869 That old bastard

The Strongest Gene

"Bring it on!"

A blood-red radiance ignited around Luo Yuan's body. The two began to brawl. No energy was used, nor any godly power. Only pure physical power was used. This was the most primitive of fights. With a bang, a random hill collapsed. Occasionally, there were terrifying gasps and shouts resounding through the air as the voices and collisions began to sound even more intense. It was evident that this battle was nearing its climax.

Bang! Bang!

One mountain after another collapsed, destroying the few remaining mountains in this world. After a long time, the world regained its peace. After an even longer time, a figure slowly crawled out of a certain crater. This was Luo Yuan, and at present, he was wearing a rather sorry look.

"Damn it… Urghhh.."

He started vomiting. He was aware that, to the likes of Xu Fei, fighting was extremely exciting and intense. However, no matter how exciting and intense it got, Xu Fei couldn't have… hardened… right? After all, he had been fighting stark naked! Shouldn't it have been a hand-to-hand brawl? Why had Xu Fei equipped his "weapon"? Could one imagine what it felt like to be slapped by that "iron rod" in the midst of a battle? Moreover, there were even a couple of times where that "iron rod" had slapped Luo Yuan's face!

Even worst was the fact that this slap was actually extremely painful! This slap to the face by someone at the level of Xu Fei had nearly smashed Luo Yuan's face into smithereens. This battle had truly been… too arduous… and bitter! He had also finally figured out why Xu Fei had appeared only now. If Xu Fei had appeared earlier, Luo Yuan would definitely have been able to easily kill him. Yet now… with Luo Yuan weakened from his previous fights…

Sigh. This battle had been way too hard. Luo Yuan had indeed won. Alas, it was a victory he had obtained by relying on his supreme clones. In fact, his fleshly body was at a similar level as Xu Fei's: the true-god level. Therefore, to obtain victory, he had condensed a clone to fight Xu Fei two against one.

Naturally, the end result had been the destruction of more than 10 clones in a row. Luo Yuan's heart ached at the thought. How many clones had he wasted thus far? He couldn't even count anymore. What had happened to the absolute superiority he was supposed to have?

He could no longer remember. After going through three battles back to back, he only felt extremely exhausted. He was in a rather bad situation. However, he knew that this had not ended. Indeed, shortly after he crawled out of the crater, before he could even rest, on top of a certain ruined mountain, he saw a familiar figure. This was a figure he hated greatly. After all, he was sure that everything was the work of this fellow. The tricky fighting methods and the vile combat styles were something only this fellow could think of!

A familiar greeting sounded. "It has been a while."

"Are you the one who was running around killing people disguised as Qin Hai?" Luo Yuan asked with a sigh.

"That was me." Slowly, that figure walked out of the ruined mountain. He was indeed Chen Feng.

"The one, disguised as Kong Bai, who killed those who didn't disfigure themselves was you as well?" Luo Yuan asked with another sigh.

"That was me," Chen Feng answered with a wide smile.

"Indeed." Luo Yuan shut his eyes. All this was the work of Chen Feng! Due to Kong Bai's act of killing those who did not disfigure themselves, he had neglected the truth about the Demonic Mirror. Due to Qin Hai killing people randomly, he had neglected the truth about the one and only swing of the sword Qin Hai was capable of. Step by step, Chen Feng had laid out the traps for him to walk through. This was truly quite excessive of him.

Luo Yuan sighed. "Is there a need for this? You wasted so much energy setting me up, wasting the time you could have used to cultivate instead. This is the same as weakening both of us together. What is the point of this?"

Qin Hai, Kong Bai, and Xu Fei had indeed dragged Luo Yuan down to buy time for Chen Feng to cultivate. After all, in this unique world of time, every second could be the equivalent of several years. Therefore, this method was capable of weakening Luo Yuan and increasing Chen Feng's strength at the same time.

At the same time, this also signified that Chen Feng had had quite a limited amount of time to cultivate. With this, Chen Feng's growth hadn't been as great as it could have been despite having weakened Luo Yuan. The only thing it accomplished was annoying Luo Yuan.

"It doesn't matter," Chen Feng said with a smile. "In any case, I have already reached the high-tier true-god stage."

Luo Yuan's face fell. "What?" High-tier true god? How was this possible?

Based on his deductions, Chen Feng should only have reached mid-tier true god at most. And with Chen Feng running around scheming, he should be even weaker, perhaps at the level of a beginner-tier true god. But now, after running around disguised as Qin Hai and Kong Bai to kill people, he had still managed to become a high-tier true god? How was that even possible?

Luo Yuan found this hard to believe. However, there was no point in lying to him. After all, this was the final battle. All lies were pointless at this point.

"Time." Chen Feng smiled happily. "Have you forgotten about a certain someone called Duma? He was capable of controlling time, even if his control was rather weak. Unfortunately for you, he was also here when this world descended into chaos," said Chen Feng.

"Duma? That damnable undying old turtle?" Luo Yuan's heart jolted. That fellow had indeed arrived here as well!

"Correct," Chen Feng said calmly. "Initially, he was only able to exert a weak control over time. However, did you forget about his particular race's unique talent?"

"Unique talent of his race…" Suddenly, Luo Yuan recalled something. That so-called unique talent was precisely that ability where they could trap their opponents in time and outlive them. This was the unique talent of the scarab race!

Suddenly, Luo Yuan's heart started to palpitate. "Could it be…"

"That's right." With a smile, Chen Feng continued, "That ability was used on me. And thus, with the amplification effect, combined with the chaotic time of this world, I was able to cultivate to my heart's content, reaching the high-tier true-god stage."

Luo Yuan shook his head. "No, something is not right. If that were the case, how did you leave the imprisonment? How could you have outlived Duma?" He remembered that within that prison of time, even suicide was not an option.

"Of course I was unable to outlive him." Chen Feng shrugged. "Therefore, he planted something within his body that would slowly kill him. Before entering the prison, we had already prepared everything. And thus… as time passed, he died, setting me free."

Luo Yuan was speechless. Another miscalculation on his part. He had miscalculated everything! He had made a mistake when facing Kong Bai and the other two, and another when facing Chen Feng. That Duma had pushed Chen Feng to the high-tier true-god stage.

"It is quite a pity. Initially, I planned to reach peak true god directly." Chen Feng appeared quite regretful. "However, that would have required too much time, and I have no confidence in that. I might truly have died of old age in there before I accomplished that. Therefore, I had to give up on it. However, being a high-tier true god is already sufficient to fight you. Am I right?" With a smile, Chen Feng continued, "A battle with the current you is definitely doable!"

Luo Yuan's heart trembled. Indeed… Right now, he had been weakened so much that he was pretty much equivalent to a high-tier true god. What a fine Chen Feng! To advance gradually and entrench himself with every step he took, for his scheming to have been able to reach this far! Luo Yuan's act of attacking this world had been completely unexpected. Chen Feng had obviously been unprepared for that. Yet Chen Feng had still been able to act accordingly, to begin laying out his schemes to reach the present situation.