Chapter 1619: Handing Over the Crown

The Magus Era

Chapter 1619: Handing Over the Crown
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A resounding bell ring broke the stillness of the morning in Pu Ban City. Some people who had already been working in the farmlands or orchards smiled and raised their heads, looking at the Town Hall.

"Emperor Shun called his ministers for a meeting. Is it a good thing? Our life is getting better and better." A group of people nodded and grinned, delightfully rubbing the heads of the children in the surroundings.

Yes, the lives of human being had been getting better and better.

The Gong Gong Family raised a flood, but hadn't they been destroyed long ago?

Non-humankind monsters were ruthless, but weren't they forced to ally with the humankind?

It was said that the five continents of Pan Gu world had already merged into one, and by now, all human clans lived on the same land. People would hold hands, stand side by side, help each other, and protect each other. The overall power of the humankind had raised by far.

The lives of human beings would be better and better. One day, people wouldn't need to worry about food, clothes, invasions. Even imagining a life like that gave these ordinary human beings goosebumps. In a few years, Pu Ban City would be filled with shouting little kids, wouldn't it? With more and more young members, the humankind would grow stronger and stronger.

Some Pu Ban people, who had the spare time, gathered around the Town Hall as they watched well-dressed earls and marquises, clan leaders, and elders walk into the Town Hall one after another. From time to time, some people would loudly greet their own elders.

Some people pointed at the unfamiliar ones among these human leaders and kept asking questions. Hearing them, their well-informed friends smiled proudly and explained about the names, positions, families, and background stories of these unknown human leaders.

The five continents in Pan Gu world merged into one, forming the Pan Gu Motherland. By now, the clan leaders and elders from Eastern Wasteland, Western Wasteland, Southern Wasteland, and Northern Wasteland didn't need to travel through the vast void to Pu Ban City, and almost every one of them had found a home in Pu Ban City.

Emperor Shun rang the bell and called all human ministers for a meeting. Hearing the bell ring, the clan leaders and elders from the four wastelands, who rarely showed up in Pu Ban City before due to distance all delightfully gathered in the Town Hall now.

Therefore, the number of human leaders gathered in the Town Hall was much larger than usual. In total, over two-hundred thousand earls, marquises, clan leaders, and elders had walked into the Town Hall with relaxed smiles, leaving their guards outside, surrounding the Town Hall like a flood.

In the Town Hall, Emperor Shun sat in a straw hassock with no expression on his face. Wulong Yao and the other few Magi Palace elders stood beside Emperor Shun, while about ten leaders of large human families, such as the Gong Song Family, Cloud Sun Family, High Sun Family, and Fuxi Family, stood aside politely.

More and more people came into the hall. As the groups of clan leaders, elders, and ministers walked into the hall, glowing mists rose from the floor, coiling on pillars to the ceiling while releasing strong waves of power. The Town Hall could merely contain tens of thousands of people for a meeting before, but under the effect of the glowing mists, the inner space of the hall expanded quickly, soon large enough to contain a million people.

Every human leader or minister bowed to Emperor Shun in reverence, then quietly stood in their own position.

Before long, people from some secret forces of the humankind, such as the Magi Palace and Star Guard, some powerful beings worshipped by human beings, and the representatives of powerful species like the dragon-kind and phoenix kind, all walked into the town hall one after another.

The representative of the dragon-kind was an ancient dragon king, a carefree one. He walked into the hall while yawning, cupped his hands and bowed to Emperor Shun in haste, then shouted out loud, "Emperor Shun, why did you ring the bell so early in the morning? I did it for like thirty-thousand times with tens of girls last night, and just fell asleep in the dawn. Why did you call us in the morning anyway?"

Behind Emperor Shun, Yu Huo led the twelve non-humankind emperors, and the leaders of large Yu Dynasty families walked out from a behind a folding screen. Smilingly, they sat in the seats reserved for them.

Seeing them, the expressions of all human leaders on the scene changed instantly.

Even though the humankind had allied with the non-humankind to face Blood Crown, the strong incoming enemy together, the blood hatred between the two had never faded. The moment Yu Huo and the other non-humankind beings showed up, and the atmosphere in the entire hall turned so weird.

Even that ancient dragon king stopped talking. Instead, he stood near Emperor Shun and crossed his arms over his chest with his head tilted, eyes fixed on Yu Huo in an unfriendly way. But of course, his gaze landed more on Yemo Luoye's beautiful face. He drooled from time to time, but had been sucking his saliva back into his mouth.

In about half an hour, all human leaders in Pu Ban City had all gathered together in the hall, and everyone was quietly looking at Emperor Shun.

Emperor Shun smiled, then straightened his body and said blandly, "Thanks to Emperor Yao, who valued me and led me to the throne. It has been many years. As a human emperor, I have done nothing more than maintaining the achievements of my predecessors. Ever since I succeeded to the throne, I've been cautious and conscientious, serving the humankind with extra care. Thinking about the future of the humankind, for many times, I couldn't sleep, and could neither eat. I have drained myself, and I believe, it's time for me to leave."

All human leaders in the hall were badly shocked. What did Emperor Shun even mean?

Abdicating and handing over the crown to another person? Like Emperor Yao did? But, where was Si Wen Ming?

Hundreds of thousands of human leaders in the hall nervously looked around, some even secretly casting magic to scan the entire hall to find Si Wen Ming.

The Xuanyuan sword was already in Si Wen Ming's hands, and he had made immeasurable contributions to the humankind. Speaking of contributions and virtue, no human being could be better than Si Wen Ming.

Not to mention the fact that Si Wen Ming had been supported by a large number of princes, Ji Hao, the powerful young freak, was his biggest supporter. Aside from his moral integrity, capability and contributions, in mere terms of approval rating, a half of human leaders were his followers.

Without a doubt, Si Wen Ming was the future human emperor. But now, Emperor Shun seemed to hand over the crown...But, where was Si Wen Ming? Why wasn't he here? Was this a joke?

"The throne of the human emperor is for virtuous people. The You Xiong Prince Gong Sun Su Su, is an outstanding human being. I admit his morality and capability. Hand over the crown to him, and I will feel relieved...What do you think?"

The hall fell into a deathly silence, all human leaders staring at Emperor Shun as if he were a ghost.

Gong Sun Su Su? Who was that?

The expressions of some Gong Sun Family elders were extremely strange. Gong Sun Su Su was indeed a prince of the Gong Sun Family, but he had made quite a few large mistakes. Especially back during the flood-control mission, Gong Sun Su Su actually managed to find a few Yu Clan girls and lived a sluttish life with them. The Gong Sun Family had already deposed him as a prince long ago, and by now, he was just an ordinary Gong Sun Family member.

Handing over the crown to Gong Sun Su Su?

The eyes of Gong Sun Family elders sparkled. None of them said a word.

This was a good thing...No matter how unworthy Gong Sun Su Su was, Emperor Shun prepared to give him the crown on his own initiative. The Gong Sun Family didn't force Emperor Shun to do it!