Chapter 1811: Everyone Has A Plan

The Magus Era

Chapter 1811: Everyone Has A Plan
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In a secret hall that was hiding inside a mountain behind Emperor Xun's palace, Dragon Mother sat in an armchair, lazily leaning against a chair arm. A few beautiful oyster girls with silver shells had been attentively giving her a massage.

In the hall, nine large jade tables were placed in a straight line, covered with delicate dishes and the best wines. Shixin and his brothers each sat by a table, wolfing the food and gulping the wine with bowls. The wine flowed to their chests through their mouth corners, then dripped on the ground. Each of them had a large puddle under their feet, and the secret hall was suffused by a strong scent of alcohol.

Hundreds of dragon elders who determinedly followed Dragon Mother's lead stood in the hall, passionately looking at Dragon Mother and her nine boys. In their eyes, Ao Bai, Niu Qiu and their brothers were too mild and steady-going to be their leaders. Instead, Dragon Mother and her boys, who were brutal, cruel, and ferocious, who followed nothing but their instincts and never hesitated when killing people, fit their moral standard more.

Dragons should stand above the world, be brutal and violent, and bully the weak creatures as much as they liked. If they don't, their strong bodies passed down by the dragon ancestor would be wasted, wouldn't they?

About ten priests, who could be disciples of the three 'Pengs', stood before Dragon Mother's chair. They and Dragon Mother had all been looking at a giant water mirror. The mirror was sparkling, and through it, they saw every move of everyone in the palace. They saw every change of expression on the faces of Emperor Xun, Yu Meng, and Yu Huo's clone. Everything happening in Emperor Xun's palace was under their close watch.

"So, it turned out that this kid luckily ascended to the throne because someone controlled his soul and spirit, right?" Dragon Mother threw a sideways glance at Emperor Xun though the mirror and chuckled coldly, "Not only him, these clan leaders too. Are you sure that they'll listen to you?"

A white-bearded priest gave Dragon Mother an affirmative smile and responded, "Elder, please don't worry. Even though this non-humankind being has sneakily controlled Emperor Xun's mind, his every move is under our control."

Narrowing his eyes, this white-bearded priest laughed, "Now, we just let them help these non-humankind beings in attacking Yao Mountain City and the heaven with all his power. It's best if they shatter the sky and sink the ground. What's even better is if these Pan Yu world saints and the few powerful beings in the heaven fall an internecine war!"

"You wish!" Dragon Mother grabbed a fruit from a jade tray aside and smashed it on the white-bearded priest's face. The juicy fruit exploded, splashing the juice all over the priest's face. "How can everything in the world follow your plan? How can things be so easy?"

The priest raised a finger and germinated a stream of clear water, cleaning the juice off. He didn't get angry, or he dared not to get angry. He just smilingly bowed to Dragon Mother and said politely, "Elder, because not everything can go as our Masters planned, our Masters asked you for help!"

"Elder, you're so powerful. In the whole world, only a couple of people can rival you. Since our Shifu has already allied with Original Devil, this..." The priest chuckled and fawned on Dragon Mother.

A golden light suddenly shone out of Dragon Mother's eyes as she straightened her body and said slowly, "Original Devil? Is that the evil spirit that Pan Gu cut out of himself back in the old time? Which means, we have five people on our side who are equally powerful..."

Pondered shortly, Dragon Mother laughed with a cold hissing voice and said, "But, your three masters are eccentric, and Original Devil is the most unreliable one. If I ally with them, I would need to worry about the lives of my nine boys!"

"That is not possible. After all..." The priest gave a dry laugh and said.

Dragon Mother snorted coldly and interrupted the priest in a frosty tone, "That is very possible. Your three Masters and Original Devil are all awfully unreliable. I would trust them only if my brain had turned into water."

Dragon Mother suddenly stood up and laughed, "We've started this, so we need to finish this. In the old days, I had a couple of old friends. We got along well with each other. Since I'm already out, I shall let them out too. Hmm, let me thinkā€¦ The most reliable one is..."

The expression on the white-bearded priest's face changed slightly. "Elder, please..." He said hurriedly.

Dragon Mother moved swiftly. She raised her right hand and slapped down. A thunderous 'boom' could be heard as she turned the priest into a meat pie, splashing blood and flesh pieces to tens of meters away. Dragon Mother's eyes suddenly turned blood-red while sneering through gritted teeth, "I do whatever I want. Do you little things have the right to tell me what to do? In the old days, the dragon ancestor always, always restrained me. I couldn't defeat him, so I gave up...But, what do you think you are? You don't get to talk to me!"

"Amma, I say we don't ally with them. Let's kill all these little things and then eat them while they're still warm. No matter what they want Emperor Xun to do, we dragons are strong enough...We can just kill everyone, Hah!" With a vicious grin, Shixin raised his head and said.

Shigu stood up to applaud. "Amma, big bro is right! We're not good at playing dirty tricks, but we're good at killing! Why do we waste time talking to them? We dragons are going to rule Pan Gu world, and we can just kill everyone who disagrees!"

A frosty light shone out of Dragon Mother's eyes while a fierce power spread from her body. With her teeth clenched, she sneered and said, "You little scums, I haven't seen you for years, but you have improved, huh? That's not a bad idea. Why should we dragons play dirty tricks with them?"

An aura of killing rose straight from Dragon Mother's head, forming a cloud of blood mist, looming on the entire hall. The group of priests was scared to death. Among them, the one with light-silver eyes hurriedly shouted out loud, "Elder, please don't kill us! There is one thing that we haven't gotten the chance to tell you yet. It's very important! Our masters were going to talk to you about it face to face. Do you wanna know?"

Dragon Mother giggled. Looking at the priest, she gave a twisted smile and said, "Tell me, what's so important that can even save your lives? Tell me now. If it's truly useful, I'll spare your lowly lives. But, if it's not, you will become a nice meal for my boys!"

The priest took a deep breath and then said quickly, "Perhaps, the dragon ancestor didn't fall, and neither did he leave the world for the Chaos. Maybe, he is not missing. Instead, he has isolated himself for the cultivation of 'Hibernated Dragon Nine Death' method...same as Qiu Niu and his brothers...Dragons don't have souls and spirits. A dragon only has one dragon pearl, which gathers all its spirit power. The 'Hibernated Dragon Nine Death' can change this. It's said that through this cultivation method, a dragon can break the dragon pearl and attain an embryo of Dao, after finishing nine rounds of life and death..."

The expressions on Dragon Mother and her boys' faces changed. "The old b*stard..." Dragon Mother hollered.

Dragon Mother slightly opened her mouth. Then abruptly, she laughed out loud with a frosty voice, "It seems that I do need to ask my old friends for help."