Chapter 1482: Inhuman Beating

The Magus Era

Chapter 1482: Inhuman Beating
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Following tens of muffled thuds, Si Wen Ming and a group of princes were sent flying backward while vomiting blood.

They attacked the twelve single-eyed giants transformed from Red Lei and the other Sun and Moon knights, but the latter with the original power of destruction from Pan Yu world didn't suffer any harm.

Without a world-destroying power, one could never 'destroy' 'destruction' itself!

This was an annoying paradox of natural laws. Red Lei and the other Sun and Moon Knights had the power of destruction, and the meaning of their existence was destruction. The powers of Si Wen Ming and the other human beings, the weakly destructive power generated from their spirit blood, landed on the bodies of these single-eyed giants like a large river pouring into a bottomless abyss, failing to deliver any effect.

On the contrary, the power of destruction belonging to the twelve giants grew stronger and stronger. By just waving their hands, they injured Si Wen Ming and the other human beings and sent them flying backward while vomiting blood.

Si Wen Ming attacked Red Lei and suffered a counterattack from him. Si Wen Ming's internal organs were vibrated badly, as a result of which blood was squeezed out of his mouth and sprayed to a long distance away. The other princes were all forced back and injured severely. Some of them had broken limbs, some had twisted bodies, while some had holes on their bodies.

At this moment, the strong Divine Magi showed their great self-healing ability. They breathed deeply and boosted up their thriving spirit blood energy, healing their wounds within a blink of an eye.

As the most outstanding batch of elites among human beings, the powers of Si Wen and the group of princes erupted. Each of them activated at least three Divine-level magic treasures, and half of them even took out divine treasures from the heaven. Brightly glowing screens shielded their bodies; some even put on simply designed divine armors with prehistorical senses of power, then rushed up again with all their strengths.

These princes, who supported Si Wen Ming and were his close friends, had all played important roles in the wars against the non-humankind invasion and the flood-control mission. Therefore, they were also under the protection of a great natural reward power.

The power of destruction pressed down. From behind their bodies, golden light and purple mist rose, defending against it; the natural reward power was pure and inexhaustible.

The world was protecting Si Wen Ming and his brothers. The twelve single-eyed giants struck rampantly, yet, they could no longer hurt these human beings easily. Shining with a dazzling golden light, these human beings with sacred bodies of natural reward flashed through the dark cloud. Every bump against the twelve giants would force them back for a long distance, but they never gave up, as they fought against the giants determinedly.

Red Lei and the others temporarily forgot Ji Hao. They laughed wildly and launched crazy offensives against Si Wen Ming and the other human beings.

They punched heavily. Corroded by the power of destruction, the blinding glows of the defensive treasures of Si Wen Ming and the others had been dimming, while the violent strikes from the giants pushed the brave human warriors back further and further. No one could take even a single punch from these giants with ease.

If the situation went on, when the power of destruction destroyed their defensive treasures, Si Wen Ming and all the others would all be facing a life-threatening danger.

"They have no weakness."

Ji Hao was thinking as quickly as he could. The bodies of these single-eyed giants were condensed from the original power of destruction from Pan Gu world. Pan Yu world was a great world, no weaker than Pan Gu world. Therefore, the great Dao of destruction of Pan Yu world was no lower than the great Dao of Pan Gu world.

Even if the great Dao of Pan Yu world did have weaknesses, Ji Hao wouldn't be able to discover them, not at his current level. Not to mention Ji Hao, perhaps, not even Yu Yu could manage it.

Ji Hao guessed wildly that even the mysterious being, who hid behind Priest Dachi's Palace of Dao and silently helped to forge Ji Hao's four supreme treasures back then, might not be able to discover the weakness of the great Dao of destruction of Pan Yu world either.

If that mysterious power being were able to do that, he or she wouldn't have to stay in Pan Gu world!

Therefore, at least based on Ji Hao's move of sky-opening, these single-eyed giants had no weaknesses.

Nevertheless, this Sun and Moon Samsara formation did have weaknesses, mistakes, and flaws. Ji Hao already had his eyes on a fairly clear spot in the rolling dark cloud.

The twelve Sun and Moon knights had activated their powers from the three suns and nine moons. Based on the formation, they created a circulation of the powers of the three suns and nine moons to generate the original power of destruction. The design was perfect, and the formation was terrifyingly powerful; the formation itself had no weakness to be mentioned.

The formation's weaknesses were the twelve Sun and Moon Knights. Their powers were different, and so were their skills to control the formation.

It was not hard to tell that the twelve knights were carefully selected elites, at almost exactly the same cultivation level. But after all, they were independent individuals, and even based on the same level, some of them were stronger than the others.

They had the same height, the same figure; their cultivation level, even intelligence level were both the same. However, they understood the formation and controlled it in slightly different ways, for which reason, when they combined their powers, weaknesses would certainly arise.

The formation itself had no weakness until the people forming it became its largest weakness!

Ji Hao laughed out loud, raised the Pan Gu sword high, and combined the moves of sky-opening and earth splitting, releasing a water-clear stream of sword light. The sword light landed fiercely on the densest spot of the dark cloud.

Crack! The formation collapsed, and so did the twelve single-eyed giants. The twelve Sun and Moon knights were sent flying away. They howled in pain while their blood gushed out from their eyes, mouths, noses, and ears. They looked at Ji Hao without knowing what to do, growling meaninglessly.

They joined the invasion wars in over a hundred worlds. Together, they killed countless powerful beings from countless worlds. When they became single-eyed giants, the enemies, who were hundreds, or even thousands of times stronger, all died in their hands.

But today, their Sun and Moon Samsara formation was broken!

"How is this possible?" Red Lei shouted with a dry voice.

Si Wen Ming laughed brightly. Held in his hands, the Xuanyuan sword released a golden, dragon-like, tremendous stream of power, rushing towards Red Lei like a thunderstorm.

If Si Wen Ming were the only attacker, the situation would still be controllable, because Red Lei was way stronger than him after all. As a Sun and Moon powerful being, Red Lei could easily kill Si Wen Ming with no more than three moves, even though the latter was under the protection of the Xuanyuan sword!

The problem was, other than Si Wen Ming, seven to eight princes had rushed up as well.

Things still wouldn't be so bad if these princes were fighting all by themselves. After all, with no more than twenty moves, Red Lei could destroy both the bodies and the souls of eight to nine peak-level Divine Magi. Nevertheless, on the ground, under Shaosi's direction, at least a million Maguspriests gathered together and built a tremendous scale formation, generating an overwhelming power through a magic curse.

In the meanwhile, under the strong will of Pan Gu world, the powers of Red Lei and the other Sun and Moon knights were suppressed to the level of the weakest power elder from Yu Dynasty. Suffering the suppression and the magic curse, the twelve knights' bodies were softened. All kinds of negative feelings even made them want to die!

After a quarter of an hour, Si Wen Ming and the other princes threw the twelve knights down from the sky, then pressed them on the ground and gave them the most terrible beating!

The twelve Sun and Moon knights had strong bones, such that when they were broken, the cracking noise was so bright and clear that it even echoed to hundreds of miles away along the wind!