Chapter 1488: They Only Follow Strength

The Magus Era

Chapter 1488: They Only Follow Strength
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Threatened by Ji Hao's golden sun thunder bombs, all non-humankind being shut their mouths. After that, Ji Hao released one hundred thousand half-dragon warriors and a million blood pool ghosts.

Fierce-looking half-dragon warriors growled rumblingly as they released a strong power vibration, and caused a heavy pressure to shake the hearts of nearly everyone on the scene. Blood pool ghosts had hazy figures like real ghosts. They flickered through the air, giving people a sharp coldness with their frosty eyes.

Every half-dragon warrior was as strong as a high-level Divine Magus, while a blood-pool ghosts were as powerful as high-level Magus Kings.

They arrayed neatly beside the divine commanders in golden armors and divine warriors in silver armors. Seeing them, not only were the non-humankind beings shocked, the expressions of quite some marquises and earls turned strange as well.

Yao Mountain territory rose way less than a hundred years ago, but unknowingly, the force under Ji Hao's direct command had improved to such a terrifying level, hadn't it? Not to mention those divine warriors and commanders from the heaven, which ordinary human clan could ever afford one-hundred-thousand high-Divine-Magus-level half-dragon warriors? Furthermore, it was all added with Ji Hao's ridiculously great individual power. As a true Supreme Magus, his spirit star was actually a natural sun, which was thousands of times more powerful than any natural star in the world. In addition to that, Ji Hao's father, Ji Xia, had inherited the legacy from an ancestor, and could become a true Supreme Magus at any moment!

With two Supreme-level powerful beings, Ji Hao's Yao Mountain territory would still be slightly weaker than super families like the You Xiong Family, but it was already strong enough to be listed as a top-grade human clan.

Especially worth mentioning was the fact that Ji Hao received a world's edict. Same as Emperor Fuxi, he had actually become a divine emperor, from a human being. Based on this fact, the future of Yao Mountain territory was hard to predict, even to super families like the You Xiong Family and the High Cloud Family.

Treading on a fiery cloud, Ji Hao flew to the wall of Liang Zhu City and politely bowed to Emperor Shun and the other human leaders. Emperor Shun and the other four emperors hurriedly bowed back to him, as they were on equal footing now. As human emperors, they needed to carefully follow every etiquette. Even though Ji Hao was a young human being, since he succeeded to the divine throne, he had to be respected as a divine emperor.

But when Ji Hao bowed to Si Wen Ming, Si Wen Ming laughed out loud and punched on his chest.

They grinned at each other, just like before.

Emperor Shun grinned as well. At one tme, human emperors and divine emperors never stood on the same side, and intense conflicts happened frequently. Now, as a new divine emperor, Ji Hao had such a friendly relationship with Si Wen Ming, the next human emperor cut and dried. To the entire humankind, to the whole world…this was terrific.

An old Maguspriest took out some mugwort, which had been soaked in the spirit blood of a hundred types of poisonous creatures for countless years. He rubbed the mugwort into a ball, and sprayed a handful of powdered scorpions, spiders, centipedes and other poisonous bugs, then set fire to it. Dense black smoke rose from the mugwort ball and drilled into Red Mei's nostrils like living creatures.

Red Lei instantly made a sky-shaking sneeze, and couldn't stop sneezing after that. Because of the intense sneezing, his body was shaking, and his broken bones rubbed against each other, causing him a great pain that made him howl.

Ji Hao brought a few golden armored divine commanders onto the city wall. They looked down at Red Lei with cold faces. They were divine commanders, generated from the will of Pan Gu world. They were guardians of the natural laws, executors of the power of this world.

Earlier, their minds were sealed by Dishi Cha with an exotic treasure. Back then, they followed Dishi Cha and his people' order uncontrollably, but remembered everything they had done.

Specifically, they were not only the strongest war machines in this world, but also perfect recorders. Their skins, their hair, every cell of their bodies would keep a full record of every single thing they had been through. With a special divine magic, their memories could be pulled up by the heaven leaders to be analyzed, so that the leaders could make plans based on their experiences.

Even when they couldn't control their bodies and were forced to be under the wrong people's orders, their bodies had been instinctively recording all their experiences.

Under the powers of the natural will and the divine seal, the strong minds of these divine commanders and warriors broke the seals cast by Dishi Cha with the exotic treasure, freeing themselves. Afterward, they quickly looked back at the memories of their bodies and figured out the whole thing.

They glared at Red Lei in anger, staring at this unforgivable evil being, who dared to fake divine orders and control divine force.

At this point, Red Lei finally woke up. Before he clearly saw the things in the surroundingss, he had his eyes on the few divine commanders in golden armors, who stared at him in a cold, unfriendly way. Without much thinking, he yelled out, "You slaves, did you take out those people? Did you drive them away? Scums! Why don't you come help me? Don't you see that I'm injured? Dishi Cha is an idiot! Our Master gave him the 'spirit-confusing bottle', yet he used it to control you stupid things!"

The divine commanders remained motionless, but all surrounding leaders from both sides burst into loud shouts together.

Dishi Cha! It was him! He controlled the Divine Origin Pool and turned all divine beings from it into his tools.

"Piji Nu, and the other emperors, you all heard him. Regarding the fact that these divine warriors slaughtered the non-humankind landlords, Dishi Cha, one of your people, is the one to blame. And the one behind him is that so-called 'Blood Crown' you've mentioned before." Ji Hao looked at the twelve emperors' angry faces calmly and said.

"Therefore, I reject all your accusations towards these divine warriors. They didn't want to slaughter your people, and neither is this a scheme of our humankind." Ji Hao nodded to them smilingly and said, "Now, this is clear. I hope you can restrain your members. Don't do any stupid things to hurt your own people and please your enemies."

Piji Nu and the other emperors were lost in their thoughts. But, Yemo Luoye couldn't bear watching Ji Hao's proud face. She sneered and said, "No matter what, these so-called divine warriors have indeed killed many of our innocent people. Even if they're only weapons, they should be destroyed, shouldn't they?"

Yemo Luoye curved her lips upwards and looked at Ji Hao. Ji Hao humiliated her many times, and now, she attempted to cause him some trouble.

"Many… of your… innocent… people?" Ji Hao dropped his face. That face of his gradually turned cold and serious. He took two steps towards Yemo Luoye, put his mouth near her face, and responded with a frosty voice, word by word, "You… Are you saying that your people are innocent? If so, how will you clear the debt for so many human beings you have killed and enslaved all these years?"

"Perhaps, I should kill you right now and destroy all your weapons, shouldn't I?"

A dreadful sense of power entangled Yemo Luoye's soul like countless poisonous snakes. Her face paled, as she took a quick series of step backward instinctively.

At this very moment, she did not even dare to straighten her body in front of Ji Hao.