Chapter 1593: Under the Guidance of a Famous Shifu

The Magus Era

Chapter 1593: Under the Guidance of a Famous Shifu
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Outside Pan Gu world, in the boundless Chaos…

An old man who sat in the Chaos with his legs crossed, body emitting a dim light and as sturdy as a bell, abruptly opened his eyes.

With his eyes closed, the Chaos power rolled and surged around him like the roaring ocean in a hurricane; eyes opened, the Chaos around Pan Gu world was suddenly calmed down, like a giant crystal ball, clear without a ripple.

His motionless chest began moving. As he breathed deeply, the millions of miles long Chaos tide waves in the surroundings transformed into a pair of enormous dragons and flew into his nostrils. Next, he let out a long breath. The Chaos tide waves inhaled by him just now had already turned into a torrent of pure natural power, surging happily into Pan Gu world and merging with the natural powers.

Countless mountains and rivers flashed across the old man's eyes. Along with his breath, the natural screen of Pan Gu world had been fluctuating.

"Come!" said the old man abruptly, in a gentle tone.

From the Chaos power behind the old man, a boy with his hair coiled into a pair of buns flashed out. The boy carried a chime tone in his left hand, and a small golden pestle with his right hand. The boy rang the chime stone with the pestle and generated a silvery tinkle, which spread swiftly to all directions.

Priest Dachi, Priest Qingwei, and Priest Yu Yu, who guarded around Pan Gu world and had been killing Chaos monsters who attempted to break in, paused simultaneously. They raised their heads and glanced at the direction of the old man. Dense clouds rose from under their feet, which led them speedily to the old man.

Clear mist streams extended for tens of millions of miles. The old man sat on the mist with his legs crossed, and entire body shining with a dim light that was connected with the light of Pan Gu world. Treading on clouds, Priest Dachi, Priest Qingwei, and Priest Yu Yu flew over and stood in front of the old man in a straight line, then solemnly bowed and greeted the old man 'Shifu'.

The old man slowly nodded. He was amiable-looking, but also like an ancient well, without any change in expressions. His eyes were filled with a mysterious light, which was completely emotionless, hazy, and primitive. He ran his eyes over Priest Dachi, Priest Qingwei, and Priest Yu Yu, and waited for a long while before he slowly said, "Go…do whatever you want!"

Pointing out his right forefinger, he let a stream of mist rise. Lights and shadows flashed across the mist, allowing Yu Yu and his brothers to see Ji Hao raising the Pan Gu bell with one hand, holding the Pan Gu sword with the other hand, and fighting Priest Mu and Priest Hua with difficulty.

When they saw the Pan Gu sword held in Ji Hao's hand generate seven tangible beams of light, break Priest Hua's defensive lotus, and penetrate his heart, Yu Yu laughed out loud and clapped his hands. Priest Dachi's expression slightly changed, then nodded with a faint smile, but Priest Qingwei's face turned dark, as he sullenly threw a glance at Ji Hao.

Priest Yu Yu was delighted, because Ji Hao had made a major progress in his art of Dao, and was already able to harm Priest Hua with his sword. Priest Hua was a top-grade powerful being from Pan Gu world, at the same level as Yu Yu himself. However, his disciple was actually capable of harming Priest Hua, and this was so worthy to be proud of.

Yu Yu was born like this, frank and straightforward. Ji Hao was his disciple, and made him proud. Therefore, he laughed out loud like a shiny sword which was pulled out of the sheath, without concealing its glow.

Priest Dachi was carefree. Yu Yu was his brother, and Ji Hao was a young member of his sect. Ji Hao's impressive abilities delighted him, but except for being delighted, he had no other thoughts. Priest Dachi's heart of Dao was like a bottomless, dried well, that no matter what happened, it wouldn't stir up a ripple in the dry well, or leave a trace in his heart.

Priest Qingwei was displeased, as Ji Hao was such an amazing disciple. He hadn't finished his first century of cultivation, but with two after-world supreme treasure, he actually managed to hold a stalemate in a battle against Priest Hua and Priest Mu. Even though he fell at a disadvantage, he did injure Priest Hua. How astonishing was that?

Priest Qingwei wondered why such a fabulous disciple wasn't under his own guide.

Among Yu Yu and his two brothers, who were generated from Pan Gu's soul, Priest Qingwei was the most emulative one. His disciples were not as good as Ji Hao, for which reason, he felt like Ji Hao had just stomped on his face, and that made him very unhappy.

The old man noticed the expression changes of all three of them. Expressionlessly, he pointed at Priest Mu and Priest Hua, and said, "Go, go! It has been so many years. For what happened back then, we can't hurt them…But this time, they have only themselves to blame. They colluded with the extraneous ones and attempted to lay their fingers on Pan Gu world. By doing what they are doing, they have disengaged themselves from us…Even if Pan Gu were still alive, he would not spare them again just because they used to follow him and keep him company back then."

Hearing the old man's voice, the lights and shadows in the mist changed, showing the vast Chaos and the violent Chaos tide waves. In the embryo of an enormous world, a giant curled his body, his eyes closed tightly, while holding a large axe in his arms and snoring.

A small linden tree and a tender lotus stood on the embryo of world, spreading their branches, shaking their leaves, and making silvery sounds, which echoed with the giant's snores and composed a beautiful melody.

Priest Dachi, Priest Qingwei and Priest Yu Yu each cast a complicated glance at the scene in the mist, then bowed to the old man and transformed into three streams of mist, flowing into the Chaos. Their powers were connected through long distances. Within a few breaths, they merged into the Chaos, without leaving a trace.

The old man quietly looked at the giant in the mist for a while, then shook his head and said, "The great Dao if merciless…With an affectionate heart, I tolerated you for years. What I have done is enough to repay you for the old stories. I was born together with Pan Gu, but I am not him, I…owe you nothing."

Sweeping his palm and crushing the mist, the old man slowly raised his right hand and pressed down.

Following his moves, all Chaos monsters who approached Pan Gu world, attempting to seize the opportunity while Pan Gu world was swallowing the twelve water worlds, to break into Pan Gu world and plunder, suddenly burst into shrill screams. They were ground by an invisible force, dying within a blink of an eye.

Next, Pan Gu world widely opened its 'mouth' and swallowed the corpses of these Chaos monsters, spreading them to every corner of the world as nourishment. Absorbing these corpses, countless new earth meridians emerged in the Pan Gu motherland, along with countless rich mines. Even the soil in Pan Gu world turned much richer because of these corpses, which contained magical powers.

"Pan Gu…my brother!" The old man slowly raised his head and said slowly, "The blood in my heart has been boiling these days. In stillness, I am actually on tenterhooks…A disaster is coming. What should I do?"

The Chaos was quiet and peaceful. The old man remained silent for long, then disappeared along with a gentle breeze.