Chapter 1511: Priest Hua’s Destiny

The Magus Era

Chapter 1511: Priest Hua’s Destiny
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When Priest Mu blocked Ji Hao's way and questioned Fuso tree in the starry void, in a desolated area in Western Wasteland, in the peaceful world created by Priest Hua and Priest Mu, Priest Hua was sitting under a linden tree with his legs crossed. Suddenly, he opened his eyes. A dim, seven-colored light flashed across his eyes.

"Who is waiting out there?" Abruptly, he asked with a low voice.

A priest silently walked over from behind a linden tree. His hair were coiled into a pair of buns on his head, each bun having a tiny red flower binding on it. He had white skin and a pretty face, walking airily and unhurriedly, without making any noise.

Politely, he kneeled and kowtowed to Priest Mu, then asked reverently, "Shifu, how can I help?"

Priest Mu's mouth corners curved slightly upwards. He took out a tiny, exquisite, thirteen storey tower, which was inlaid with pearls, from his sleeve, and handed to the priest while saying, "Miao Xiang, your elder uncle went to the starry void for something important. I should be cooperating with him from here. At the moment, how many disciples of ours are here?"

"Shifu, apart from the other few and me, Dragon, Lion, Tiger and Mammoth have just returned with a large number of new outer disciples. At the moment, the four brothers are busy giving lectures to the new disciples to strengthen their hearts of Dao." Miao Xiang took over the tower with a serious look and responded. He was a little surprised.

Priest Hua smiled and said, "Giving lectures? If they do nothing but sitting there and talking, everything they teach would be impractical, unreal. As per the great Dao of our sect, all cultivators should be brave. They should be pursuing progress, trying to sense the freedom of soul. Giving mere lectures? Useless, all useless."

Pointing at the pearl tower in Miao Xiang's hands, Priest Hua smiled again and continued, "Today, I will give the new outer disciples a chance to truly strengthen their heart of Dao and improve their powers. You, Dragon, Lion, Tiger and Mammoth, you take all new disciples to butcher the heaven for me."

"Butcher?" In shock, Miao Xiang looked at Priest Hua. He never thought that such a cruel word would actually come from Priest Hua.

"Eh? Do you disagree?" A seven-colored dim light flashed across Priest Hua's eyes. He suddenly pressed his finger between Miao Xiang's eyebrows and said, "Go, do a good job! Remember, the warriors of the heaven or our outer disciples, if they fall, bring back their souls with this tower.

A tremor went through Miao Xiang's body. Instantly, his eyebrows turned colorful. Giving a twisted grin, he bowed to Priest Hua and stood up from the ground, disappearing into the air while starting a faintly scented gust of wind.

After a quarter of an hour, leading Dragon, Lion, Tiger, and Mammoth mounted on their mounts and followed closely behind Miao Xiang, heading to the heaven. Tens of thousands of disciples under Priest Hua and Priest Mu' guidance surrounded them, holding differently colored flags for magic formations. Behind them, large groups of human warriors and non-humankind warriors they brought back from Liang Zhu City had been shouting Priest Hua and Priest Mu' names loudly.

In the boundless linden woods, Priest Hua suddenly burst into raging growl, and began struggling.

"Devil, what do you want?"

Priest Hua's eyes sparkled with the dim seven-colored light as he chuckled abruptly and responded to himself, "Priest Hua, my friend, you are me, and I am you now. Don't you want what I want? The creatures in Pan Gu world, their souls are so sweet, so tasty. Every time we devour a soul, our power will raise largely."

"Once our disciples bring back enough souls, and once you have tasted the wonderful feeling delivered by your soaring cultivation, you will not refuse my kindness anymore." Priest Hua laughed with a hissing voice, "When we truly merge into one, we will devour Priest Mu. From then on, our Dao will be the only ruler of Pan Gu world!"

Roared, Priest Hua locked his fingers together, pressing heavily to the spot between his eyebrows. "Wishful thinking. Devil. I will certainly absorb you with my great power."

A brightly glowing, jade-like, purely white figure silently showed up behind Priest Hua. Thumb-sized white blooms had been drifting out of the figure, spreading an indescribably refreshing aroma in the linden woods.

"Great Freedom, is this your choice of prey? It's a true top-grade body, but it seems that you cannot make him surrender." The white figure giggled. His voice had constantly been changing, sometimes strong like the voice of a man, and sometimes soft like the voice a woman. "Do you need my help?"

"My prey is mine. Great Happiness, don't you stir a finger." The dim colorful light shining in Priest Hua's eyes grew brighter and brighter, "Indeed, I cannot make him surrender, but it won't be easy for him to absorb me either. Later, his brother will return, and help him suppress me. You can take your chance and make your move."

The white figure nodded, then gave a faint smile and said, "Alright, I had just destroyed a great world thirty-thousand years ago. Based on the infinite corrupt happiness of the local creatures in that world, I created a new magic called 'great happiness soul-falling blade'. Great, I'd like to know how many blade strikes from me that so-called Priest Mu can take."

Great Happiness laughed hissingly in excitement and continued, "These years, I traveled across the world and found many interesting things. For example, a very powerful enemy is approaching this world…An especially strong prey is arriving. I can't wait."

Both Great Freedom and Great Liberty laughed. Their weird laughter created an extremely strange atmosphere in the linden woods.

Abruptly, Great Happiness disappeared without a trace. Priest Hua opened his eyes. A puff of golden spot sprouted from his body and landed on the ground, turning into countless blooming golden lotuses. He bit his tongue heavily and boosted up his power to try to shout out loud, but all of a sudden, the seven-colored light shone in his eyes, and he lost the strength to shout.

A green figure flashed in. With an awfully bitter face, Priest Mu carried a wooden staff and slowly walked into the linden woods. He walked to Priest Hua and sat down, facing him with his legs crossed, then put the wooden staff on his knee. Holding a wisp of hair, he fixed his eyes on it.

"Brother, look, Yu Yu's sword art is even more masterly than before. Today, he sneakily attacked me, and I didn't even realize it until his sword light almost landed on me. With his art of sword and his sword formation, I'm afraid that we can't defeat him even if we act together." Priest Mu sorrowfully looked at his hair, without noticing the weird expression on Priest Hua's face.

"Actually, Yu Yu is nothing, is he?" With the seven-colored light sparkling in his eyes, Priest Mu chuckled, "My friend, only if you are willing to accept my kind, we can destroy Yu Yu so easily."

Priest Mu raised his head in shock. Seeing the dim colorful light in Priest Hua's eyes, he shouted out loud, "How can this happen? Devil, my brother had suppressed you completely earlier. How did you come out again? You are really bringing about your own destruction. I can not tolerate you any longer!"

Locking his fingers together, Priest Mu pressed his hands on Priest Hua's forehead.

Priest Hua laughed and locked his fingers as well, thudding his hands against Priest Mu's hands.

Great Happiness's purely white figure quietly emerged behind Priest Mu. He giggled, then suddenly transformed into a white stream of light, flashing to the back side of Priest Mu's head.