Chapter 1790: Priests’ Treasure

The Magus Era

Chapter 1790: Priests’ Treasure
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The Gold Crow warriors composed the pure sun sword formation, and the golden sword light fell like a rain. Every beam of sword light was pure and strong, scorching hot. Giant streams of golden essence sun fire flew all over the sky and merged into a golden sea of fire, enveloping the dragon army under the leadership of Shixin and his brothers.

A destructive power was generated from the sword formation, and in the sky, the natural stars began moving, as if the Pan Gu world wanted to kill these evil dragons itself. The moment this sword formation was composed, all natural stars dazzled in the sky. Ji Hao's divine seal appeared in the core of the sword formation, and the natural stars let out muffled buzzing noises.

Torrents of colorful starlight poured down and merged into the sword formation, wrapping around the flying swords.

Apart from the powerful essence sun fire, variable star powers were blended in the eye-piercing sword lights, which had been releasing from the sword formation. The sword lights moved faster and faster, sharper and sharper, and the destructive power grew stronger and stronger.

Numberless water-kind warriors, such as whales, sharks, giant turtles, water boas, snakes, shrimps and crabs, hadn't figured out what exactly was happening. They simply followed their dragon leaders here and waved the battle flags under orders.

When the golden sword light descended, these water-kind warriors suddenly realized that they couldn't move anymore, because their bodies were frozen, as if they were living in a nightmare. They watched the sword light fall and penetrate their bodies, then watched their bodies burn. Within a blink, these poor water-kind warriors were incinerated, and even their souls were wiped out by the sword formation.

The ones who suffered the next were those relatively weaker flood dragons and mix-blood dragons. They were also disabled from moving by the horrific power of the sword formation. They couldn't even move a finger. Without a choice, they watched the sword lights pierce into their own chests. Countless flood dragons and mix-blood dragons burst into despairing screams. They struggled desperately, yet no matter how hard they try, they just couldn't move. Same as what happened to those water-kind warriors, the sword lights penetrated their bodies and burned their bodies and souls.

Things were slightly easier for the pure-blood dragons. Thanks to their strong bodies and great strength, they still managed to raise their shields to defend themselves under the destructive pressure giving by the sword formation.

Waves of sword lights stormed down and tore apart their shields and armors, as easily as cutting the tenderest leaves. Next, countless holes were left on these dragon warriors' bodies.

Because of the unbearable pain, these dragons warriors shifted back to their dragon shapes. Their enormous bodies struggled in the sky, bursting into despairing roars. The sharp sword lights went through their tens of miles long bodies, making them look like sifters. The golden fire lingered on their bodies and burned quietly. Dragons had strong bodies, that the fire couldn't burn them out within a short span of time.

The air was suffused by a thick savory smell of grilling meat. Dragon bodies were the strongest bodies in the world, for which reason, this smell was especially attractive.

"Bloody sword formation!" Shixin growled as he wielded the meteor hammer and sent away the wave of flying swords coming at him. Then, he roared at Ji Hao with rage, who was protected by the Pan Gu bell, "Ji Hao? How dare you attack us? I will kill every last one in your family, I will pick my teeth with the bones of your families, right in front of you!"

Ji Hao wasn't going to push this anywhere further if Shixin didn't threaten him. However, once Shixin shouted out, Ji Hao pointed his finger at the sky. Followed his move, in a hundred billion miles wide area, the sky was darkened. Under Ji Hao's control, all natural star powers in this area concentrated into a thin beam of starlight, even thinner than a hair, then fell straight to Shixin's chest.

A triangular shield suddenly appeared before Shixin's chest, thickly covered in black dragon scales. The dark light flowing on the shield's surface made it seem to be extra strong.


This shied was penetrated by the colorful starlight. The starlight pierced into Shixin's body and left a fist-sized dent on his chest.

Shixin suffered a sharp pain. Covering the wound with a hand, he quickly stepped back while staring at Ji Hao as if he couldn't believe this. The wound was merely about three-foot deep. As a tens of meters tall dragon man, this small wound was nothing to Shixin. But because of this strike launched by Ji Hao, Shixin's confidence and arrogance were all gone. Shixin was a powerful ancient dragon, even stronger than Qiu Niu and Ao Bai. But, Ji Hao destroyed a pre-world spirit treasure and injured him so easily. How could this be real?

"Ji Hao...kid!" Shixin and his brothers viciously stared at Ji Hao, but for some reason, they dared not to bluster again on looking at Ji Hao's expressionless face.

They were so angry. In the old days, even when facing Emperor Fuxi, who was the first human emperor and the 'Holy Emperor' of all human beings, they cursed and attacked whenever they wanted to. But how, how could they be terrified by this little kid named Ji Hao?

Nevertheless, looking at Ji Hao, whose face had an expression of absolute serenity, and hearing the heartbreaking howls from the surrounding dragon warriors, Shixin and his brothers sensed waves of coldness rising directly from their hearts. They lost the courage to start any direct conflict with Ji Hao...To them, this was rare, strange thing.

"We must be possessed!" Shiya licked his lips and murmured with a muffled voice while shaking his hideous giant head.

"We should let Amma deal with this kid...I felt something strange about this kid!" Shiling gave his suggestion in a low voice, sounding a little unconfident.

"Amma is retrieving a few treasures of hers. She should soon finish!" As the big brother, Shixin accepted their suggestions and nailed this down. "Let Amma come to teach this kid a lesson. We'll be dealing with Qiu Niu and his brothers!"

Sword lights had still been falling when suddenly, a sky-blue umbrella, inlaid with countless blue crystals, gems and pearls rose from the ground. It transformed into a million-miles-wide umbrella and shielded the entire dragon army.

Sword lights never stopped falling from the pure sun sword formation, yet an especially heavy, soft and cold layer of blue mist blocked them. Along with a sizzling noise, the blue mist evaporated. But, more blue mist was released from the umbrella. Under the sword formation's violent strike, the blue umbrella quaked intensely, seeming about to collapse. But indeed, it managed to temporarily hold off the sword formation's fierce power.

A few priests flew into the sky. From a distance away, they hollered at Shixin, "Shixin, my friend, aren't you gonna take your warriors away? What are you waiting for? This sword formation is greatly powerful, and we can't hold it for long."

Shixin rolled his eyes. Glancing at those severely injured dragon warriors, he hurriedly wielded his arms and shouted out loud, "Retreat, retreat, you bunch of stupid boys. You got beaten! Don't you know how to run? Why're you all as stupid as pigs?"

While Shixin was shouting, a few priests came up to Ji Hao, looking at him with weird expressions. Abruptly, one of them laughed and said, "This is just a clone...Emperor Ji Hao, we came to send this clone of yours to hell!"