Chapter 1886: No Solution

The Magus Era

Chapter 1886: No Solution
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The golden bridge flashed across the space and brought Ji Hao and the others back from the starry void.

The space was chaotic. Because of the extreme fear and desperation, Yu Meng, Yu Hu, and the other colony world saints were draining the original powers of their worlds to generate powerful attacks to launch at Pan Yu.

Every time they attacked, the space of Pan Gu world would be turned into a mess.

Before, the structure of Pan Gu world space was especially sturdy, that not even a battle of saints could possibly cause such a serious damage to it. However, Priest Yun had canceled the restraint of the great Dao of Pan Gu world and opened the door for robbers. Since then, things gradually became uncontrollable.

Chaos thunders, fires, and tides blasted in the surroundings. Ji Hao let the Pan Gu bell float above his head. Priest Xuandu, Guangcheng, Po, and the other powerful ones all activated their defensive treasures as well. They combined their powers, but still couldn't keep their legs still in the disturbed space.

Ji Hao had a tough body, that protected him from the destructive, endless impact waves. But, as pure Qi cultivators, Xuandu, Guangcheng and his other brothers and sisters weren't even as strong as Senior Magi in physical terms. Even though they were protected by powerful treasures, blood had still been flowing out of their mouths, ears, nose, and eyes, and their internal organs were still badly shaken.

Fortunately, Yu Meng and the other colony world saints were targeting Pan Yu. If anyone had any other idea and seized this opportunity to give Ji Hao and his brothers and sisters a heavy strike, Ji Hao might survive, but his brothers and sisters would certainly suffer heavy casualties.

Po and the other senior disciples might be able to survive a saint-level strike, but no one could tell how many of their younger brothers and sisters would be erased from this world, both their bodies and souls.

"Brothers and sisters, if you don't have the three flowers above your heads and a pre-world supreme treasure, retreat!" Priest Xuandu suddenly growled out loud. A cloud of blood mist puffed out of his mouth, spreading to a long distance away along with his voice, "Go to my Shifu's dojo! You'll be safe there!"

The group of disciples hesitated shortly. A poor colony world saint was slapped into the sky by Pan Yu and bumped into Ji Hao's Pan Gu bell. A bell ring shredded the surrounding space, bouncing the saint back slantingly. The saint's body shattered a few disciples' light shields and crushed their bodies.

"Brothers! Retreat!" Ji Hao roared sonorously. The golden bridge transformed into a streak of golden light, swirling all of the relatively weaker priests up into the higher sky and disappearing into the starry void after a few flashes. Only Ji Hao, Po, Xuandu, Guangcheng, and the other few powerful ones were left in the sky.

Hundreds of loud popping noises suddenly resounded as hundreds of poor colony world saints were sent flying away by Pan Yu's fingers. Their bodies broke the space, being covered in wounds, while their blood splashed all over the sky.

The blood that contained the great Dao of countless worlds fell from the sky and surged across Pan Gu Motherland like a storm. The nine cauldrons floated above Pan Gu Motherland and raised thick rolling clouds to firmly hold off this heavy storm.

Starlight sparkled on the nine cauldrons, as spirit creatures, ghosts, animals, plants, all kinds of creatures flashed across their surfaces. The mist rose from the cauldrons and turned not countless swirls that absorbed the saints' blood and gradually turned it into pure and heavy strands of blood power, being sent into the cauldrons.

The nine cauldrons shone brighter and brighter, and the power released from them grew greater and greater.

The Pan Gu bell floated above Ji Hao's head. The glow of the bell merged together with the lights of about ten pre-world treasures which belonged to Po, Xuandu, Guangcheng, and the other few powerful ones. With difficulty, they rushed to the middle of the battleground.

They saw the tens of thousands of miles tall Pan Yu standing in the air, waving his arms to slap countless colony world nobles away like slapping flies, making them vomit blood. His body remained unmoved.

From time to time, Pan Yu would point at an unlucky saint, turning him or her into a cloud of blood mist, then taking a deep breath towards it. Bizarre lights and shadows flashed across the blood mist, showing the others a beautiful world. As Pan Yu inhaled, the beautiful world in the blood mist suddenly collapsed towards a suddenly emerging black hole. Mountains, rivers, seas, billions of creatures… everything in this world fell into this black hole uncontrollably.

Torrents of pure natural powers erupted from the blood mist before Pan Yu's face. Million-mile-thick streams of natural powers flew ceaselessly into his mouth from the blood mist, being swallowed by him.

Countless saints attacked with all their powers, creating more and more wounds on Pan Yu's body. But, as Pan Yu inhaled deeply, a world collapsed and the world's original power flew into his body, healing his wounds quickly.

"Don't stop! If he lives, we will all die!" Yu Meng wielded a golden staff and threw a million-miles-wide sun at Pan Yu's head. "We fought hard to get here. Did we make all the efforts to be devoured by him and become his replenishments?"

Pan Yu chuckled. He raised a finger and shattered the sun, then wielded an arm and sent Yu Meng and over ten-thousand colony world saints around him flying backward with broken bones.

"I can feel your desperation, your fear, your sadness, your struggle!" While absorbing the original power of that collapsed world, Yu Meng murmured in a deep voice, "All your negative emotions are the best dressing. I can..."

Before he finished, the great master's colorful branch struck violently on the back of his neck, broke his skin, and exposed his black bones. But, as he breathed huge streams of the world's original power, the wounds began healing. Before the great master made the second strike, his wounds had healed completely.

The second master swung the glowing staff at Pan Yu's head, not restraining his power for this strike. A giant wound was left on Pan Yu's head, but it too healed within a second. Except for the splashing blood, not even a scar was left on Pan Yu's head.

"Spirit Wa, what kind of an opponent have you found us?!" The two masters' eye corners twitched intensely while they growled out hysterically, "We will remember this great gift from you. And we will remember to pay it back!"

Pan Yu smiled and turned his head. A black thunderbolt flashed out of his erect eye, striking at the great master's body.

A brightly shining golden pagoda spun up from the great master's head along with a cloud of purple mist. The dark thunderbolt struck on the pagoda and sent it, along with the great master, millions of miles away. Countless mountains were flattened by the pagoda and the great master's body.

Finally, Ji Hao came to Pan Yu, with the Pan Gu bell floating above his head. He wielded the Pan Gu sword and made a fierce sword move towards Pan Yu.