Chapter 1730: The Inner Concern of the Non-humankind

The Magus Era

Chapter 1730: The Inner Concern of the Non-humankind
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In the central area of the heaven, the East Emperor Palace…

As the palace where the ancient East Emperor Taiyi lived, it was entirely built from golden crystals, towering and magnificent. A golden stream of sunlight poured down from the higher sky like a tremendous waterfall, enveloping the entire palace. Because of the multiple reflections and refractions, the whole palace was filled with eye-piercing lights. Every inch of the palace was dominated by the brilliant sunlight.

Sitting on the enormous, tree-shaped throne of East Emperor, Ji Hao had been delightfully enjoying the warm sunlight along with Mr. Crow, who stood by his side, the pair of fire dragons coiled on his lap, and a group of Gold Crow Clan elders.

The dark-skinned, eagle-eyed messenger, who had weird spell symbols inlaid on his golden armor with dark-green crystals, appeared to like the sunlight quite a lot. With fascination, he breathed deeply as he politely kneeled on the ground and pressed both hands on the earth. His fingers were locked together in a strange way, then he put his forehead on the ground and kowtowed to Ji Hao.

"The highest ruler of sun, under the order of Yu Meng, the Supreme Divine Ruler, the dominator of the sun and deserts, the defender of sandstorms and starvation, the protector of wildland bandits and wolves, the controller of death and darkness, the leader of mummies and poisonous snakes, I, Su, have brought you the kindness of Yu Meng."

After the super long title, Su raised his left hand. Worn on his left wrist was a bangle, which was shaped like a coiling snake, exquisite and mysterious. The tiny golden scales of the snake opened one after another while emitting a strong wave of space power. From the bangle, Su took out a series of beautiful and powerful treasures, then carefully put them on the ground in a straight line.

Those were twelve golden, glittering, exotic treasures. Ten among the twelve were pre-world spirit treasures, and two were pre-world supreme treasures. Even though among all pre-world treasures, these were relatively lower-grade pieces, as the gifts for the beginning of a relationship, they were already rich and impressive, especially the two pre-world supreme treasures. One of the two pre-world supreme treasures was a strangely-shaped golden coffin, embossed with countless golden scorpions. From the coffin, faintly audible, shrill screams could be heard from time to time, making Ji Hao feel that numberless fierce creatures were hiding in it!

If Ji Hao guessed right, the golden coffin was a rare, 'hatchery'-type of treasure, with countless highly poisonous and dangerous scorpions in it. Ji Hao opened his erect eye. Nine suns glowed inside the eye, allowing Ji Hao to feel the powers of the scorpions inside the coffin. Ninety-nine percent of those scorpions were as powerful as Magus Kings, meters long, while the rest were all at the level of Divine Magi, hundreds of meters long.

The other pre-world supreme treasure was a golden machete, with hazy strands of sand roaring around its smooth surface. Through a single glimpse at the blade, Ji Hao felt that a wave of thin but sharp blade power strands was coming right at his face, attempting to cut his body and soul into pieces.

The blade had been vibrating. Glancing at the blade, Ji Hao immediately realized that the blade could become a disastrous sandstorm at any moment, to sweep across millions of miles and wipe out all creatures it touched.

In desert areas, the power of this blade could be maximized.

"Interesting treasures... Supreme Divine King Yu Meng? Why did he send me these gifts?" Ji Hao looked at Su with interest as he smilingly asked the question. Ten pre-world spirit treasures and two pre-world supreme treasures, these constituted such a heavy gift.

"I brought the kindness of my supreme master. Divine King Yu Meng hopes to make friends with you, instead of enemies." Su raised his head and said politely, "This is not what just my master wants. This is the wish of all my master's allies too."

Ji Hao raised his brows and glanced at the few Gold Crow Clan elders around him, then grinned and said, "But, we are enemies now. You gathered armies...Hmm...You're also sent here from another world just now, aren't you?"

Su nodded seriously and responded with a deep voice, "I, Su, am the most loyal messenger of my supreme master. My supreme master is the ruler of our world. He controls all the greatest powers of our world, all evils...He wanted us to raise an army...So, as his loyal followers, we raised an army and came here."

Eyes sparkling with a bright light, Su sighed in surprise, "Pan Gu world, it's the first time I heard this world's name. But, I have to admit that this world is so beautiful...In your world, clear springs can be found everywhere, and beside spring water, you have rivers, lakes, even oceans! Can you believe that?"

Uncontrollably, Su quivered, then sounded more and more excited. "And, you have so many green plants! Unbelievable, in our world, in commoners' countries, even the highest king has ten-thousand trees at most in his palace! Only Yu Meng, the Divine King, has a whole ten-million large trees in his palace. But in your world, trees, flowers, grasses, they're everywhere!"

Shaking his head, Su sighed again and then continued, "In your world, the trees owned by a commoner are actually more than all the trees possessed by a king from a commoners' country in our world. Pan Gu world is so, so rich and amazing."

Ji Hao gave a dry cough. Hearing Su, he felt like listening to a group of robbers giving comments on their own things. That wasn't good. Having a group of greedy, inexperienced wives casting their covetous eyes on one's stuff, this wasn't good.

"Just alright, just alright. Our Pan Gu world is not too rich, it's just average." Ji Hao smiled and said, "What exactly is the kindness that you bring from your Divine King Yu Meng?"

"To you, such a powerful being, trying to conceal or being over-cautious would be an insult. I'll be straightforward. My master, the supreme Divine King Yu Meng, he and his allies want to cooperate with you!" Su looked around, pondered for a while, then said cautiously.

"Cooperate?" Ji Hao grinned and asked, "How? What do I need to pay? What can I get?"

"Let those powerful 'crowns', 'seals', and 'staffs' fall in this world. Let them shed their last drop of blood in this world. My master and his allies promise you that if you help them to destroy those power-holders in our world, they will never lay a finger on even an inch of land of Pan Gu world after they bring the entire Pan Gu world under control...Even though this world is so rich and fertile!" With the deep voice, Su gave a reply.

Su understood that this sounded offensive, yet he couldn't control but add, "So much clear water, so many trees...This world is so rich, so, so rich."

Ji Hao gently knocked the head of one fire dragon while sinking in thought. His finger tinkled silverly against the fire dragon's head.

Pondering silently for quite a while, he laughed, "Your master is speaking for those...highest rulers away from home, isn't he?"

"Or, is this an... internal power struggle between the central power-holders and the away-from-home power-holders from Pan Yu world?"