Chapter 1717: Intrude Into Heaven

The Magus Era

Chapter 1717: Intrude Into Heaven
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As the clones merged back into Priest Mu and Priest Hua' bodies one after another, their wild-beast-like powers could be sensed from their bodies, rising into the sky from the center area of the peaceful world.

The overwhelming, boundless, tremendous, and immeasurable powers reached straight to the sky, quaked the natural stars, and spread towards all directions. Wherever their powers swept across, the dark hurricane, black clouds, and fire were all gone.

Yu Tu was swinging his blade down at a desperately resisting priest. But suddenly, the space before his face quaked and then a green finger thrust out, descending on his chest while being surrounded in faint streams of light, seeming to even destroy the world.

"Interesting!" Yu Tu grinned and turned his blade away from that poor priest who was covered in deep wounds. Next, along with sharp blade lights, he wielded his blade towards this green finger.

The blade light suddenly turned pure black, showing countless dark, twisted faces, which screamed shrilly and their voices echoed through the blade, shaking people' hearts. A power of death which could make anyone despair was released from the blade. That was Yu Tu's great Dao, the Dao of Death, the Dao of terror.

Differing from Yu Man's Dao of destruction, which had no other purpose but destroying everything in the universe, Yu Tu's Dao aimed at slaughtering all lives in the universe, putting all living beings to death, and letting all living creatures feel the greatest horror and deepest despair the moment they died.

The shining green finger was hazy like a shadow. Along with the power of quietus, it pointed towards Yu Tu's blade gently.

The greatest horror of slaughtering all lives collided straight against the coldness of sending all livings beings in quietus. The space before Yu Tu collapsed into a thousand miles wide black hole. Along with a deafening scream, Yu Tu condensed his spirit power into extremely sharp blade lights, lunging towards Priest Mu at the level of soul.

Yu Tu used his spirit power and his Dao as a blade, attempting to tear apart Priest Mu's souls, then insert his Dao into Priest Mu's body to force him to admit his great Dao. He wanted to crush Priest Mu's Dao, to destroy it thoroughly, just like what he did to the other creatures he killed. He wanted to 'erase' Priest Mu.

Priest Mu's soul had become an independent empty world, with nothing but a withering linden tree weakly standing in the center. Yu Tu's blade lights fell from the sky like a rain of shooting stars, scattering in this lonely vast world.

In the following moment, Yu Tu vomited blood and staggered back for a series of step. Priest Mu's finger landed on his chest through space and created a hole on his heavy armor, then sank into his body for three inches.

Yu Tu let out eighteen mouthfuls of blood in a row. Every mouthful of blood meant the waste of his power attained through one million, two-hundred, and ninety-six-thousand years of cultivation. He shambled backward for over a hundred steps. Within a blink, a giant amount of his power was gone, all because of a slight finger move launched by Priest Mu. He was weakened slightly. He raised his head, his face darkened while gazing at the center of the peaceful world with a pair of sunken eyes.

The great Dao of slaughtering and the great Dao of quietus collided, but Yu Tu was in disadvantage, as his Dao was at a relatively lower level.

The purpose of the Dao of slaughtering was to destroy all lives in the universe, but Priest Mu's world of quietus was all empty. Yu Tu had no way to erase the 'emptiness'. Therefore, he fell into a disadvantage at the level of Dao, and instantly suffered quite a loss.

As a dark beam of light flashed across his armor, the hole left by Priest Mu disappeared. Yu Tu breathed deeply. From all directions, the great despair that countless Priests had before they died was absorbed by Yu Tu's body. Within a breath, his wasted power was restored by ninety percent.

Staring at the center of the peaceful world, Yu Tu laughed viciously, "Interesting. You aren't as weak as we thought you are." While speaking, Yu Tu threw Yu Huo a displeased glance. To be honest, he wasn't careful enough just now. Yu Huo provided the other Pan Yu saints with inaccurate information, based on which, Yu Tu thought that Priest Mu was just some weak being that he could crush with a finger.

After all, he earlier saw Priest Mu fall in a disadvantage in the battle against Ji Hao, and judging by the power he sensed from Ji Hao, the latter was too weak to be even mentioned.

Nevertheless, Priest Mu kept thirty-six-thousand clones in this peaceful world, and all these clones had been cultivating themselves severely in here. Plus, Priest Mu had cast the magic to merge with all his clones...Yu Tu wasn't prepared for this. He would never have dreamed that Priest Mu's true power was way beyond his imagination.

The moment Yu Tu suffered the strike from Priest Mu, the space before Yu Huo's face collapsed too. With the snow-white, flawless, shiny, white pagoda floating above his head, Priest Hua suddenly rushed out. He was expressionless, body wrapped in layers of sacred white light.

"Evil, how dare you take my disciples' primordial spirits?" Priest Hua raised a brightly glowing pestle with his left hand and launched a hundred and eight bashes.

Ji Hao even applauded for these one-hundred and eight strikes of Priest Hua. Normally, Priest Hua's fighting style was totally random. But now, Priest Hua moved swiftly and skillfully, that every single movement of his seemed to explain a secret of the ever-changing nature, and every strike he launched was like ten-thousand flowers blooming together, leaving his enemy no time to react.

A beautiful Dao was demonstrated by these one-hundred and eight strikes launched by Priest Hua. Seeing him raise the weapon to hit his enemy, Ji Hao felt like watching the sun and moon rising and falling, the tide flowing and ebbing, the flowers blooming and withering, the birds flying, the grasses growing; he felt that all natural beauties of the great Dao were hiding in this series of strike.

Ji Hao didn't think he could dodge this series of strikes from Priest Hua, and neither could Yu Huo. He was best at controlling souls, but his fighting capacity was the weakest among the ten Pan Yu saints. He didn't expect Priest Hua to choose him as the first target.

One-hundred and eight strikes all landed on his body.

His twelve pre-world treasures emitted dazzling lights to defend their owner, but ended up being shattered by Priest Hua. Following the rumbling bone-cracking noises, Yu Huo had tens of bones broken. He loosened his fingers, and Priest Hua immediately seized Pan Yu's brain.

"Damn it!" Yu Ling and the other Pan Yu saints immediately growled out loud. Greedily, they reached out their hands simultaneously towards Pan Yu's brain.

Ji Hao narrowed his eyes, abruptly turned around, and looked at the direction of the heaven.

He sensed a strong intent of killing from that direction. Through the sunlight which shone upon the entire world, he saw tens of billions of non-humankind warriors marching formidably to the heaven. Their battle formations covered the sky like dark clouds, even shading a small half of Midland.