Chapter 1605: Yu Huo’s greed

The Magus Era

Chapter 1605: Yu Huo’s greed
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A misty light emerged from Dishi Cha's eyes, as the despair grew stronger and stronger on his face. He felt that his soul was like a candlelight in a hurricane. He protected the weak light of himself with no spare efforts, but facing the hurricane which was sweeping across his entire spiritual space, his resistance was so weak.

Yu Huo smiled, enjoying the despairing, struggling look on Dishi Cha's face.

He restrained his power on purpose to keep Dishi Cha's mind clear, keeping him on the verge of collapse. The clearer his mind was, the more scared and despairing he would be, and the more Yu Huo would enjoy it.

"You…why…?" Dishi Cha trembled slightly and asked the question that puzzled him the most at the moment.

"Why am I in Yemo Tian's body?" Yu Huo smiled while shaking his head and responded, "Oh, oh, oh, this is a giant secret. But, since you've asked the question, I will kindly answer it for you, shall I?"

Raising his head, Yu Huo chuckled, "The destructive weapon… As you know, to forge a good destructive weapon, aside from the other ordinary common Chaos materials, a core is needed for controlling the entire weapon's soul. In the whole Pan Yu world, Soul Crown is the only one capable of making a core like that."

In fear, Dishi Cha stared at Yu Huo. Soul Crown, one of the twelve 'Crowns' from the Holy Realm in Pan Yu world. He was a master of all soul-related weapons, such that many special tools could be only successfully produced with his works. Surely, the cores for controlling the souls of destructive weapons were included in those special products.

A destructive weapon was powerful enough to rival a Supreme Magus, but Yemo Tian was so weak. Therefore, a core was needed for allowing Yemo Tian to control the destructive weapon.

"Soul Crown, my most pious believer…Or, my most useful clone." Yu Huo looked at Dishi Cha mildly, the gently stroked Dishi Cha's face with his forefinger. At last, he pointed his finger at Dishi Cha's erect eye and continued, "So, as long as a trace of my spirit is contained in every core made by Soul Crown…"

"Every trace of my spirit can serve as a tentacle of mine, sensitive, insightful. My spirit won't be woken up if no valuable target is discovered, but once it finds anything interesting and valuable, this… will happen."

Yu Hou smiled warmly, sending strands of dim light into Dishi Cha's erect eye. "Yemo Tian's soul has already been absorbed by me. I descended onto this world and sensed how great and magical this world is. I will… eventually possess this world."

Looking at Dishi Cha's slowly unfocused eyes, Yu Huo continued blandly, "By the way, I have a bad news for you. Through the soul connection between Yemo Tian and his father, I sensed that Blood Crowns has fallen. In this case, no other people know about Pan Gu world, right? I should have enough time to devour and absorb everything in this world."

Dishi Cha sighed in despair and gave up on resistance.

It turned out that he and Yemo Tian had fallen into Yu Huo's trap back when he brought the destructive weapon to Yemo Tian from Pan Yu world. His great plan had failed completely, but he had no regrets. After all, Blood Crown was one of the twelve 'Crowns', while Yu Huo was a legendary 'Yu', who stood high above the masses.

What was even scarier, as a 'Yu', Yu Huo was capable of controlling souls.

The light of wisdom dimmed in Dishi Cha's eyes, being replaced by a misty dim light. In about ten minutes, a new light of wisdom emerged from the deepest area of his eyes. Afterward, Dishi Cha chuckled weirdly, licked his mouth corners with his blood-red tongue, then reverently kneeled and kissed Yu Huo's bared feet.

"Piss off!" Yu Huo kicked Dishi Cha away, then pointed at the wardrobe on a corner of the cave. Following his move, a set of luxurious clothing drifted out, putting themselves on Yu Huo one after another. Soon, he was well-dressed.

"I like to descend to a new world with the bodies of other people, because in this way, I won't be suppressed by this new world, neither will be attacked by the original power of this world." He looked at himself in the mirror in satisfaction and smiled, then turned around and slowly walked out of the cave.

Dishi Cha hurriedly followed behind him. While walking, Dishi Cha bowed deeply, cautiously keeping his hands on both sides of his body, his eyes fixed on Yu Huo's heels.

"Among all 'Yu' in Pan Yu world, perhaps, I am the most experienced world conquerer. I'm not like Yu Man, Yu Zhan, and the other idiots, who always prefer to invade a world with pure violence. Every time, they would suffer heavy strikes from the original power of the target world. Once they were injured seriously, they would need a long sleep to heal themselves.

"Even if they had indeed conquered a large number of worlds with violence, when did they ever have the time to appreciate the beauties of their harvests, to enjoy the measureless benefits brought to them by those conquered worlds?

"I am the only one who chose to descend on the body of the lucky ones, who started their lives in the target worlds, who lived under the natural laws of the target worlds for years. Under the covers of their bodies, I won't be noticed by the natural laws of the target worlds, and I can do whatever I want."

"Therefore, all these years, I have also conquered many worlds, but I am perfectly unharmed. On the contrary, I grew stronger and stronger. As for the others, ah, think about it… If one day, Yu Man, Yu Zhan, and the other idiots all become my clones…"

A dim yet sharp light flickered in his eyes as he continued, "Perhaps, one day, I can invade the independent spirit of Pan Yu world. That is my highest goal. One day, I will replace the independent spirit of Pan Yu world, and become the supreme great Dao of Pan Yu world. Then, my life will lead me to true eternity."

Dishi Cha didn't say a word, but continued bowing deeply, following closely behind Yu Huo.

Yu Huo walked out of the cave. Thousands of Jia Clan warriors guarding in the valley looked at him simultaneously. These warriors also saw Dishi Cha, who maintained a weird posture behind Yu Huo.

Without knowing what to do, many Jia Clan warriors stood up and attempted to ask questions. But abruptly, Yu Huo flicked his fingers, making the heads of thousands of Jia Clan warriors explode. Hazy silhouettes flew out of their corpses, flying into Yu Huo's mouth.

Swallowing the souls of thousands of Jia Clan warriors, the redness again appeared on Yu Huo's face.

"I need more, more… I need more souls and spirit blood. Dishi Cha, my most loyal slave, you can fulfill this small wish of mine, can't you? Take me to Liang Zhu City, now. I can't wait!"