Chapter 1678: Dispel the Dark Clouds

The Magus Era

Chapter 1678: Dispel the Dark Clouds
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On a broad stone step carved out of black flagstone, numerous possessed warriors roared like beasts while marching to Ji Hao like the tidewater. Ji Hao laughed while wielding both harms and sending out strands of black and golden spell symbols that struck on the hearts of these possessed warriors like bolts of lightning.

He used the great Dao of destruction as a core and wrapped in the essence sun fire, creating a unique devil-destroying spell and a set of spell symbols within a very short span of time based on the new move made by the mysterious man in his spirit space earlier, and Yu Yu's evil-casting spell as a master plate.

The possessed warriors vomited blood, suffering due to the essence sun fire which was powerful and scorching hot, having a supreme devil-suppressing effect. The essence sun fire penetrated the devil intentions in their hearts, while the power of destruction drilled into the center of the seeds of devil, to quench the power of Original Devil.

As clones of Original Devil, the devils in their hearts tried to continuously arouse the emotions and desires of these possessed warriors, to absorb the negative energies generated from their hearts and to grow. However, under the effects of Ji Hao's spell which originated from the new axe move performed by the mysterious man, the connections between the devils and the hearts of possessed warriors were cut off thoroughly.

Derived from Yu Yu's strong evil-casting spell, the spell Ji Hao created isolated every clone of Original Devil and suppressed it forcibly, sending it back deep into the hearts of those warriors, to be sealed in a deep sleep.

Within a second, a giant number of possessed warriors fell to the ground, vomiting blood with their eyes turned clear again. In this world, Ji Hao was the only living being capable of creating such a niche targeting spell to break Original Devil's power, and to easily reseal his clones. The new axe move performed by the mysterious man allowed all of this to happen!

The astonishing and mysterious move, aiming at himself instead of the sky or the earth... With his move, one could cut off the evilness in one's heart, and turn the evilness into an original devil. With nothing else but this magical move, Ji Hao managed to generate a wizardly power to cut off the connections between the possessed warriors and the devils in their hearts.

"Oi, old man, the axe move was amazing!" Ji Hao's embryo of Dao raised its head and yelled at the giant mysterious man. "You never performed a move like this before, did you? And, where did you get that axe from?"

The mysterious man remained silent, but the dark and heavy-looking axe in his hands abruptly changed shape. Eventually, the axe became a human-head-sized ball of light. As he flipped his finger, the tiny light ball darted out and merged into the Pan Gu sword which floated beside the embryo of Dao.

The sword trembled slightly and buzzed. It was just a small ball of light but suddenly, Ji Hao felt that the Pan Gu sword was gifted with a life. Indeed, he felt that the sword was now 'alive', as it suddenly found a soul which it had lost long ago.

"It's a part of Pan Gu axe's true spirit." Said the mysterious man with a rumbling voice, "Back then, Pan Gu fell and Pan Heng stole the axe, but I conveniently seized this slight part of spirit of the axe. It's been with me for so many years, and now it's yours...You now have the axe anyway."

Casting the newly created spell, Ji Hao had still been putting more and more possessed warriors to the ground, making them vomit blood and twitchingly struggle on the ground. While moving towards the ancestral temple of Huaxu Family through the black stone steps, Ji Hao asked in his spiritual space, "Pan Gu axe's true spirit? Could you even get interesting things like that? What a coincidence that you can even perform the move used by Pan Gu to cut off his own evilness?"

The mysterious man lowered his head, his eyes shining with a blue hue, "Coincidence? That's how Dachi, Qingwei, and Yu Yu created their 'three bodies' or clones, a skillful shortcut to attaining one's Dao, but not the true supreme great Dao."

The three clones! Originated from this axe move? Like how Saint Pan Gu cut off his own evilness and turned it into Original Devil?

"Sealing them in human hearts is barely a solution." While dealing with the possessed warriors gushing to him wave by wave, Ji Hao murmured, "Do we have a way to destroy Original Devil for good? Hiding in human hearts, he'll get a chance to rise again sooner or later."

"Won't the evilness of people rise without the Original Devil?" Looking at Ji Hao, the mysterious man said, "Even if Original Devil ceases to exist, can today's people be the same as the pure and honest ancient human beings? The world has changed, and so have the hearts of people. With or without the Original Devil, people change."

"Slow it down at least." Mumbled Ji Hao while kicking away a possessed warrior who rushed up to him and attempted to bite him. By casting the devil-breaking spell on this warrior for about ten times in a row, Ji Hao shattered the thirty-meters-tall figure of Original Devil behind him, dissipating it into a cloud of dark mist.

Seeing that thirty-meters tall figure of Original Devil, Ji Hao was startled. How strong were all the negative emotions and desires in this warrior's heart that generated such a giant devil inside him?

Moving along, Ji Hao put down countless possessed warriors and released the devils inside them. Most of them burst into cries, then joined the sane group with lingering fear, surrounding their ancestral temple.

But, a small number of possessed ones were like Huaxu Bai. After being saved, they glanced around with complicated expressions, seriously observing Ji Hao from the behind. Then, they furtively cast their devil magic as they quietly left the ancestral land of Huaxu Family, once they noticed that no one was paying attention to them.

The seeds of devil in their hearts were resealed, but their hearts had become the new seeds of devil. Ji Hao suppressed the devil inside them but failed to suppress the evilness of their own.

Huaxu Family's ancestral temple was shrouded in dark clouds. The purple thunderbolts weakly struck in all directions, tearing apart slight shades of dark clouds. But, the dark clouds immediately rolled back to the ancestral temple. The thunderbolts seemed to be failing.

At this point, Ji Hao reached the square outside the temple and gave a resonant growl as he locked his fingers together and slapped on the bell.

On the surface of the bell, countless devil-breaking spell symbols dazzled as the bell ring echoed directly through the sky. Axe-shaped shreds of light swept across the area from all directions. The darkness mixed with the goldenness set the dark clouds on fire. In the fire, the dark clouds faded in no time, turning into a faintly visible mist that disappeared along the wind without leaving a trace.

Within a couple of breaths, the dark clouds in the sky were gone, and so were the purple thunderbolts. The golden sun overlaid in the sky, warming the vast Thunder Lake with its light, as if the evil dark clouds had never covered the lake.