Chapter 1892: Netherworld Priest Fights

The Magus Era

Chapter 1892: Netherworld Priest Fights
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The moment Taisi put his forehead and palms on the ground, a blurry, gray figure rose from the Nailhead Seven Arrow Book. An evil and dark power erupted. For a very short span of time, this strong power even forced the Pan Yu's dark mist back for nearly a million miles.

On this blurry figure's face, a pair of light spots sparkled dimly. He stared at Pan Yu, then a voice echoed through the hearts of all Pan Yu Motherland creatures. The voice was resounding, weak, sounding like a cold gust of wind from hell, even seeming to freeze the internal organs of all living beings.

"Not...Pan Gu..." This gray figure sighed and collapsed inwards, becoming an extremely thin beam of arrow light that rolled up the Nailhead Seven Arrow Book and bumped at Pan Yu's chest.


The grey arrow light penetrated Pan Yu's body, then disappeared without a trace. The Nailhead Seven Arrow Book was gone as well. Pan Yu trembled slightly, then lowered his head to look at his chest with confusion and surprise.

A dim gray light sparkled quickly on Pan Yu's chest.

Next, dark light spots began falling off from the edge of the gray light. Following slight explosive sounds, more and more dark light spots blasted on Pan Yu's chest, becoming strands of dark mist and dissipating.

Within a couple of breath, a three-hundred-meters-wide hole appeared on Pan Yu's chest. The three suns and nine moons vibrated intensely, letting out thunderous roars. They transformed into twelve dazzling light spheres that gathered near this wound, seeming to seize the chance and escape from Pan Yu.

"What a scary curse." Pan Yu murmured to himself with a low voice, "He is dead, but his remaining original soul still had such a great power. I think in the old days, he was also a powerful dominator..." Clicking his tongue, Pan Yu continued, "If he had survived, he would be more powerful than the strongest few among the Chaos monsters who attacked me back when I created Pan Yu world, right?"

"But, this powerful being died in Pan Gu world. The creator of your world was really dreadful." Pan Yu raised his head. Dark thunderbolts dazzled in his erect eye while he laughed evilly, "But, he is also dead. I can't feel his power in this world...The origin of this world generated such a powerful world creator, it's..."

With excitement, Pan Yu even trembled slightly. "I will...take it!" He laughed with a deep, evil voice.

Pan Yu slowly raised both hands and then slapped on his own chest. Along with a thunderous boom, the three suns and nine moons screamed inside his chest. One sun and three moons exploded into strands of splendid light, merging into his body. After absorbing one sun and three moons, the wound on his chest healed almost instantly.

"You are so naughty. You are all derived from me. You are my descendants...You never tried to help me restore my power. On the contrary, you sealed and suppressed me, attempting to make me sleep forever!" Pan Yu lowered his head as he looked at the remaining two suns and six moons in his chest and smiled.

"But, what changed? You are derived from me, so you must come back to me. You will eventually give back what belongs to me!" Murmured Pan Yu, "You are representing the most important twelve original Dao in my body. How can I ever let you go?"

"All my descendants must merge back into me!" From a distance away, Pan Yu looked at Yemo Shanye, who was hiding behind Feng Xing, then smiled and continued, "Not even a little girl can run. So, how can you possibly run?"

Pan Yu reached out both his hands and wrapped Yao Mountain City up with an even stronger devouring power. Thousands of buildings quaked in the city. The bases of the defensive formations of these buildings vibrated intensely and generated blinding fiery lights and clouds of smoke.

Taisi fell feebly to the ground. With confusion and sadness, he gazed where the gray figure disappeared.

"Ah, our ancestor is gone. There is no chance to recover...Shaosi, we lost a lot this time." Taisi mumbled, "I lost the greatest treasure of our family. It was passed down from our ancestors. I can't face our ancestors now."

Shaosi's pale white hair fluttered in the air as she had already pressed her hands down towards Pan Yu.

The boundless black mist around Pan Yu's body quaked slightly. With surprise, he glanced around. Suddenly, he fixed his erect eye on Shaosi and asked, "What did you do? I felt that some things aren't..."

Before he finished, the exceptionally dense black mist around him turned a little thinner, and his power weakened slightly.

Shaosi's pale white hair instantly turned black and shiny again. Heir waist-length hair began growing rapidly. Within a second, her hair had grown to tens of thousands of miles long, fluttering behind her like a dark torrent.

Shaosi vomited blood. Next, her blood spurted out from every pore of hers.

She looted Pan Yu's natural tune with a natural-reversing magic. Torrents of natural fortune power flooded into her body. Shaosi had a mysterious ancient bloodline, but still, she couldn't take the measureless natural reward power from Pan Yu.

Both Shaosi's body and soul were nearly crushed by this natural reward power. She hurriedly glanced around, then clenched her teeth and pointed at Ji Hao!

Ji Hao had transformed his body into a streak of light, and had been attacking Pan Yu with the Pan Gu sword. All of a sudden, a tremor went through his body and he felt a magical power flowing into his body from all directions. Neither his cultivation nor power improved, but somehow, he felt he had attained and inexhaustible extra strength. He hadn't grown stronger, not even by a little bit. But, he seriously felt that he could do anything he wanted!

"You… How can you possibly hurt me?" Pan Yu laughed in a deep voice, "This world will eventually be mine!"

Pan Yu clearly sensed the effect of Shaosi's natural-fortune-looting magic. His infinite natural fortune had been flowing into Ji Hao's body, bringing countless benefits to this little bug which had been flying around him.

Once again, Pan Yu concentrated his attention on Ji Hao. After all, Ji Hao had a sword that could easily cut his body open!

"Annoying ant!" Pan Yu murmured in a deep voice, "The sword should be mine!"

He snorted coldly, then swung a palm at Ji Hao. The surrounding space was broken, and the great Dao was twisted, while a devouring power condensed into invisible chains and chained Ji Hao in the air, disabling him from moving.

With shock, Ji Hao raised his head and looked at Pan Yu's descending palm. At this moment, a bronze gate opened behind Pan Yu's body. From the gate, a figure which was wrapped in a dense blood mist walked out with giant steps, then two beams of sword lights fiercely pierced into Pan Yu's body, along with a strong intent of killing that rose straight into the sky.