Chapter 1698: Arrive Across Space

The Magus Era

Chapter 1698: Arrive Across Space
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No one knew what happened in the sun world. Therefore, what happened there didn't affect the people and things on Pan Gu Motherland.

After an intense battle, Priest Netherworld Priest descended on the mortal world as his very own self, displayed his mighty power and directly captured Pan Xi and Chi You, also mercilessly wiping out the Chi You Army. Numerous Chi You warriors were slaughtered, becoming raw materials for Priest Netherworld to make zombie warriors.

Emperor Xun was scared to death. In a great hurry, he called his trusted subordinates from the Gong Sun Family to 'guard the emperor', but triggered an inner conflict of the family. The Gong Sun Family divided into three groups; one group of people had followed the devil, another group was still controlled by Yu Huo, and the third group were already woken up by Ji Hao, back into sanity. Some other people from the family decided to join no groups but simply watch from safety while the others fought. Gong Sun Family was torn apart into a couple of forces, which were in endless conflicts because of Emperor Xun.

Not only Gong Sun Family, intense internal fights had also been happening in the other large human families and clans, such as Huaxu Family. In Huaxu Family, a great number of elders and branch leaders had already combined their powers to challenge the current leadership of the family, which was represented by Huaxu Qingye.

On Pan Gu Motherland, battles were raging everywhere.

Amidst such a mess, a great number of Chu Wu Clan people had already turned into pure devils. With a clear attitude, they started receiving followers. A giant number of human beings who decided to follow the devil joined Chi Wu Clan, and next, Chu Wu Clan started a war against the entire humankind like an expanding tumor.

The non-humankind forces were also preparing to make a move, as some of them had already begun invading human territories, hunting and enslaving human beings in broad daylight. Every single day, tens of millions of human beings would be sent to Liang Zhu City as slaves, and on their way to Liang Zhu City, countless children and weaker people fell.

Outside Liang Zhu City, thirty-six enormous pyramids were built up. Countless human salves worked hard enough to risk their lives. Therefore, the thirty-six million-mile-square pyramids were completed in merely a year and a few months. Along with the earth-shaking rumbling noise, weird and twisted spell symbols glowed on the pyramids.

Near the city, underground, numerous enormous earth meridians were sealed by the evil power of the pyramids. Invisible giant hands dug the billions of miles long meridians out of the earth and dragged them to the core of the pyramid formation.

Deep dragon roars could be heard from underground without an end, as more and more earth medians were forcibly connected to the energy core of the pyramid formation. The earth was quaked, as the pyramids were greedily absorbing power from the earth meridians. Thirty-six pyramids were activated simultaneously, immediately causing supernatural phenomena.

A dark, thunderous, swirling cloud emerged above every pyramid. Thirty-six swimming dark clouds floated around Liang Zhu City, with thunderbolts flashing inside the clouds like raging dragons. A destructive power had been brewing in the dark clouds.

Because of the earth meridian power was draining, the fertile plain around Liang Zhu City quaked intensely. The earth was twitching and waving, gradually showing winding 'wrinkles'.

Surrounding the thirty-six pyramids, the winding 'earth wrinkles' formed a series of concentric circles. As a greater and greater amount of earth median power was extracted, the earth wrinkles spread to all directions, affecting the farther areas.

On the mountain-sized golden chariot, Original Devil, Master Spirit-slaughter, and Yu Huo stood side by side, heads lifted and looking at the enormous dark swirling clouds in the sky.

"Thunder trials!" Said Master Spirit-slaughter with a dry laugh, "The things I hated the most! Do you two know that I hate thunder trials the most? I suffered so much of these from countless worlds!"

With a proud smile on his face, Yu Huo looked at the swirling clouds and replied, "Thunder trial? Not worth mentioning. I've already seen the future of this world, and heard its last cry before the fall. Thunder trials cannot stop me. When I arrive in this world with my own body, this world will fall and no one can save it!"

He smiled and turned to Original Devil, then continued, "But of course, if it weren't for you, I would never take the risk to bring the real me to this world at this point of time. Because of you, Devil Master, I..."

Original Devil held his head high with pride, eyes shining with a dark light. He raised a hand and conveniently sent a dark bolt of thunder to the swirling clouds while saying, "As long as you cooperate with me, you will eventually get what you have been yearning for. And I, will be free!"

The dark thunderbolt merged into the center of the thirty-six swirling dark clouds, then Original Devil waved his hand and said, "Fade!"

An irresistible power was released from his body, dispelling the dark clouds completely without leaving a trace, as if they never existed.

In the blue sky, among white clouds, the sun was shining brightly. It illuminated the thirty-six pyramids with a warm light, and also illuminated the mountains-huge piles of human slave corpse.

Uncountable human slaves were brought to the pyramids by non-humankind warriors. By the broad ditches and deep holes around the pyramids, these non-humankind warriors mercilessly slaughtered all human slaves and filled them with fresh blood. The dense scent of blood could be sensed from a long, long distance away.

Looking down from the sky, surrounding the thirty-six pyramids, the holes and ditches filled with human blood composed a tremendous formation, bloody and like a portrait of a ferocious devil god.

"Yu Huo, my friend, do it! I'll be helping. You can arrive directly in this world with your real body!" Original Devil clenched his fists with excitement, then loosened quickly. "Then, your 'dear old friends' will impatiently follow you here, won't they? I can't wait to see the looks on their faces!" He said, laughing evilly.

Yu Huo smiled and nodded, looking a little nervous. Without saying a word, he raised his arm and drew a line in the air. Immediately and simultaneously, the thirty-six pyramids lit up, each venting a dazzling beam of light. Thirty-six light beams reached directly into the void, tore the space open, and created a square door.

A deep rumble of soul could be heard from the door. A ten-thousand-miles-long foot suddenly stepped into Pan Gu world from the door. The space of Pan Gu world quaked slightly as the spirit of Pan Gu world woke up suddenly because of this powerful invader.