Chapter 1612: What Happened in Those Years

The Magus Era

Chapter 1612: What Happened in Those Years
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Wuzhi Qi discharged his tremendous power, with torrents rising into the sky. The twelve water worlds which hadn't completely merged with Pan Gu world seemed to sense something, as they suddenly vented an overwhelming water power. Affected by the power of Wuzhi Qi, the water power turned into a heavy snow, drifting down from the sky.

Palm-sized, strong and thick snowflakes spiraled, falling from the air while causing ear-piercing swishing noises.

Tens of millions of miles wide region of space turned pasty. Every flake of snow was glowing with a silver-blue light. Wuzhi Qi didn't stop channeling his power. By now, the water power from the twelve worlds was his strongest support, allowing his power to grow stronger and stronger.

"How many years have it been since I did this?" Wuzhi Qi's wild laughter vibrated the entire city and tore down countless new palaces and mansions, which were still in reconstruction. Defensive formations fell apart one after another.

The cold gale rolled waves of sharp ice crystals and swept across the whole Liang Zhu City. Wuzhi Qi wielded his giant cudgel and laughed thunderously, swiftly darting around the city and harvesting any life that crossed his eyes like Death.

Polo Jia and a few Flow Moon power elders died right on the spot, turning into a puddle of blood with meat paste, frozen on the ground and sealed in ice. They failed to take even one strike from Wuzhi Qi, ending up being smashed by Wuzhi Qi so easily.

"It shouldn't be like this, shouldn't." Sitting on top of the giant chariot, Yu Huo was shaking his head and murmuring while happily devouring the souls of all warriors who died on the battleground. "Wuzhi Qi shouldn't be so powerful. He has reached the level of 'Crowns', but he is even stronger than 'Crowns'."

"Lucky poor ones, how dare they claim that they have conquered Pan Gu world?" In confusion, Yu Huo gave an embarrassed smile while looking at Wuzhi Qi, who had been massacring the entire city. "Can you call this world conquered? A group of power elders failed to stop Wuzhi Qi…Merely under Gong Gong's leadership, seven other powerful beings at his level existed, not to mention the Zhu Rong Family, which rivaled the Gong Gong Family for tens of thousands of years!"

Outside Liang Zhu City, in the snowstorm on top of a towering mountain, Zhu Rong was wearing a red robe, covered in a faint fiery light. Carrying a large wine calabash, he quietly watched Wuzhi Qi slaughter in Liang Zhu City while tasting the fine wine.

He heard Wuzhi Qi roaring and watched him leap in the air like flying birds, wielding that giant dark ice cudgel which was so famous back in the prehistorical age. He witnessed Wuzhi Qi crush every non-humankind power elder who dared to stand in the way. Zhu Rong clearly sensed that inside Wuzhi Qi's body, the divine talisman of a minister of Gong Gong Family had been fading, and the power that belonged to Wuzhi Qi himself, the power of a spirit creature, was being restored.

"Wuzhi Qi is freed." said Zhu Rong calmly, "Tonggong, when you succeed to the throne, the first thing you will do is clean off all remaining forces of the Gong Gong Family, killing every last one of them."

Zhu Rong Tonggong, who hadn't shown up for a long while, was also in a vividly red long robe. With a faint smile, he stood beside Zhu Rong, his body glowing with a faint fiery light. Narrowing his dimly shining eyes, he silently looked at Wuzhi Qi.

"Wuzhi Qi, completely freed and without a restraint, is truly, incredibly fierce. Such a dangerous being should indeed be obliterated." Zhu Rong Tonggong smiled and asked politely, "Abba, I do not understand…"

Zhu Rong smiled and turned around to look at the group of people standing in the behind.

Among the group, a nine meters tall muscular figure with a dragon-head and a human body, skin covered thickly in red scales and wrapped in a fiery cloud, laughed with a deep voice.

If one looked closer, one would find the head of this muscular creature to be over ninety-percent similar to that of a dragon. But then, one would notice some differences. Specifically, he was a Qilin, a fire Qilin, a powerful member of the the Qilin family. A prehistorical power could be sensed from his body.

"Elder Huoyuan? Can you please explain to Tonggong?" Zhu Rong looked at this fire Qilin, his eyes filled with admiration. Clearly, this fire Qilin had a fairly high position in Zhu Rong Family.

Huoyuan snatched the wine calabash from Zhu Rong's hands and poured all the wine into his mouth. Emptying the calabash, he began talking with a muffled voice.

"In fact, things have always been clear."

"First, we Zhu Rong Family and the Gong Gong Family are archenemies. The blood hatred between us existed back when the ancient heaven was still ruled by Gold, Green, Water, Fire, Earth, the five original divine emperors…Even though it now seems that Gong Gong's bloodline has died, we still need to hunt every last one of their people down."

Huoyuan looked at Wuzhi Qi with a dark face and said word by word, "Has Gong Gong's bloodline truly died? Not necessarily. Therefore, anyone who has a chance to secretly protect the surviving possessors of Gong Gong's bloodline, such as Wuzhi Qi, Kun Peng, Dragon king, have to be wiped out. If we can't kill them, we need to control them, to hold them, without giving them a chance to step into any worldly affairs again."

"Second, you kids always feel that these years, we've been suppressed too much by the non-humankind." Scornfully shaking a finger, Huoyuan raised his face and continued, "In fact, back then, when the non-humankind invaded for the first time, Zhu Rong Family, Gong Gong Family, even the families of the ancient Green God and Gold God, which have already fallen by now…Back then, those poor non-humankind beings could easily defeat the human-kind, but any divine family would have been able to finish them off with no effort."

"We couldn't, we weren't willing to, and we dared not to do it!" Looking at Zhu Rong Tonggong, Huoyuan said, "Prince Tonggong, as you are about to become the new Fire God, you have to understand how dangerous Pan Gu world is."

"The whole Pan Gu world is a giant chessboard. All living beings in this world are chess pieces." said Hui Yuan with a deep voice, "We original gods used to be the chess players, but as time went by, the great Dao of nature changed, and we have become chess pieces as well."

"But after all, we once were players. We have become chess pieces indeed, who can tell for sure that we won't rise again to control the game?" Looking at Zhu Rong Tonggong, Huoyuan carried on, "Therefore, the current players want us dead, want all our descendants dead."

"We are merely two divine families. Because of the tricks they played, even the heaven has fallen, not to mention us."

"For a glean hope of survival, Zhu Rong Family and Gong Gong Family competed with each other to become a follower of the humankind, for the position of Great Libation. We strived to be under the leadership of the humankind, only for the future of our bloodlines."

"For the position of Great Libation, Gong Gong Family and Zhu Rong Family started a series of wrestles against each other, and the hatred between us grew deeper and deeper. In the end, we seized the position and left the Gong Gong Family no choice but to be content with the second best.

Hearing Huoyuan, Zu Rong Tonggong's eyes grew wider and wider in shock.