Chapter 1507: The Anger of Priest Mu

The Magus Era

Chapter 1507: The Anger of Priest Mu
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Fire Crows were sprightly and active. They were birds, so they loved to fly all over the sky and scream.

Now, about a billion fire crows had shifted into human shapes. These curious, excited fire crows instantly burst into thunderous shouts and laughter, roughhousing with each other. The palace of the sun was vast, but at the moment, one could see scrawny fire crow people in golden robes dashing everywhere. They flew up to the roofs, ripped off roof tiles, and dug into the ground. The magnificent palace was soon turned into a mess by them.

Some found a wine cellar. Immediately, tens of thousands of fire crows marched in and emptied the cellar. Countless fire crows rushed up and drank up every drop of wine stored in the cellar, then fell to the ground, drunk.

Some found an armory. This time, hundreds of thousands of fire crows rushed in and took out all armors and weapons in it. They equipped themselves and began playing 'good guys and bad guys' with each other. All of a sudden, a loud series of bangs could be heard, as thousands of crossbows went off simultaneously, releasing a storm-like wave of arrow that turned a great hall into a sifter.

Before long, a billion crazily darting around fire crows turned the thousands of miles squared palace of the sun upside down. All exquisite decorations, flower vases, water bottles, even the pots, bowls and the spoons were all plundered by them.

If any other creature dared to act so unbridled and aggressive in the palace of the sun, it would have been incinerated by the defensive seals in the palace long ago. However, these fire crows had all left their spirit blood in Ji Hao's divine seal, which meant they were now under the protection of the will of nature. Besides, Ji Hao had ascended to the throne which belonged to East Emperor Taiyi, and was now the official owner of the Pan Gu sun. Therefore, the defensive seals in this palace could kill any living being but these man-shaped fire crows. Not to mention the fact that the Fuso tree, the true great ancestor that lived in this palace, was still here. It covered the entire palace with its tremendous spirit power, unsealed all seals, and opened all treasuries and secret spaces wherever these fire crows reached.

Relying on the Fuso tree, the fire crows swept across the palace without scruple, seizing every single valuable object in the palace of the sun.

Tens of fire crow elders surrounded Ji Hao, cawing by his ears with high-pitched, hoarse voices, "Indeed, let our kids empty this place! Ji Hao, it's not easy to accumulate wealth for the family. We Gold Crow family have never been rich. We should take as much as we can, as fast as possible, when we see valuable things!"

The oldest fire crow elder brushed his long beard with his fingers while looking at Ji Hao, honestly teaching him, "Look at this palace, so magnificent, so splendid. The owner of this place must be someone powerful. We should take away these treasures as soon as possible, then set this place on fire. Like people said, 'chop up a corpse and obliterate all traces', so no one can know we did it."

Ji Hao rubbed his forehead, wanting to cry. Didn't these fire crow elders understand that this was the palace of the sun, the core territory of Ji Hao, which was even more important than Yao Mountain City? These fire crows had been robbing themselves!

And, 'set this place on fire, chop up a corpse and obliterate all traces'? This sounded quite reasonable, but how on earth would you start a fire in the sun, and burn the palace of the sun? This palace was divine, nourished and strengthened by the sun power for countless centuries. Not even the strongest fire in the world managed to burn it, so how on earth would they burn this place?

Shaking his head and waving his hand, Ji Hao laughed embarrassedly and said, "Elders, grandpas, let's go now. I am a divine emperor now. From this day on, fire crows, ah, no…Gold Crows are my closest guards. You need to learn to train the army."

Hearing him, fire crow, no Gold Crow elders cawed shrilly in chorus. In excitement, they wielded their arms and jumped around Ji Hao.

The closest guards of a divine emperor! The guards of an actual divine emperor, instead of the batting beasts of a small Southern Wasteland clan! They had indeed brought glory to their ancestors, and made their ancestors illustrious! How many years had it been since such a glorious thing happened to the fire crow family in Southern Wasteland?

Tens of gold crow elders screamed. Following their voices, countless gold crows gathered over, cawing and making a disordered but formidable array.

Ji Hao didn't want to waste time. In the future, Ji Xia would take his time to train these crows.

He started the nine dragons chariot. The tens of oldest Gold Crow elders followed Ji Hao onto the chariot, after which, a stream of fiery light flashed into the sky, swiftly towards the outside of the small world of sun. Gold Crows shifted back into their original shapes and followed behind the chariot, lining up according to their sizes. The largest, strongest ones were at the front, while the smallest, weakest ones were at the tail. Countless Gold Crows screamed and transformed into a golden torrent, following closely behind Ji Hao.

The wings of a billion Gold Crows were gradually connected. The formidable array extended for hundreds of thousands of miles, dazzling with a golden light and cawing with soul-shaking thunderous voices as they followed Ji Hao and left the small world of sun.

These Gold Crows didn't give up on plundering even on their way back. Seeing the sparkling continents and mountains piled up by sun crystals, they hurriedly cast their natural magic and collected a giant amount of sun crystals. As a nature of all crows in the world, they loved sparkling things the most.

When the golden torrent flooded out of the small world of sun, the entire starry void quaked slightly.

It was not so obvious when they were back in the small world of sun, but once they were out, the fire burning on the bodies of these Gold Crows, which now had the purest Gold Crow bloodlines and had their powers soared, seemed even to melt the sky. Even the fire of the weakest Gold Crow was strong enough to melt a mountain.

Countless Gold Crows merged together, looking like an extended sun that was blazing, scorching, and dazzling in the sky.

If Ji Hao hadn't been restraining the heat released from all these Gold Crows with the power of the nine dragons chariot, a medium-scale drought would be caused in Pan Gu Motherland.

He dared not to let these Gold Crows stay in the mortal world for long. Therefore, Ji Hao hurriedly drove the chariot to the heaven.

Flying a short distance, a cyan-colored figure suddenly showed up in the front. That was Priest Mu with a badly darkened face, as he trod on a cloud and blocked Ji Hao's way.

From both sides of Ji Hao, the pair of fire dragons walked to the front of the chariot with large steps and shouted in unpracticed human language, "That…small old man, stay out of the way. Do you know whose chariot this is?"

As the one following Ji Hao since the beginning, Mr. Crow recognized Priest Mu and understood that this wrinkled, bitter-faced priest could not be offended.

Cautiously holding the Fuso staff, Mr. Crow stood up and looked at Priest Mu, then cawed and yelled, "Caw, Priest Mu, caw, are you here to bring Ji Hao another trouble? Caw, do you see all our people? We have so many people today! Caw! Don't do anything reckless!"

Without taking even a glance at Mr. Crow, Priest Mu stared at the Fuso staff and shouted, "Fuso, my friend, back then, I visited you myself to offer you the position of the third master in my sect. Yet, you rejected my offer without a hesitation. Today, why are you serving a kid?"

Priest Hu growled harshly, "Am I not as good as the kid Ji Hao?"