Chapter 1744: Disturbed Poison

The Magus Era

Chapter 1744: Disturbed Poison
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His heart was injured, as three heart arteries were broken.

His liver was injured, as ninety percent of his liver had withered.

His lungs were injured, as his pulmonary alveoli were ruptured.


After killing over ten 'crowns', 'seals' and 'staffs' in one breath, Ji Hao sensed waves of sharp pain from inside his body. Same as his targets, he didn't feel any offensive force either, but his internal organs suffered actual harm.

Suffering the unbearable pain, Ji Hao nearly burst into shrill howls despite his toughness and the great cultivation of his heart of Dao. That pain didn't just come from his body, it also came straight from the deepest area of his soul, as if countless people had been cutting his soul with tiny saw blades. Ji Hao felt that he was going to be killed directly by the pain.

Cold sweat oozed out of his forehead, flowing down to his chin through his cheeks, then dripping to the ground like raindrops.

In other circumstances, some non-humankind beings would have noticed Ji Hao's strange behavior long ago, since he acted so weirdly. But at the moment, all hundreds of thousands of non-humankind beings on the scene had their faces covered in cold sweat, filled with shock and fear. Some of them had even been shaking, letting out a bone creaking noises.

Some maids dropped the large trays carried in their hands, causing a series of clank as all kinds of exquisite wine containers smashed on the ground. Normally, these maids would have been dragged out and beaten to death already. But today, those mean non-humankind beings didn't have the mood to punish these careless maids. Instead, everyone was dumbfounded, with their eyes fixed on the remains of the group of 'crowns', 'seals' and 'staffs' which were left on the ground after the terrifying death of their owners.

About ten pre-world supreme treasures and tens of pre-world spirit treasures floated in the air, quaking intensely while releasing a suffocatingly strong pressure that almost disabled all non-humankind beings on the scene from moving.

These pre-world supreme treasures and spirit treasures were infuriated by the death of their owners, and were losing control, just like the small golden pyramid that belonged to Yu Dun. Under their protection, their owners were actually killed without even a chance to fight back. No one even knew who the attacker was.

This was a huge humiliation to these pre-world supreme treasures and spirit treasures. Among these treasures, many had been with the families of those dead 'crowns', 'seals', and 'staffs' for generations. These treasures were proud as top-grade supreme treasures and spirit treasures, and had deep affections for the families of their owners. These treasures were as smart as human beings, and by now, they were on the verge of an outburst of rage.

"Who was it?" A high-pitched voice could be heard from the crowd as a middle-aged Yu Clan man walked out, brows knitted. A fist-sized, exquisite purple feather crown floated above his head, pouring down strands of rainbow-like light to shield his entire body.

This was a 'crown' who had just arrived. The purple feather crown above his head was a pre-world supreme treasure with an especially great defensive power. Countless tiny and complicated spell symbols hovered around the crown, leaving hazy glowing trails in the air like fireflies.

Ji Hao sensed the power of the feather crown and found it to be quite interesting. It had a considerably great defensive power against all kinds of magic curses. These Yu Clan nobles were apparently not stupid, that they had already figured out the method that Ji Hao used to kill Yu Dun and the others, and had already made the most correct reactions.

'However, even though you have prepared yourself, I can still easily kill you. This is Pan Gu world. The moment you entered into this world, you are suppressed by the great Dao of nature of this world. Can your pre-world supreme treasures release even ten percent of their powers?' Ji Hao laughed in his heart. He attempted to activate the Nailhead Seven Arrow Book once again, but a sharp wave of pain attacked from his internal organs, making him lose his eyesight temporarily, and nearly put him down to the ground.

Ji Hao hurriedly gasped for air while widening his eyes in shock. Alright, the counterforce from the Nailhead Seven Arrow Book was way too scary, and seemed to be based on the law of causality. Ji Hao could not understand it, nor figure out a way to defend himself against it. Ji Hao had an almost unbreakable body, but still, he was injured quite seriously by the counterforce from the book. He wanted to kill more people with the book but he could not afford to suffer a stronger counterforce.

Snorting slightly, Ji Hao had countless thoughts popped out in his head. Some ridiculous thoughts faded immediately, but the ones that might provide a better chance of success had still been emerging in his mind.

Right at this very moment, the pyramid belonging to Yu Dun had gathered enough wrath and power. Along with an earth-shaking bang, countless golden light beams burst from the pyramid, then everyone on the scene sensed the sky-collapsing fury of the pyramid.

All living beings in the hall felt the will of the pyramid — 'Hand over the killer, or no one on the scene can live!'

The golden light was blinding, dazzling in the air. Yu Clan nobles in the hall raised hysterical, shrill shrieks and screams. The thousands of Yu Clan nobles who were the nearest to the pyramid were hit by the golden light, and their bodies immediately exploded into golden sand, drifting all over the hall.

Another wave of golden light was released from the pyramid, bringing the strong will to everyone's heart — It wanted the killer. Without the killer, it would kill everyone in this hall without hesitation to avenge Yu Dun!

The pyramid was a pre-world supreme treasure. Even though its main function was defensive, as a genuine pre-world supreme treasure, the power erupted from it was at the level of peak-Divine-Magus while no one was controlling it.

Sadly, many of the non-humankind beings on the scene were noble young men and ladies like Lanxi and Lanyu. They didn't have great individual strengths, but they attended this banquet because their families were powerful. They came here to gain some experiences and make friends.

Among these noble young ladies and men, the ones at the level of Magus Kings could already be counted as hard-working. Facing the peak-Divine-Magi-level power released by the golden pyramid, these noble young people had no power of resistance at all. With a slight touch, the golden light destroyed their bodies.

More terrifyingly, led by the pyramid, the pre-world supreme treasure and spirit treasures that flew out from the bodies of the other dead 'crowns', 'seals', and 'staffs', were all agitated, especially the few with the power of killing. They released extra sharp and strong powers, that before they launched an attack, the powers they released had already blown up thousands of non-humankind beings.

Ji Hao smiled. He slightly moved his sleeve and dropped tens of colorful beads quietly to the ground.

People had been walking around in the hall, and soon, these tiny beads were kicked away without leaving a trace.

Strands of colorful mist were released from the beads, quickly merging into the air and turning invisible, without any smell. The mist quickly spread out in the hall and covered each corner within a couple of breaths.

The 'crown' with a feather crown glowing above his head had still been trying his best to maintain the order of this place. He growled loudly in rage, but suddenly, his raging growls turned into panicked roars, "Poison? Be careful! Take antidote now!"

Before he finished, tens of thousands of people had already thudded heavily against the ground, their faces darkened.