Chapter 1643: Two Devils

The Magus Era

Chapter 1643: Two Devils
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Pu Ban City, in the middle of an extremely luxurious palace which was entirely cast from gold, Yu Huo was drinking and laughing with Emperor Xun, appreciating the dance performed by a large group of beautiful Yu Clan girls as his eyes glowed dimly.

He raised his head and looked at the battleground outside Yao Mountain City through a long distance.

He saw Gong Sun Lang's warriors, who were already encircled by Jia Clan warriors, escape safely. Over-ninety percent of human warriors on that battleground didn't die, but disappeared in the vast forest. What made him even angrier was that those Ji Clan warriors, whose minds were under his control, were suddenly confused by a mysterious power and freed.

"Damn it! If Emperor Shun's natural reward power didn't neutralize so much power of Pan Yu's brain..." The beautiful jade wine cup turned into a strand of smoke in Yu Huo's hand with a puff as he slowly stood up and released a soul-shaking power from his erect eye. With difficulty, the dimly shining brain of Pan Yu drilled out of his erect eye.

Emperor Shun sat beside Emperor Xun. Seeing Pan Yu's brain, he popped out his eyes in shock and fainted, falling to the ground. His soul was sealed, therefore, he wouldn't be able to wake up within a short span of time. Pan Yu immediately retrieve a big half of the power of the brain from Emperor Shun, then cast the power to the battleground outside Yao Mountain City.

The sturdy priest pressed his hands on the giant pestle, smilingly looking at those fleeing warriors.

"Run, leave, go far away. You are the seeds of our kind; all emotions and evil intentions are your nourishment. Spread as far as you can, root in the hearts of human beings and create new generations with their souls, then shock this world."

A magical aroma spread out of this priest's body. Under his feet, the tender grasses quickly turned purple-golden as the aroma swept across. The shiny grasses swayed, growing meters tall. Then, with a series of rustling noise, the blades and stems of the grasses began changing. White jade-like stems grew out of the center of each grass, sparkling with a golden light, then human-head-sized golden flowers bloomed on the stems.

These golden flowers were breathtakingly beautiful, looking delicate but strong, like golden statues, like Alhagi growing in a desert. Every single petal had been releasing a strong life-force.

The sturdy priest locked his fingers together and cast a spell with a gentle voice. Following his voice, a beautiful melody could be heard from the sky, sounding like a song sung by a billion gods in the heaven. Along with the song, white-golden light streams poured down from the air and softly spread on these golden flowers. The flowers bloomed while showering under the light. Slowly, imperatorial-looking figures in golden armors rose from the flowers.

"Master!" Tens of millions of golden-armored figures raised their swords wrapped in golden flames and kowtowed to the sturdy priest, calling him 'master' in chorus with thunderous voices.

The sturdy priest grinned as he raised his head and said to the invisible soul swirl in the air, "My friend, is my power full of splendor?"

A mysterious yet great wave of soul power was released from the swirl as Yu Huo descended slowly from the sky, appearing translucent. Heavily armored Jia Clan warriors madly swung their weapons towards Yu Huo. But, before their weapons touched Yu Huo, their heads exploded like raw eggs ran over by a giant rock.

Blood and brains splashed all over the ground. Glancing at those Jia Clan warriors whose eyes sparkled with a dim five-colored light, Yu Huo sighed, "I have a morbid fear of getting dirty. So, every toy touched by anyone else but me needs to be destroyed!"

As he flicked his fingers, all Jia Clan warriors on the battleground, who were controlled by sky devils, gave muffled snorts. In the next moment, their heads exploded one after another. Gusts of wind, streaks of glow, faint aroma, and warm lights flew out of these Jia Clan warriors' bodies, fleeing away at lightning speed.

"You touched my toys.... You must die, then become a part of me." Yu Huo gave a cold smile as he proudly looked at the sturdy priest, then flicked his finger again.

"No one can hurt my people!" The sturdy priest laughed out loud and locked his fingers together, then clapped his hands loudly. Following him, all golden-armored warriors in the golden flowers around him locked their fingers together simultaneously and cast a strange spell in chorus.

A formidable wave of soul power spread in all directions in an unstoppable way. Layers of golden mist and warm light swept across the entire Yao Mountain territory as a beautiful melody could be heard and a magical aroma could be sensed from anywhere in this area. All living beings in Yao Mountain territory sensed a scorching hot power flowing into their bodies, which made them shake in comfort and brought their souls into a paradise, giving them an indescribably pleasant sensation.

The soul power Yu Huo released to attack sky devils was neutralized. The golden mist and warm light wove into hundreds of golden towers and surrounded Yu Huo.

The sturdy priest nodded to Yu Huo smilingly and said, "My friend, like I said, no one can harm my people!"

Countless golden-armored warriors rose from the flowers, holding dazzling swords as they surrounded Yu Huo from every direction with faint and proud smiles on their faces. They arrayed disorderedly and composed a complicated and igneous great formation. Within this formation, all golden-armored warriors were connected.

Just now, Ji Xia led his army march out of the city. At the moment, he was breathing deeply while looking at Yu Huo's translucent body and the sturdy priest's golden, shining skin with worry. Abruptly, he raised his right hand and clenched his fist.

Following his move, all Yao Mountain warrior stopped chasing the enemies. Hearing resonant orders, they lined up and began drawing back into the city.

From all directions, refreshing aromas, breezes, and splendid glows approached Yao Mountain warriors quickly. Gold Crows cawed shrilly, opened their beaks, and let out blinding golden flames. The purely positive essence sun fire, which could destroy all evils, transformed into a strong fire wall that shielded the Yao Mountain warriors and forced back the sky devils.

The sturdy priest and Yu Huo simultaneously glanced at the army of Yao Mountain and smiled.

Their smiles were strange, as if they were hunters while all living beings in this world were just prey, and they could do anything they wanted to any Pan Gu world creature.

"I saw you!" Yu Huo grinned to the priest.

"I saw you too!" The priest narrowed his eyes and friendly smiled to Yu Huo, then responded, "It has been countless years. Among all my prey, you can make it to top-three!"

Yu Huo seemed to be serious, but he intentionally wore a scornful smile as he said, "Just you?"

They glanced at each other, then suddenly transformed two gusts of wind, blowing towards each other.

The two gusts of wind entangled with each other and soon merged together like two streams of water merging into one.