Chapter 1782: Injure Ao Bai Severely

The Magus Era

Chapter 1782: Injure Ao Bai Severely
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"Break, break, break!" Ao Bai wielded the giant hammer while roaring madly. Countless spell symbols sparkled on the hammer, stirring up dark winds that gusted towards the priest.

In the sky, natural stars had been shaking. Because of Ao Bai's wrath, tens of thousands of natural stars emitted dazzling lights. Thin streams of star power poured down from the starry void across measureless distances, flowing into Ao Bai's body.

Ao Bai had a vast strength, which had almost reached the level of Dao. At the moment, his body was covered in water-like flowing starlight. With the help of the starlight, a despairingly great strength erupted from his body at this very moment.

His first hammer strike merely quaked the space, but the next strike cracked the space. After launching eight-hundred hammer strikes in a row, even the Dao of nature before Ao Bai's hammer twisted and split up. This nameless hammer that Ao Bai used was a pre-world spirit treasure. At the moment, it cracked under the counterforce from the broken great Dao, having countless cracks spreading on the hammerhead like spider webs.

The face of the old priest turned slightly blue. The five mountains on his left hand dimmed. Ji Hao clearly saw his left fingers twist and deform, as countless tiny broken bones penetrated his skin and flew out of his hand.

The five magical tiny mountains on his fingers were cracked as well, streams of spell symbols drifting out of the cracks. Whether the five mountains were generated from a magic or a secret treasure, this crazy series of attacks launched by Ao Bai had definitely destroyed these mountains and caused a severe harm to this old priest's cultivation.

Ji Hao even saw the priest's linden body rupture. Large amounts of water-clear, green-coloured 'blood' spurted out of his wounds. After shedding each drop of blood, the priest's face would pale a bit more, and his power would weaken further.

But, the blue lotus had still been glowing brightly. No matter how hard Ao Bai attacked, the dim light emitted from the lotus was merely rippled, without showing a sign of breaking. Ji Hao was surprised by this lotus. What was it? How could he have such a great defensive power? Ao Bai even cracked the Dao of nature, but how could he not be able to do any harm to this lotus?

Ji Hao thought that maybe he should consult Yu Yu about this...Was the lotus a part of a powerful plant life from the Chaos?

Ao Bai sank into madness, never stopping attacking. Treading on a fiery cloud, Ji Hao silently moved backward. He activated the Pan Gu bell and locked on Emperor Xun and the priests around him, in case these people would suddenly launch an offensive towards Ao Bai. Who knew if they had some weird secret treasure or magic that might hurt Ao Bai?

Judging by the blue lotus, these priests were definitely out of ordinary. Ji Hao even doubted if they were truly disciples of Priest Hua and Priest Mu. They acted in quite a strange way, largely different from the pride that was rooted deeply in the bones of all the other Priest Hua and Priest Mu' disciples.

Suddenly, a thunderous bang could be heard. Ao Bai launched a mighty strike that shredded the space in the ten-mile radius area around him and the priest. Within this area, the Dao of nature was crushed. Through this extremely strong strike, Ao Bai collapsed the Dao of nature with pure physical strength. The counterforce rolled up like a tsunami and shattered the scales on Ao Bai's arms, tore apart his muscles, and exposed his golden, crystalline bones and the marrow, which were glowing with a colorful light.

"So damn painful!" Ao Bai roared. He cursed due to the pain, but his voice hinted an endless pride!

With pure physical strength, he destroyed a slight part of the Dao of nature. Even though it was merely the Dao of nature in a ten-miles-wide area, and compared to the vast Pan Gu world, it was like a drop of water in an ocean, in terms of power quality, Ao Bai indeed have the power to rival the great Dao of nature!

Among the dragon ancestor's nine sons, Ao Bai was the only one who had such a great and pure strength.

The pre-world spirit treasure hammer shattered suddenly. The giant hammerhead was gone silently, without leaving a trace. This hammer directly took ninety percent of the counterforce from the Dao of nature, and reasonably, it vanished.

Dragons were wealthy. A pre-world spirit treasure was nothing to Ao Bai. He dropped the long handle of the hammer, then pulled out a dark, lusterless eight-edged hammer. Laughing wildly, he brandished the hammer and sent up a hurricane, generating the powers of Yin and Yang and crushing the space around him.

Ji Hao's eye corners twitched. This hammer was a pre-world supreme treasure, an especially heavy one. From a long distance way, Ji Hao scanned the hammer with his spirit power. The horrifyingly great weight of the hammer attacked through Ji Hao's spirit power, nearly crushing this Fuso tree clone of Ji Hao.

'So heavy, I'm afraid that even the real me needs to make quite an effort to lift it!' Thought Ji Hao's clone.

Dragons inherited Saint Pan Gu's strong body, and Ao Bai was the strongest one among the dragon ancestor's nine sons. In his hand, this hammer seemed to be weightless, as he waved it so freely without any difficulty.

The priest was gasping for breath while swiftly flying back. Earlier, his left hand was thoroughly crushed by a strike from Ao Bai. Colorful lights had been flowing out of his broken hand as he looked at Ao Bai with a pale face. The blue lotus was shaking slightly above his head, and the defensive blue light which had shielded his whole body was largely dimmed. The destructive strike that Ao Bai launched just now caused a serious harm to this amazingly powerful blue lotus as well.

"White-haired kid!" Ao Bai sneered to the old priest while wielding the eight-edged hammer, "Today, I will kill Emperor Xun and turn him into a meat pie...Hehe, do you now dare to try stopping me?"

The priest didn't respond. Simultaneously, the other ten priests around Emperor Xun transformed their bodies into beams of light and flashed to Ji Hao and Ao Bai.

The expressions on Ji Hao and Ao Bai's faces changed slightly. They both put attention on these priests — Judging by the powerful blue lotus, these priests were all incredibly powerful, and could not be underestimated.

All of a sudden, a cold light burst from behind Ao Bai. Wu Bi, who was a devil now, laughed with a deafening, high-pitched voice while brushing across Ao Bai's back with a blood-red long blade holding in this hands. The three-feet and two-inches-long, weirdly shaped long blade fiercely cut through Ao Bai's back, nearly ripping his upper body entirely open.

Ao Bai howled shrilly in pain as blood erupted from his body. The blood was warm when it was still inside Ao Bai's body, but once it spurted out, it became bone-piercingly cold, completely colorless clear water!

The long blade in Wu Bi's hands was so evil. Ao Bai's face paled immediately.

Ji Hao shouted out in rage. He turned around and grabbed Ao Bai's shoulder, transforming both their bodies into a long streak of light and heading back to the heaven.