreds of meters long.

Ji Hao burst into a resonant roar as he dashed to Red Lei and punched at his chest. Without dodging, Red Lei confidently threw a punch to Ji Hao's chest as well.

Two muffled thuds were generated. Ji Hao punctured Red Lei's chest with his fist, while Red Lei's glowing-red, searing-iron-like fist sank into Ji Hao's body as well.

Both of them howled in pain, vomited blood, and drew back with giant steps.

TL Note – The Red Family (originally Chi Family) derives its name from the Red Sun, as Chi means Red. Hence, the name of the family members have Red in it, referring to their relationship with the Red Sun.