Chapter 1490: Three Emperors Swallowed Two Species

The Magus Era

Chapter 1490: Three Emperors Swallowed Two Species
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On the nine dragons chariot, Ji Hao smilingly sat on the throne.

Four ancient dragon gods, who, according to the legends, had fallen many years ago, and four ancient phoenix gods, who, according to the stories, had reincarnated in the endless raging fire, sat straight on large fiery armchairs as they stared at each other. They all knew each other; they were all old friends.

They came to Ji Hao, coincidently together. In front of each other, they didn't know how to ask Ji Hao any actual question that they were concerned about. At first, they stared at the familiar faces of each other, and later on, one of them started talking. Soon after that, the atmosphere on the chariot turned tenser and tenser.

Ji Hao remained silent while the four dragon gods and the four phoenix gods laughed at and attacked each other in speech.

"Old dragon head, I heard that you died of old age. I even shed three drops of tears for you. Hah, we've been friends forever, but you faked your death…Our friendship is worth no more than three drops of tears of mine!"

"Old feather, you make yourself sound like someone who actually treasures friendships. Didn't you reincarnate long ago? Didn't you go through the nirvana of a phoenix, didn't you become an egg? Didn't you lose all your memories? Yet, you still remember me. Should I be so touched and give three drops of tears back to you?"

"Ah, ah, you old scum, we need to clear our debt!"

"Yeah, let's clear it. How? With blades? With fists? We dragon men never fear! Not to mention the fact that we're facing you bunch of phoenix girls!"

"What did you say? Old scum, how dare you insult us?"

"I insulted you, so what? We brothers will insult you together, so what? Don't you like it? Come beat us then, will you? Haha, I'll fight you with one hand. I'll slap you back to a bird egg, do you believe it?"

"You old wicked creatures, we will pull off your scales and turn you into dead pond loaches! Do you believe that?"

"Eh? Can you phoenix girls do that? Come one, come on, we are right here. You four old feathers, come on, do it, come on! We're not scared of you!"

The eight rude ancient creatures started a verbal war. Behind Ji Hao's army, the atmosphere between the dragon-kind army and phoenix-kind army grew tense as well.

The birds flying high in the sky naturally had an opposite relation with the water-kind creatures living in the water. For example, many birds fed on shrimps and fishes, and rocs, peacocks, and other fierce birds even fed on flood dragons, boas, and other scaled water-kind creatures.

The opposite relation naturally existed between low-grade creatures from these two broad kinds. By the time these creatures grew to a certain level and attained the great powers and human-level wits, the natural opposition would cause countless conflicts between them.

Suppressed by the dragon-kind and the phoenix-kind, even though small conflicts had never stopped bursting between birds and water-kind creatures, real wars rarely happened. But today, as team leaders, the eight ancient creatures started such an intense verbal battle, hearing which, the warriors from both sides, who always hated each other, surely began cursing each other with passion.

Soon, the bad language turned into personal abuse. Dirty words could be heard from everywhere like a storm. Some cruel and mean words even stunned the 'richly experienced' human warriors.

Stroking the pair of fire dragons coiled on his arms, Ji Hao sent wisps of essence sun fire into their bodies, which slowly improved their original souls and strengthened their original powers. The louder the eight ancient creatures cursed each other, the higher Ji Hao raised his eyebrows, and the more he wanted to laugh.

'You were so proud, so arrogant! You acted like you were above the masses!' Thought Ji Hao.

The humankind, dragon-kind, and phoenix-kind shared the same origin. When the non-humankind invaded Pan Gu world, under pressure, the dragon-kind and the phoenix-kind deployed their elites and joined the war. But, in the countless years afterward, the alliance of humankind had been taking all the pressure from the non-humankind, virtually alone.

Dragons and phoenixes stayed far away from all worldly affairs. They watched countless elite human warriors die in battles, witnessed generations of human beings being crushed for the future of human bloodline, but remained unmoved.

Even worse, they had constantly been making requirements to extort the humankind. Every time they sent a small troop to help the humankind, they would act like they were saving the world, and would seize the chance to make the most out of the humankind.

During the past countless years, dragons and phoenixes had squeezed giant profits from the humankind.

Ji Hao smilingly looked at these eight angry ancient creatures and remained silent.

Abruptly, the old dragon with five-colored scales burst into a raging growl and slapped his fiery armchair into pieces, then leaped up. Eyes filled with an intent of killing, he gave a twisted grin to the phoenix in front of him and said, "We all know what we are here for! Hah, cut the crap. Let's decide with our strength! Let's see who will become the future leader of Pan Gu world!"

Two ancient phoenixes and two ancient dragons stood up, each pulling out a staff made from ancient Fuso tree hearts. Dazzling fires suddenly erupted from their bodies. The fire burning on the bodies of the two female phoenixes was golden in color. That was the purest true phoenix fire, which could destroy, and could also regenerate everything in the world.

The fire burning on the bodies of the two male dragons was vividly red, looking like melting glass. That was the divine Nanming fire, the purest, strongest fire in the world, the natural enemy of all evils. Its largest power was turning everything back to its purest state, tracing back to the origin.

In other words, the divine Nanming fire was the strongest purifying fire in the world. In mere terms of lethality, it was much stronger than the phoenix true fire.

Seeing a real battle was about to break out, Ji Hao coughed loudly and said, "Eight, eight elders, cool down, cool down. What are we doing? What are we doing here? What, are we doing? You're all friends, old friends. Why will you fight each other? Cool down, just cool down."

Ji Hao chuckled and evilly buried a needle in the hearts of each of them by saying, "Ao Li and Feng Qinxin, they already had a baby! You're families…Don't always shout that you'll kill each other. Think about the young ones!"

All eight of them were stunned.

Ao Li? Feng Qinxin? The ninth son of the current Dragon Emperor? The youngest phoenix princess?

They had a baby? When? Why didn't they know? What happened? What was going on? The dragon-kind and the phoenix-kind intermarrying with each other? What a joke! Without the permission of elders like them, which young dragon or phoenix dared to marry an enemy?

Ji Hao didn't care what these ancient creatures were thinking. Slowly, he continued speaking, "I know why you are here. So, I will be generous. After all, I am now the only divine emperor in Pan Gu world, so my words should be effective."

"I have decided that I will earn your full support to the humankind with the thrones of three divine emperors!"

The eight ancient creatures' expressions changed again. Three thrones? But how should they split it?

They threw a threatening glance at each other, 'It's all these four old things' fault!'