Chapter 1801: Dragon and Devil Together

The Magus Era

Chapter 1801: Dragon and Devil Together
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"Amma, shall we catch him up?" Shixin put his mouth near Dragon Mother's ear and asked extra carefully.

"Catch your life!" This time, Dragon Mother didn't hit Shixin with her hand. Instead, she kicked on Shixin's lower leg and generated a loud 'crack'. The scales on Shixin's lower leg shattered immediately while his leg curved into a very strange shape.

Ignoring Shixin, whose face was twitching in pain, Dragon Mother turned around and smilingly gazed at Pu Ban City, then said, "Boys, follow me. We can't fight with nothing in return. They need to give us all that we deserve."

In the air, hundreds of dragon elders, countless dragon warriors, and the vast troop of water-kind warriors tremblingly kneeled on the clouds and kowtowed to the Dragon Mother. She smilingly nodded, seeming to be in a good mood. She glanced at those water-kind warriors and waved her hand while saying, "Hmm, you all are good boys… good… Later on, pick the fleshiest dragon whale, slice it finely, dress with wasabi and old vinegar, and then serve it to me. How many years has it been since I tasted that?"

The dragon elders and dragon warriors were shocked, and the faces of all water-kind warriors paled. Countless shrimp and crab warriors tremblingly turned around and glanced at the group of dragon whales, who were very outstanding among water-kind warriors because of their giant bodies.

Since the ancient time, dragon whales had been serving as high-grade commanders in the dragon army, because they were enormous in size, especially strong, and having great defensive powers. They were respected and admired by uncountable water-kind warriors.

Nevertheless, Dragon Mother actually liked to eat them!

The group of Dragon Whale commanders raised their heads, their faces awfully paled. With panic, they cast their eyes to those dragon elders. 'Fleshy'? Every dragon whale was strong enough to be labeled as 'fleshy'...These dragon whale commanders nearly fainted when they saw those dragon elders nod hurriedly!

Dragon Mother chuckled and pointed at the group of pale-faced whale dragon commanders, then laughed, "Remember, slice the meat finely and then serve it to me. As for the heart, liver, marrow, brain, and other parts, these nine boys of mine each have their preference. You cook it well, then serve those parts to my boys...Eh, dragon whales are shrinking with each generation. Look at these dragon whale boys, so skinny, huh? They don't look like their ancestors at all, do they?"

Turned around, she trod on the golden cloud and flew swiftly towards Pu Ban City with her nine boys.

The dragon elders shouted resonantly and marshaled the dragon army, followed behind Dragon Mother and her boys. In this formidable army, the faces of all water-kind warriors had paled, especially those dragon whales. They looked around with dazzling eyes, seemingly preparing to run away at any time.

Under the order of a dragon elder, a group of dragon warriors showed up around these dragon whale commanders and silently followed them, eyes filled with coldness and mercilessness. The hearts of these dragon whale commanders were cold as ice.

Earlier, Ji Hao slaughtered a big half of the group of priests on the scene. At the moment, the surviving priests also followed behind Dragon Mother. Waves of soul energy had been shuttling between them, as they had been communicating through a secret magic. Their faces were all badly darkened. They clearly hated Ji Hao to the bone, and were coming up with a plan.

In Emperor Xun's palace, the moment Dragon Mother walked down from her golden cloud, Emperor Xun walked up and welcomed her with a bright grin.

He was wearing a peacock feather skirt, having his upper body bared and looking like a ruttish pheasant. Grinning from ear to ear, Emperor Xun reached his hands to Dragon Mother and said, "Elder, welcome, welcome… Our humankind..."

Before he finished, his arms were suddenly broken. Hearing the clear bone-cracking noises, the numberless human ministers in the palace changed the expressions on their faces. Emperor Xun shrieked hoarsely in pain and fell to the ground, rolling and crying as loud as he could, his face covered in tears.

Dragon Mother smiled while looking at Emperor Xun, who was rolling on the floor, and said slowly, "You evil little thing, how dare you think about me in that way? You fragile little snake, can you even survive me? Hah, you human beings have also been getting weaker and weaker with each generation. In the ancient time, some of you were remarkable. But, how come the current human emperor is such a loser?"

A Gong Sun Family elder walked out and looked at Dragon Mother with a frown as he hollered, "Dragon Mother, anyhow, Emperor Xun is the human..."


No one clearly saw Dragon Mother's moved, but the Gong Sun Family elder's head suddenly exploded. Blood and brain splashed all over the ground. While slowly licking the sticky blood on her fingernails, Dragon Mother said, "Ah, because he's the human emperor, I didn't kill him. But you little things...You aren't human emperors, and killing you is no trouble!"

The palace fell into a dead silence. Emperor Xun was frightened so badly by this sudden and unreasonable slaughter that even a half of his body turned numb.

Emperor Xun gingerly stood up and tremblingly looked at Dragon Mother as he squeezed a smile out of his face and said, "Elder, you..."

Dragon Mother ignored Emperor Xun. Instead, she waved her hand and said, "Cut the crap. Old friend, I'm here, so why're you still hiding?"

"In the old days, I fought a bloody war for you when you were sealed. If I didn't help you that time, that old b*stard Dragon Ancestor wouldn't have his mind made up to imprison me for so many years. How come you don't even dare to show your face now?"

Emperor Xun's eyes suddenly turned dark. Strands of evil power were released from his pores, while a stream of dark mist rose from his head. The dark mist gathered into a black, mushroom-shaped cloud, as Original Devil's upper body popped up from the cloud.

"Dragon Mother, long time no see. You're as brutal as before..." He nodded to Dragon Mother and began talking with a dry, hissing voice, "I suddenly have a good idea. The dragon ancestor may be dead, or gone somewhere. You're alone now, and I have never married. Why don't we make a couple...Hehe!"

Dragon Mother curved her red lips downwards, threw a glimpse at Original Devil, and said, "I have no interest in a 'man' like you who hasn't even found all pieces of his own body...The dragon ancestor is hateful indeed, but you're truly no better than him. Cut the crap. The three 'Peng' and you spent so many efforts to free me because you wanted me to do nothing more than that small thing."

Snorting coldly, dragon mother continued blandly, "I'll set you free from the humankind, but you, Original Devil, have to promise me that, we, dragons, will rule the world from this day on. I, Dragon Mother, will be the supreme being in Pan Gu world, and I will dominate all the other creatures...On this one condition, we can negotiate anything. But, if you don't accept it...

Original Devil laughed and responded with his dry voice, "Dragons rule the world, good! Why wouldn't I want that? Dragons, human beings, phoenixes are all my descendants. Any of them can rule this world!"

Dragon Mother raised her right hand, and so did Original Devil, then clapped their hands loudly.

Along with a thunderous boom, Emperor Xun's palace vanished silently. Dragon Mother slightly trembled, while tens of small holes suddenly appeared on Original Devil's body. They exchanged a glance and both laughed out loud.