Chapter 1557: The Main Goal

The Magus Era

Chapter 1557: The Main Goal
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'Charge, Charge.'

The blue ice screen was violently shattered by Giant Kui and the other world guards. The group of Yu Clan enchanters with fragile physical bodies died in an overwhelming wave of green thunderbolts before they could do anything to hurt their enemies.

Another line of defense was raised. Giant Kui and the other world guards roared furiously and led the tremendous army of Pan Heng world creatures, proceeding along into the city.

With his palm, Ji Hao crushed a beast-like metal puppet which had countless sharp flywheels inlaid in its body, then raised his head and gazed at the central area of the city in confusion.

"Are they training their warriors with us? Or…?"

The Pan Heng world army had already broken tens of lines of defense, and Ji Hao found the situation getting weirder and weirder. Warriors from the tens of lines of defense didn't share commanders, and didn't even seem to have a connection with each other. Besides, from some lines of defense, large numbers of strange slave warriors appeared, but in the other lines of defense, the warriors that fought against Ji Hao and Pan Heng world creatures were Pan Yu world non-humankind beings. From Ji Hao's point of view, if all those strange slave warriors, such as the 'iron bones', could act in close coordination with the non-humankind troops, their general battle effectiveness would rise by at least ten times.

However, there was no cooperation, no connection either. Warriors from every line of defense of the golden city fought all by themselves. Whether the result was good or not, the warriors from every line of the defense would fight for an hour at most. After an hour of their appearance, they would retreat, leaving the battleground to the next line of defense, even if they managed to stop the Pan Heng world army.

Under the circumstances, the Pan Heng world army led by Giant Kui and the other world guards had already reached hundreds of miles into the city, killed tens of millions of non-humankind warriors, and suffered a heavy casualty too.

Somehow, Ji Hao felt worried. Blood Crown's subordinates seemed to not take the offensive of Pan Heng world creatures seriously. Ji Hao felt that they were playing a game. Indeed, a game, an actual game!

"Retreat!" Following a shrill howl, about ten strange creatures with wolf heads and human bodies, who were standing in front of Ji Hao and preparing to cast a magic, each gave Ji Hao a complicated glance, then raised their curved staffs and transformed into strands of drifting sands, drawing back.

Countless wolf-headed creatures with round shields howled resoundingly while turning around and retreating. While retreating, they paid no attention to the storm-like arrows descending from the sky, even though the arrows had been landing on their backs, killing hundreds of millions of them.

These wolf-headed creatures didn't care about the death of their own kind at all. They withdrew from the battleground like tidewater, disappearing into buildings in the golden city within a blink of an eye.

A muffled wing-flapping noise could then be heard, as countless beautiful humanoid creatures with white wings and longbows rose from behind a group of buildings in the golden city. These six-meters-tall beautiful creatures pulled open their longbows and aimed at Ji Hao and the Pan Heng world army behind him. With the bowstrings buzzing intensely, countless arrows swished over, leaving beams of white light in the sky.

On the ground, green spirits pulled open their bows as well. Their arrows flew into the sky like a reverse heavy rain, towards those beautiful creatures.

The two waves of arrows brushed against each other in the sky. Soon, along with a quick series of popping noise, the white arrows landed on Ji Hao and the other tree giants, penetrating the bodies of millions of green spirits and shadow leopards.

These white arrows exploded into white flames with an extremely high temperature the moment they landed on their targets. The white fire spread swiftly on Ji Hao's body, but he remained motionless, as it wasn't able to to do any harm to him. But unlike him, the other tree giants around him screamed in pain as their bodies were ignited. The white fire wrapped them up and incinerated them layer by layer. Within a couple of breaths, a hundred-thousand tree giants were cremated.

Green spirits and shadow leopards were set on fire too. The raging white fire spread, within which, countless shadow leopards and green spirits struggled and screamed, soon being turned into wisps of smoke.

Green arrows flew to those beautiful creatures, but the white fire condensed into fiery shields before their bodies. With a slight touch, all wooden green arrows were ignited, and not one managed to hurt those beautiful creatures.

Poisonous bugs marched towards these beautiful creatures, but as the white fire swirled in the sky, the bugs fell from to the ground while screaming. Since the war began, these winged beautiful creatures caused the most massive casualty to Pan Heng world army.

The white arrows landed on the bodies of Giant Kui and the other world guards too, starting white fires on their enormous bodies. However, they were gigantic and especially tough. Therefore, the white fire merely managed to burn their barks, but failed to do any actual harm to them.

Giant Kui and the other world guards roared thunderously, wielded their cudgels, and released fierce thunderbolts that struck those beautiful creatures.

Apparently, those beautiful creatures weren't strong enough to rival powerful beings at this level. Their fire shields were crushed, and the green thunderbolts landed straight on their bodies, carbonizing them.

Ji Hao too growled in rage as he followed closely behind Giant Kui. Taking cover from a shank of Giant Kui, he raised his six arms and swung his cudgels fiercely forward, releasing waves of green thunderbolts. Yu Yu divine thunder, powerful and violent, cracked the space like the sharpest sword, instantly penetrating the chests of millions of beautiful creatures.

At the same time, his seventy-two clones darted out from a group of green spirits, pulled open their bows, and shot out the arrows of Green Rain from the twenty-four solar terms. Each Green Rain arrow could split into ten, then to a hundred, then to a thousand, then to ten-thousand…Within a second, the arrow wave grew ten-thousand times greater in size, covering the air and all beautiful creatures.

With a gentle yet thriving original life-force that erupted from the earth, the Green Rain arrows 'softly' penetrated the fiery white shields, leaving thousands of holes in the body of each beautiful creature.

In the magnificent, sacred great hall, a red beam of light suddenly flashed across the golden mirror.

In the mirror, Ji Hao and his seventy-two clones were marked by seventy-three small red circles.

"Dangerous targets? This is strange! Except for the eight-hundred giants who are supported by the will of this world, no such dangerous targets have ever emerged from these weak local creatures before…Lord, should we launch a strike to clean them out?" A Yu Clan old man, who was controlling the golden mirror, said loudly.

Slowly, the Yu Clan man standing on the highest stair glanced at the mirror, slightly waved his hand, and responded, "Send a squad of Sun and Moon Knights to clean these little things which broke the balance of the battleground.