Chapter 1693: Supreme Treasure of Dao

The Magus Era

Chapter 1693: Supreme Treasure of Dao
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When he saw Spirit Wa, Ji Hao was dazed for a moment. The legends about Spirit Wa that he learned in his past life popped up in his mind, raising a tsunami in his heart. Ji Hao almost pointed his finger directly at her and burst into screams. Fortunately, his great cultivation of Dao calmed him down, and his embryo of Dao was as still as a dried, ancient well. Solemnly, Ji Hao put down both hands and bowed deeply to her.

"Elder!" Bowing deep, Ji Hao called her 'elder', as a disciple of Yu Yu.

"Good!" Spirit Wa looked at him delightfully, with a meaningful glow in her eyes. She smilingly nodded and said, "Emperor Ji Hao, you don't need to do this. You're a divine emperor while I am away from worldly affairs. No need for you to do this."

Ji Hao straightened his body and looked at Spirit Wa, carefully and seriously. She was smiling, her eyes narrowed. Looking at Ji Hao in the eyes with that warm smile on her face, her eyes were extremely clear. But within the clarity, an immeasurable ancient mysteriousness had been hiding. Ji Hao lowered his eyelids and dared not to last this eye-contact for a moment longer. Through the quick eye contact, he realized that spirit Wa's soul was more powerful than his by at least a million folds!

The difference between Spirit Wa and himself was as huge as the difference between the clouds and the dust, so immeasurable. Spirit Wa was powerful enough to make Ji Hao despair.

As he suddenly thought of some other things, Ji Hao's cold sweat began streaming down his back, soaking his clothes immediately. Spirit Wa was so astonishingly powerful, so how powerful were Priest Dachi, Priest Qingwei and Yu Yu then?

Priest Hua and Priest Mu...Thinking of the battle that happened between himself and those two back in Pan Heng world, Ji Hao even felt dizzy. Either that Spirit Wa was far more powerful than Priest Mu and Priest Hua, or they didn't use their real powers back in Pan Heng world, right?

"Don't think too much." Spirit Wa's eyes sparkled with an indescribable light of wisdom. She saw directly through the confusion Ji Hao had, kept the smile, and nodded, "The flower and the tree have already been playing tricks. The ones you saw might not be the real them...As for where they really are and what they are really will find out one day."

"Then, my Shifu and two uncles, they..." Calming himself, Ji Hao asked.

"They are always occupied." Spirit Wa gave a reply, "Your Shifu has been traveling across the world with a clone, which is pretty impressive."

Spirit Wa smiled in such a bland way, while Ji Hao felt a series of thunder bursting inside his heart. In all these years, he had only been seeing the clones of Yu Yu, Priest Qingwei, and Priest Dachi, hadn't he?

He again carefully looked at Spirit Wa. Seeing the thrilling clarity in her eyes, Ji Hao finally assured himself that this Spirit Wa he was seeing now in the sun world was really her. Even a glimpse from her could bring Ji Hao a mighty pressure, much heavier than Priest Mu and Priest Hua gave back in Pan Heng world.

"This is..." Suddenly, Ji Hao felt frustrated, but soon that feeling was gone. While grinning, he said to Spirit Wa, "I would never have dreamed that you are actually helping the humankind yourself!"

Spirit Wa nodded as she looked at Ji Hao and responded with a gentle voice, "I am related to Pan Gu's descendants so tightly. Dragons are arrogant, phoenixes are proud, and they have grown strong enough to live without my protection. Human beings are careful and cautious. You have already been like this generations after generations. Naturally, I have a better relationship with the humankind.

Hearing her, Ji Hao didn't say a word. In fact, he wanted so badly to ask her about why she didn't make a move back when the non-humankind invaded, since she was so immeasurably powerful, since she was able to destroy Yu Dynasty by simply turning around her palm.

The nine cauldrons were scorching hot.

Sitting amongst the cauldrons, Si Wen Ming was sweating. Strands of natural reward power had still been flowing out of his body, merging into them. With a buzzing noise, the armaments contained in the nine cauldrons quickly melted, but the treasures kept their shapes, screaming in the fire and bumping against the cauldrons.

"Ji Hao, since you've come, I can't let you leave with nothing in hand." Spirit Wa circled around the cauldrons, then suddenly came back to Ji Hao and smilingly patted his head.

Ji Hao was meters tall, but Spirit Wa's upper body was about twenty meters in height, and the snake tail as her lower body was hundreds of meters long. She patting Ji Hao's head like an adult patting a baby on the head, so gently, so tenderly.

"I cannot say no to the gift from an elder..." Ji Hao nodded and grinned without hesitating.

"Elder? Am I old?" But before he finished, Spirit Wa pointed her finger heavily on his forehead and chuckled.

Ji Hao's face twisted and his teeth bared, without daring to say one more word. Spirit Wa was a saint indeed, but Ji Hao suddenly realized that she was a female saint, and to any female, one should not speak about age!

"Those three have made some efforts on you indeed." Said Spirit Wa, "Speaking of fighting and killing, they're surely better than me. But, I also have an ability that they can never surpass, not even by joining hands."

With curiosity, Ji Hao widened his eyes while looking at her.

Did Spirit Wa truly have an ability that even Priest Dachi, Priest Qingwei and Yu Yu couldn't do better? What could that be?

"I am the best treasure maker in Pan Gu world." She said, "But, I'm lazy, and don't have so many disciples, so I don't make treasures everyday. This time, for forging the nine cauldrons, Si Wen Ming isn't able to learn what I can do, but you get a chance to watch too. I have a 'spell of creation'. Try to learn as much as you can!"

Si Wen Ming grinned and helplessly nodded, "Ji Hao, it's a gift from great ancestor Spirit Wa...Shamefully, I am too poor in talent to memorize the spell..."

"Great ancestor!" Spirit Wa flipped her long tail and turned around, then flicked Si Wen Ming's forehead and generated a thunderous 'bang', "Am I that old?"

Si Wen Ming kept a giant grin on his face without daring to say a word, while Ji Hao stood quietly aside, daring to do nothing.

Spirit Wa smilingly shook her head, then wore a solemn face as she stood in the center of the circle of the nine cauldrons and gave a silvery shout. Next, her ten fingers moved gently like butterflies, casting an ingenious spell.

The natural powers inside the underground hall began changing in a magical way.

Once Spirit Wa cast her spell, the shrilly buzzing pre-world treasures in the nine cauldrons suddenly turned glowing red, seeming to melt.

Ji Hao fully activated his spirit power as he fixed his eyes on Spirit Wa, daring not to be even slightly careless and miss any move of hers. Black flames of fire rose from his eyes.