Chapter 1685: Collecting Weapons from the World

The Magus Era

Chapter 1685: Collecting Weapons from the World
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Generally, being selfish wasn't a good thing.

Therefore, Great Uncle fell to the ground. His cultivation was limited while his spirit blood was merely at the level of peak-divine Magi. He burned his spirit blood out, but still, the spirit power he managed to gain was beneath his expectation.

When the group of Huaxu Family elders and branch leaders who shared their spirit blood with him fled to different directions, Great Uncle was already exhausted, as he had squandered his power to activate the surrounding natural powers and generate the dark thunderbolt. Weakly, he fell to the ground as he yelled at the fleeing ones.

"Come back, back, idiots! You dispersed your force! How can you defeat Huaxu Qingye and Ji Hao like this?"

But, how could these Huaxu Family elders and branch leaders ever turn around? They were now after different purposes, thinking that they should become the owner of the family, and even the dominator of the world. They moved as fast as they could while grinning at their followers.

The Original Devil showed up and gave a clear idea to these elders and branch leaders who were still a bit ignorant before, 'What belongs to the family stays with the family, while what belongs to them stays with themselves.' 'A man lives only for himself', Original Devil might have cut deep into their hearts and buried this belief there.

Great Uncle shouted especially loud, but the ones who truly turned around and stood by his side were no more than a couple of his direct descendants, while all the others who weren't so close with him ran away at their highest speed.

Huaxu Qingye wore a sulky look. Watching those elders and branch leaders fleeing like wasps fleeing out of their exploding nest, he suddenly heard the sad and bitter laughter of himself from his heart. The Huaxu Family weren't as solid as an iron board before, but at least it was united. Yet, from this day on, it was torn apart, and would never revive.

Everyone now had selfish motives, and had agreed with their selfishness, making their own choices for the future.

"From now on, Huaxu...will be no more than a family name." Huaxu Qingye murmured to himself weakly, as if he was watching the countless clans and families gathered under the battle flag of Huaxu Family raise their own flags one after another, then start sky-devouring wars to slaughter crazily for power, wealth, territories, and beauties!

Because of the Original Devil, the blood brothers suddenly grew up and began dividing up the possessions of the family, which were passed down from their ancestors, and began to fight for themselves.

Such a thing would not happen only to Huaxu Family, but also to the other large human families and clans such as You Xiong Family, Fuxi Family, and Suren Family. Eventually, all these powerful families and clans would fall apart because of the selfish desires of their members. One day, they would break up into countless small clans or even tribes, from super families which were strong enough to influence the entire humankind. They would never unite again, and their influence on the humankind would be constantly weakened.

By then, with enough supporters, one brave and capable human emperor would be able to sweep across the human world in an unprecedented, formidable way, and become the true king of the humankind!

"I saw it, yet I failed to stop it!" Said Huaxu Qingye emotionlessly, "Is this what the world wanted? If it is, I can say nothing more...Even if it isn't, what would I be able to say? Gong Sun Xun, you're meant to be a joke...Si Wen Ming, you're such a lucky, lucky man!"

Giving a long sigh, Huaxu Qingye walked to Great Uncle with heavy and slow steps. Ji Hao stood in front of Great Uncle. By his side, a few Huaxu Family elders and branch leaders glared at the latter.

Ji Hao chuckled, slightly shaking his head while reaching his hand towards him as he said, "Great Uncle? Please, hand over all your weapons. Armors, weapons, all kinds of treasures, I need them all."

Great Uncle bared his teeth and laughed with hatred. He narrowed his eyes, tilted his head, and glanced at Ji Hao from head to toe. "You need those all? So greedy! How dare you say that you need everything I have? My inherited armors, weapons, those blades, swords, spears, arrows and crossbows, my staffs, my treasures, how dare you claim to need them all?"

"Or you die!" Ji Hao smiled and pulled out the Pan Gu sword. Flipping his left hand, which had already recovered completely without even a scar, he said, "If I kill you and get all your belongings myself, the result would be the same for me. It would be slightly troublesome to do, but afterward, many lingering problems could be saved. Totally worth it."

"I'll kill you and get your things on my own, but in this process, without your cooperation, I will 'accidentally' kill an uncertain number of your descendants. Not even I can tell you what the number will be." Ji Hao shrugged and threatened. Dark flowers bloomed around his body while burning quietly. The fiery black lotuses hovered around him and made him look like a devil god in the darkness of night, so terrifying, so mysterious.

"Emperor Ji Hao, you can just take all the blood-stained armaments in our storage." Huaxu Qingye walked over and carefully pressed his hand on Ji Hao's left hand which was gripping the hilt of the sword. Then, he avoided touching the spinning black lotuses with extra carefulness while looking at Ji Hao's cold face and said politely and gently, "We, Huaxu Family, from this moment on...can bear no more blood shedding."

Grinning in pain, he continued, "The blood we shed today, the life-force we lost today, is more than what we suffered in the past million, ten-million years. Today, we can't bear losing even one more member."

Ji Hao looked at him silently. To be honest, no Huaxu Family member actually died today, but as Huaxu Qingye said, the Huaxu Family had indeed suffered too heavy a loss on this day, too heavy. Huaxu Family was like a healthy strong giant before, but when those elders and branch leaders fled with selfish thoughts, they left hundreds of bone-deep, huge wounds on the giant's body, tearing his internal organs and letting out his blood and energy ceaselessly.

"I'm doing it for the humankind, Leader Qingye. I need your cooperation!" Putting down the sword, Ji Hao seriously cupped his hands to Huaxu Qingye.

"For the humankind, but we Huaxu Family..." Huaxu Qingye felt being enlightened all of a sudden. Going through what Original Devil started, he now saw 'the humankind' and 'Huaxu Family' as clearer terms.

Ji Hao claimed to do everything for the humankind, for which reason, he would not try to put Huaxu Family in a difficult position on purpose.

"For the humankind!" Huaxu Qingye sighed and nodded heavily, "Everyone will hand over their weapons...All storages will be opened for Emperor Ji Hao to take anything he needs."

Ji Hao bowed deeply to Huaxu Qingye. Anyhow, he was a qualified family leader.

An hour later, Ji Hao left Thunder Lake with seventy percent of all armaments in the storage of the family.