Chapter 1478: The Sun and Moon Samsara

The Magus Era

Chapter 1478: The Sun and Moon Samsara
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One leg of Red Lei was cut off. A golden flame lingered on his wound, burning slowly and looking like fluff. Even though Red Lei had boosted up his Red Sun power as much as he could, the fire had still been incinerating his body bit by bit. He could only swallow his saliva with effort.

Compared to Pan Gu Dragon Mark that he saw days ago, the Pan Gu sword now looked simple, without all the sharp glow and luxurious luster of Pan Gu Dragon Mark. At first glance, this heavy, simply shaped, lusterless sword looked like a large stone which was flushed by the water in a stream for countless years. Without an impressive appearance, this sword seemed to look quite 'clean'.

Clean, indeed, extremely clean.

No natural law or natural power seemed to affect this sword. This simple-looking longsword was held in Ji Hao's hand all quietly, giving an aloof feeling.

It was aloof, so it was cold.

It was simple, so it was emotionless.

This was a supreme fierce weapon, and killing was its sole purpose. Back in Pan Yu world, Red Lei had seen countless great weapons held in the hands of those top-grade powerful beings, but including his own spirit weapon, nothing had ever given him such a feeling as Pan Gu sword was giving him right now. Nothing had ever shocked him as much as this sword either.

The nature of the Pan Gu sword was beyond all supreme weapons he had ever seen in his life, including his own spirit weapon.

If the warm and bright natural reward power coiling on the sword didn't neutralize a part of its fierce killing vibe, Red Lei might even suspect this sword would simply fly into the air and kill every living being in its 'sight'.

Taking a stab from this sword and leaving if he survived? Did Ji Hao see Red Lei as a fool?

Chuckling embarrassedly, Red Lei looked at Ji Hao and frowned as he said in a deep voice, "If you let me go, I will order my people to stop. Otherwise, around Liang Zhu City, the earth will be covered in dead bodies, and blood will flow like rivers."

Letting him go so he could stop killing the people outside Liang Zhu City? Did Red Lei see Ji Hao as a fool?

Ji Hao giggled. Did he have anything to do with the people living around Liang Zhu City? If Red Lei wanted, he could kill as many as he liked. Those were all non-humankind beings anyway.

Slowly raising the Pan Gu sword, Ji Hao incanted Yu Yu's spell of sword. Silently, a beam of sword light shone from the Pan Gu sword, about a hundred meters long and wriggling like a live flood dragon, creating an endless fierce aura of killing.

"Supreme, great Red Moon!" Red Lei prayed murmuringly as he raised his arms high. A backup light-golden armor emerged in the air and wrapped up his body. On the chest plate of the armor, a red sun had been shining, in the middle of which was a slightly opened erect eye, staring at Ji Hao like a living being.

At the moment, Ji Hao's soul was incomparably sensitive. He clearly sensed the connection between Red Lei and an extraordinarily strong, old being in an extremely long distance away.

Ji Hao sensed a pure and tremendous Red Sun power flowing into Red Lei's body through a thin tube between him and the powerful being. Red Lei growled in pain. Next, suppressed by the Red Sun power, the faint golden fire lingering on the wounds of his broken leg died out. Red Lei gasped desperately for air. As the blood splashed, a new leg quickly grew out of the wounds.

"The supreme, great Red Sun gave me the infinite power to destroy weak, ignorant barbarians like you!" Red Lei roared while the Red Sun power flew into his arms. His arms twisted weirdly into a pair of glowing-red, brightly shining longswords.

Wielding the pair of sword arms, Red Lei looked at Ji Hao, and laughed, "The Red Sun power has merged perfectly with my body. Now, my strength, moving speed, and reaction speed are more than five times higher than my usual peak state. Barbarian, do you still think that you have a chance to win? Why don't you just give your sword…"

Greedily glancing at the Pan Gu sword, Red Lei continued, "…to me? It's scary indeed, but in the hands of a stupid barbarian like you, it's not…"

Ji Hao didn't want to listen to Red Lei's arrogant speech. He gave a resonant growl, cast Yu Yu's sword spell, and swung the Pan Gu sword four times in a row in different directions. Four beams of sword light stirred the natural powers and built four walls of light that towered up in the sky and disabled Red Lei from dodging.

Red Lei saw the dazzling sword lights coming at him from all directions, such that he had no way to dodge or flee. In his eyes, Ji Hao's sword moves were simple and ordinary, yet contained a miraculous power of Dao. With the simple sword moves, Ji Hao had actually activated the natural powers and left Red Lei no space to run, forcing him to take the sword attack with his body.

"Barbarian, dedicate your sword spell together with your sword!" Red Lei roared as he swung his pair of blood-red sword arms against the Pan Gu sword, leaving shreds of afterimages in the air.

Puff! Puff! Red Lei screamed in pain. His sword arms, which were nourished by the Red Sun power, and were strong enough to break natural stars, were cut entirely off. Incidentally, the Pan Gu sword had only touched the pair of sword arms slightly.

What frightened him even more was that the Pan Gu sword naturally released an unstoppable power, which seemed to destroy the whole world. Blown by a gust of wind, the pair of sword arms became two strands of smoke and dissipated. Red Lei howled in a hoarse voice. The Red Sun power reached every part of his body, and his pair of arms grew back quickly.

Ji Hao changed the sword spell. The Pan Gu sword split up into three hazy swords as they hacked to Red Lei from three special directions, which represented the heaven, the earth, and the humankind.

As he changed the sword spell again, a golden stream of sun power, a silver stream of extreme negative power, and a multi-colored, complicated but extremely pure stream of star power were released from the three hazy swords.

The sun, the moon, and the stars were the treasures of the sky. With the powers of the sun, the moon, the stars, and Yu Yu's sword spells, Ji Hao's sword moves became faster and faster, harder and harder to be seen. But, the sword was still landing on Red Lei's head along with a formidable power, like a towering mountain.

Flexible and ever-changing, strong and overwhelming, two different vibes mixed together. Red Lei did no more than casting a glimpse at Ji Hao's sword, but that made him so uncomfortable, he even felt like vomiting blood.

"I can't die in here!" Red Lei shouted in despair.

"Of course, you can't die in here. You're our captain. We wouldn't know how to explain your death to the superiors!" Dim Cloud's voice came from a distance away. Following his voice, eleven strong energy waves rose straight to the sky. "Red Lei, let this bloody barbarian witness our ultimate power! The Sun and Moon Samsara!"

Red Lei gave a twisted smile. He raised his hands and locked his fingers together in a weird way, casting a deep growl.

"Sun and Moon Samsara!"

The powers of the three suns and nine moons could be sensed simultaneously. Suddenly, Ji Hao lost his eyesight. He felt like falling into a dark space, which was filled with a heavy and sticky power. Like a fly in the resin, his movements were slowed awfully down in the dark space.