870 Who Will Be Laughing at the End

The Strongest Gene

Luo Yuan sighed. "I have underestimated you." Chen Feng was much more formidable than he had imagined. Now, only the two of them were left in this alien world. Chen Feng had also successfully dragged Luo Yuan down to the same level as him for this final battle. In a way, this could already be considered a loss of sorts for Luo Yuan. After all, he had once been so very powerful. Toward this, Chen Feng merely smiled. It hadn't been easy for him to reach this point.

"Our source of strength is rather similar," Chen Feng said calmly. "You possess a myriad of abilities. The same goes for me. You have luck on your side. The same is true for me. Moreover, even our methods of cultivation are the same. Therefore, the moment your strength drops to a level lower than mine, you will be absolutely suppressed. Due to our similar sources of strength, the oppression comes easier," Chen Feng said coldly.

"Theoretically, that is correct." Suddenly, Luo Yuan smiled and changed the topic. "However, did you know that I am not the only one here who underestimated his opponent? You also underestimated me."

"What?" Chen Feng raised an eyebrow. He did not believe that Luo Yuan would say these words without a reason.

"Do you know how many abilities in total I possess? Do you know how many godly powers I possess? You don't. At times, even I myself am unaware. However, what I remember are the few abilities that are comparatively powerful and unique. Among them, there is a certain terrifying ability that is still fresh in my memory. That ability is one I have upgraded greatly. It is an extremely hard ability to grow. Look at this. Kong Bai, Xu Fei, you... Everyone here has an ability unique to themself. As for me, apart from the Copy ability, are you not curious about what other ability I have nurtured?" Luo Yuan asked with a faint smile.

Finally, Chen Feng's expression began to change. True. What exactly was the ability that Luo Yuan had been growing?

Even an ability like Demonic Mirror had failed to attract Luo Yuan's attention so much that he had decided not to grow it. The same went for the other abilities, such as transmigration and even Wang Chun's book ability. If so, what ability was it that he had been nurturing all these years? What had he been doing? Focusing on the Copy ability? It was natural that he would focus on that ability. However, that ability only required upgrades, rather than proper cultivation.

As such, what exactly was the ability that Luo Yuan had been cultivating all this while? He was someone who possessed all abilities in existence. He was also someone who controlled nearly all the godly powers in existence. Therefore, he could most certainly select whichever one was the strongest and had the most potential to grow. What ability was that, then? As Chen Feng's thoughts reached this point, his face fell.

"Did you know? I am someone who is afraid of death," Luo Yuan said with a smile. "As such, the ability I have used my entire life to cultivate is related to death. Naturally, this ability has a very pleasant name." The smile on Luo Yuan's face became a sneer. "The name of this ability is… Nirvana Rebirth!"

Chen Feng's face fell. He had heard of this ability. As such, he was aware of how terrifying this ability was.

"I will not give you the chance to use it!" Chen Feng charged forth and attacked Luo Yuan directly.

Luo Yuan howled with laughter. "Hahaha!" He punched at his own heart. Instantly, the terrifying power of a peak true god permeated his body, destroying all his veins, killing himself instantly. Alas, this was merely the start. A clump of flame appeared out of nowhere and began burning Luo Yuan's corpse. The corpse was enveloped in the flame as the intensity of the flame increased, bearing great resemblance to the flame of a phoenix.

Chen Feng's pupils shrunk. "This…"

Suddenly, the flame rippled out. From amid the flame, a figure walked out. Luo Yuan had been perfectly recreated. This was no longer the Luo Yuan that was in a sorry state after numerous battles. This was no longer the weakened Luo Yuan that was exhausted. This was Luo Yuan at his peak.

However, he had a curious look on his face as he looked at Chen Feng, "Why didn't you stop me?"

"How was I supposed to stop you?" Chen Feng asked, a look of doubt on his face.

"Because the Chen Feng I remember would definitely try to put out the fire. Perhaps he would try using water, or perhaps another liquid or some other methods." Luo Yuan was filled with doubt. "I had a lot of preparations in place to deal with such things. And yet you didn't do anything at all."

Chen Feng: "…"

It turned out that Luo Yuan saw him as that kind of person?

"Nevertheless, it no longer matters." Luo Yuan smiled. "I am back! Haha. Qin Hai? Kong Bai? Mere jokes!" Luo Yuan said with a cheerful laugh. This hidden ability of his had successfully transformed everything they had done into jokes. He had indeed underestimated Chen Feng and the others. However, the same was true of them as well. He was the final victor.

Suddenly, Chen Feng said, "Well, at the very least, your rebirth has now been exhausted, right?"

Finally, Luo Yuan's face froze.

"If this ability was truly so powerful, you would have used it long ago." Chen Feng analyzed the situation. "But you did not. Even after so many dangerous situations you got yourself into, you never used it. Is that only for the sake of keeping this ability a secret? It is quite likely that it has a cooldown period, right? From the fact that you didnt opt to secretly use it when nobody was looking, it is likely that this cooldown is quite significant as well, right? For an ability at this level, the cooldown shouldn't be shorter than one year. After all, there is be a balance to everything."

As Chen Feng talked, Luo Yuan's face became unsightly. Evidently, what Chen Feng was saying was the truth. However, Luo Yuan's face recovered shortly after.

"What does that matter?" Luo Yuan smiled. "After I kill you, nobody will know of this. Apart from you, nobody else is my opponent. Today is the day everything comes to an end."

He was Luo Yuan, a peak true god, one who controlled countless abilities. As for Chen Feng, he was a mere high-tier true god. The gap between them was clear for all to see. Chen Feng's tricks and schemes had all been neutralized. Luo Yuan had even committed suicide to obtain rebirth rather than allow Chen Feng to kill him. All this was to avoid the endless schemes of Chen Feng. After all, if Chen Feng had in his possession some method capable of making him sleep instead, wouldn't he be finished? Therefore, he had decisively committed suicide. And thus, this resulted in him once again being stronger than Chen Feng.

"Come!" Luo Yuan moved. He wanted to see for himself what tricks Chen Feng still had up his sleeve.


The battle erupted. Luo Yuan was fearless in his attacks. Different than Qin Hai, Kong Bai, and Xu Fei, he was clear about Chen Feng's strength. Luo Yuan knew extremely well every step Chen Feng had taken. Therefore, he had a deep understanding of what Chen Feng was capable of and all of Chen Feng's abilities. The extent his strength would reach as a high-tier true god was also clear to Luo Yuan.

As a peak true god, he was capable of suppressing Chen Feng in all aspects. This signified that Chen Feng would forever be subjected to his suppression.

"If your plan had succeeded, I might have truly been defeated. Unfortunately, the one to fail will be you now," Luo Yuan said with confidence.