Chapter 1661: Shake Chi You with Fists

The Magus Era

Chapter 1661: Shake Chi You with Fists
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Chi You drew back once again.

Chi You had a bloody and sticky power, like thousands of beast tusks stained with blood. Touching the tusks with one's power, would cause it to be shredded by countless swiftly spinning tusks, and even one's physical body could be harmed.

However, Ji Hao's current power was based on a half of Pan Yu world, merged with the great Dao of destruction from Yu Man. His power was like a giant millstone which was filled with the power of destruction. No matter how fierce and strong Chi You's power was, his countless bloody tusks would be swirled into the dark millstone and ground up.

Chi You quivered intensely. With a punch from Ji Hao, he was sent backward for hundreds of miles. Before he could stabilize his body, Ji Hao darted up to him once again with giant steps and punched straight towards his face with both fists.

Without making the combined move of the five learned from the mysterious man, Ji Hao punched Chi You with pure violence.

Chi You was enraged and ashamed. He couldn't accept the fact that he was actually suppressed by Ji Hao, who was still a kid. He growled ragingly and vented torrents of blood-red light from his body. The light hovered around him like roaring tidal waves, while the skin on his arms squirmed and grew out a thick layer of blood-red scales. He tore apart the space with that pair of dragon-claw-like arms and caused a deafening tearing noise while defending against Ji Hao's fists.

Four fists bumped heavily against each other once again. With a muffled thud, blood splashed in all directions. The blood-red light emitted from Chi You's body dimmed largely while a dense dark mist rolled behind Ji Hao, shredding half of Chi You's blood-red light.

When the four fists thudded, a tremor went through Ji Hao's body. He sensed a sharp pain from his fists to his shoulders, to his arm bones, tendons, and muscles, as if his arms were chewing by thousands of sharp teeth. He even lost his eyesight temporarily because of the pain; he could hear the slight bone cracking noise from his arms.

Chi You gave a muffled snort. The blood-red scales on his arms were all shattered into fine pieces, darting everywhere while dragging thin wisps of muscles and drops of blood. Immediately, his pair of arms was covered in blood, looking truly scary.

What surprised Chi You even more was that he heard the loud and clear cracking noises from his arm bones. This heavy strike from Ji Hao broke his bones. He raised his head, his face twisted and eyes popped out in shock. Fixing those eyes on Ji Hao's face, he shouted, "Ji Hao kid, what kind secret method have you been cultivating yourself with? Except for dragons, no Pan Gu world creatures should have such a strong body!"

Chi You didn't finish his talk, because back when the non-humankind invaded, not even those ancient dragon kings were as strong as Ji Hao in terms of physique right now.

Dragons had the strongest body among all Pan Gu world creatures. Ji Hao was merely a human being, and even if his body was strengthened by an incalculable amount of dragon spirit blood, he would be equally strong as ancient dragon kings at most, but should not be able to suppress Chi You so easily.

"You guess!" Ji Hao laughed out loud. He moved with a special pace, as fast as a gust of wind, leaving shreds of afterimages behind. He circled swiftly around Chi You while throwing violent punches towards Chi You's whole body, heavy and fast like shooting stars.

Chi You wielded his arms as fast as he could to defend himself against Ji Hao's heavy strikes. Tens of thousands of afterimages were left in the air by his long arms, condensing into a blood-red light shield that covered his body.

Ji Hao's fists brought up an ear-piercing swishing noise, violently crushing the line of defense created by Chi You's arms and landing on his body over and over again. Ji Hao's fists thudded strongly against Chi You's arms and caused thunderous noises. For many times, Chi You's arms were sent away and Ji Hao's fists landed violently on his body like battering rams.

Ji Hao's fists were wrapped in a purely black fire. Every time he managed to hit Chi You, his fists would sink deeply into Chi You's body, leaving foot-deep marks on Chi You. Ji Hao's could always bring out large streams of blood and muscle pieces with his fists when he pulled those fists out of Chi You's body, and the power of destruction contained in the dark fire would always incinerate all the blood and muscles within an extremely short span of time.

More and more foot-deep holes were left on Chi You's body, reaching straight to his internal organs through his bones and meridians, giving him an unbearable pain that made him scream hoarsely.

Blood-red mist coiled around his body, drilling into his wounds and generating new blood and muscles to fill these wounds. The dark power of destruction clashed intensely against the blood-red light and generated dark and blood-red thin lightning bolts from Chi You's wounds.

But every time, the dark lightning bolts would devour the blood-red ones, disabling Chi You's wounds from healing. Before long, he was covered in holes.

"Stop! Stop! Stop for now!" Chi You was a matchless brutal being in this world, but even he was thrown in pitch darkness by this storm of strikes from Ji Hao. His body should be unbreakable, but at this moment, it actually failed to withstand Ji Hao's attacks, and had been melting bit by bit by the power of destruction. Chi You now clearly realized that Ji Hao's power could threaten the foundation of his life.

Chi You panicked as he hurriedly shouted out loud.

Ji Hao cawed wildly with laughter while rising into the sky like Mr Crow, drawing a dark arc in the air with his body and brushing across Chi You. He coiled his arms around Chi You's head and gripped his horns with his hands, then put forth his strength and delivered a strangulation. Along with an earthshaking bang, Chi You's neck bone was broken by Ji Hao.

Chi You growled in pain. Burying his head in both his arms, he fell from the sky. His muscular body thudded loudly against the ground, and his blood gushed out of his mouth.

The broken neck bone penetrated the main artery in his neck area, letting the blood squirt from his mouth. Chi You struggled and twisted his head with both hands, forcibly putting it back into the right position.

A strong stream of blood-red mist hovered swiftly around Chi You's neck. Thousands of meters long blood-red light beams shone from Chi You's eyes as he stared at Ji Hao and shouted, "Ji Hao kid, don't get arrogant! I am no longer suppressed by the great Dao of Pan Gu world as I used to be!"

Along with a series of bone creaking noise, Chi You fixed his neck bone, then slowly stood up and pointed at Ji Hao, seeming about to say something else.

At this point, Ji Hao grinned while shaking his head, then took a deep breath. He gathered all of his power and drew a beautiful arc with his body, launching the combined move of the sky-opening, earth-splitting, everything-grow, everything-perish, and all living being reincarnate. On his fists, a hazy axe flashed across. Next, a heavy punch landed thunderously on Chi You's chest.

Chi You burst into a shrill howl, as a cloud of blood erupted from his body. His body was punched into two parts by Ji Hao! His bones, internal organs and tendons stayed where they were, steaming, while his blood, flesh and muscles were punched away from his body by Ji Hao, turning into strands of blood-red mist and disappearing without a trace!

A bloody skeleton of Chi You was left on the ground, with a pair of eyeballs fixed on Ji Hao. Chi You didn't even know what to do at the moment.