Chapter 1677: The Alliance of Devils

The Magus Era

Chapter 1677: The Alliance of Devils
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On the golden chariot, the three looked at each other.

Gui Yi had a weird smile on his face, with black lotuses spinning in his bloodshot eyes, which were fixed on Yu Huo. Original Devil floated behind him. This Original Devil claimed himself to be a part of Pan Gu's soul who represented the evil side of Pan Gu, looking down on all living beings in this world.

The three-meters tall, newly arrived, sturdy golden man was holding a giant staff, encircled by strands of colorful light. Behind him, within a bright glow were mountains, flowing rivers, thriving trees and blooming flowers, numerous beautiful creatures walking relaxedly among the forest, with cranes hovering in the sky.

As the 'Master' of sky devils, this golden man didn't look like a devil at all. On the contrary, he looked like the purest god from. Sitting on his large chair, Yu Huo, this soul-puppet and secret soul magic master from Pan Yu world, vigilantly and gloomily looked at the two other devils. His face had been twitching slightly, even showing a trace of fear.

Original Devil was divided into billions and sealed in the hearts of human beings. Naturally, he was the weakest among the three. Even though he had a strong and mysterious background which meant he knew some deepest secrets about Pan Gu world, he wasn't disastrously powerful yet. Yu Huo believed that he would be able to kill this Original Devil in front of him, as long as he was willing to sacrifice this clone of this.

The one who scared him truly was the sky devil master. The power he had been sensing from the sky devil master was drifting in unorganized patterns, that not even he could grasp it. He couldn't tell exactly how powerful the sky devil master was, but he sensed a strong threat from him indeed.

It was like a fierce dhole running into another dhole which was as fierce as itself in the wild forest. From the sky devil master, Yu Huo sensed the power that belonged to another top-grade predator, which made him feel uncomfortable.

"My friend, how should I call you?" Remaining silent for long, Yu Huo squeezed a smile out of his face and asked in a gentle voice.

He wanted so badly to shred the sky devil master into a billion pieces, then crush his soul. But without a choice, he had to ask a question so nicely and mildly, which felt terrible. Trying very hard to restrain the wrath in his heart, Yu Huo wore a friendly face.

If the real him were here, he would never ever act so tolerantly to the sky devil master. Clenching his teeth, Yu Huo was so angry. Originally, he smoothly descended to this world and the humankind had already fallen into his hands. Originally, everything was under his control, but why would things change so suddenly and unexpectedly?

Original Devil and the sky devil master, why would they show up? Why couldn't they just allow Yu Huo to occupy Pan Gu world peacefully, and to turn the entire great world group around Pan Gu world into his property?

"I have no name." Wearing a faint smile, the sky devil master looked at Yu Huo. His golden face glimmered with a beautiful multicolored light while his eyes shone brightly and warmly, filled with a positive and passionate energy. "It's just, my people see me doing things. As time passed, they started calling me 'Soul-slaughter'."

Master Soul-slaughter smiled, then sighed slightly while continuing, "Soul-slaughter, Soul-slaughter...Not graceful, not graceful at all. Saint Yu Huo, you can simply call me Master Spirit."

"You know my name?" Yu Huo grinned as he looked at Master Soul-slaughter.

"You have countless followers. By capturing a couple of them with my soul-calling magic, extorting their true spirits, and masticating carefully, I could have all their memories. Knowing your name and story was never a difficult thing." Master Spirit-slaughter continued smilingly, "Saint Yu Huo, the true spirits of your dogs delivered very complicated and varied tastes and flavors, and were quite enjoyable to eat!"

Yu Huo upturned his mouth corners carelessly and said, "Since you enjoyed so much, feel free to have as much as you like...But Master Spirit, be careful, because they might mess with your stomach."

Master Spirit-slaughter laughed. Hearing Yu Huo, Original Devil joined the conversation with his hoarse voice, "That doesn't matter. Master Spirit said that the souls of human beings are the warmest things in the world, and are highly replenishing to his kind. Even if he got sick by engorging true spirits, a few human souls would easily fix his stomach."

Yu Huo turned to Original Devil and said, "Original Devil, you seem to be a Pan Gu world creature, aren't you? Did you just promise human beings in Pan Gu world to Master Spirit?"

Master Spirit-slaughter giggled from aside. Wrapped in drifting black mist, Original Devil responded in a low voice, "I can't be counted as a Pan Gu world creature...Do human lives have anything to do with me? If you can wipe human beings out of this world, I'd love to see that happen."

Hearing him, the other two said no word.

Their eyes rolled as they were all busy calculating. Original Devil's pair of eyes dazzled with a blood-red light, Master Spirit-slaughter's entire body glowed so brightly with the colorful light, while the crystal ball held in Yu Huo's left hand began spinning more and more speedily. It gradually started causing a shrill sizzling noise because of the strong air friction.

"The humankind is a potential species. I value their great fertility. They will be the best slaves and dare-to-die warriors. I need them to work for me, to exploit the resources in Pan Gu world and the group of worlds in the surroundings." Yu Huo began talking when the spinning speed of the crystal ball reached a certain extreme point, the space around it was torn open, showing thin black cracks.

Coughing slightly, Yu Huo continued in a bland tone, "Therefore, destroying humankind is not allowed."

Master Spirit-slaughter remained silent for a while, then responded gently, "Human beings have a magical power in their souls, and that power is highly helpful to my kind. The most beautiful thing is their fertility. We have destroyed countless worlds, but from those worlds, the fertility of the species which had the same power in their souls was less than one of ten-thousand as great as that of the humankind."

Smiling mildly, he continued in a bland tone, "Therefore, I wish that I can keep human beings as livestock and harvest their souls regularly...As for their physical bodies, we have no excessive demand."

Yu Huo grinned, looking at Master Spirit-slaughter as he said, "You get the souls, I get the bodies...So, Master Spirit, why do we have to work with this one here? How about, you and me together, we finish him?"

Yu Huo continued saying relaxedly, "After all, no conflict of interest exists between us at all. But this one here...I doubt his purpose very much, don't you?"

Yu Huo and Master Spirit-slaughter turned to Original Devil simultaneously.

The three of them gathered in here because of the devil inside Gui Yi. As Yu Huo said, he and Master Spirit-slaughter had no conflict of interest, and could evenly split the generous benefits which might be delivered by the humankind.

But, what did Original Devil want? If Original Devil failed to give a satisfactory answer, they might immediately turn against him and try to kill him. They could totally do a thing like that.

"Ally with me, and you'll never fall!" Laughing evilly, Original Devil said, "You idiots have been killing yourselves all the time...You'll never be able to find out exactly how powerful Pan Gu world is."

Both Yu Huo and Master Spirit-slaughter fell into silence on hearing him.