871 Luo Yuan: I Win

The Strongest Gene

Luo Yuan had all the abilities Chen Feng had, including Luck Aura. None of Chen Feng's abilities could be utilized effectively against Luo Yuan. Therefore, Luo Yuan had kept his Luck Aura in defensive mode, as he was clear that Chen Feng's Luck Aura was somewhat stronger than his.

Fortunately, Chen Feng wasn't using his Luck Aura to fight. The two were tangled in a frantic battle, yet Chen Feng was being suppressed the whole time. He was being suppressed in terms of godly power, abilities, and so on. Even with Chen Feng's formidable strength, he was still unable to display his might before Luo Yuan.

"Damn it!"

Chen Feng had an unsightly expression. A single mistake had caused his entire plan to collapse. Having missed the Nirvana Rebirth ability in his plans, he had now fallen into a bitter situation. Would he truly be defeated this time?

Luo Yuan laughed happily as he saw Chen Feng's unsightly expression. "Are you scared now?" Naturally, his actions would not be affected whatsoever by Chen Feng's expression. He still maintained the highest level of vigilance, paying full attention to every single action of Chen Feng's. He knew that a person like Chen Feng would most certainly have other trump cards up his sleeve. Therefore, he had to be on guard. So long as he survived the wave of trump cards, so long as he survived this battle, Luo Yuan would be able to truly control the world.

"Come!" howled Luo Yuan.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

He attacked relentlessly, suppressed relentlessly, and pressured Chen Feng relentlessly. He wanted to force Chen Feng's trump cards out, force Chen Feng to use his final move. After that, everything would end. As for Chen Feng, he wasn't able to do anything but hold on with great difficulty.

One day, two days, three days, ten days. The length of their battle far surpassed an ordinary battle. Since the two had nearly the same set of abilities, Luo Yuan was relying purely on his higher realm to suppress Chen Feng. Alas, this higher tier was what caused Chen Feng to have no hope of victory. However, due to the both of them having nearly the same abilities, it was extremely hard for Luo Yuan to kill Chen Feng.

They knew each other too well. As such, they both knew how to evade every possible coming attack from the other party. Luo Yuan was someone who possessed all godly powers. The same was also true for Chen Feng, who had obtained them when he'd assumed the identity of the mysterious person back then.

This resulted in Luo Yuan being forced to consider what attacks to use before he did anything. He also had to consider what abilities Chen Feng would use against whichever attack he was going to use. Each time, he selected an ability that could only be stopped by a few abilities or methods. At the same time, he had to hope that Chen Feng would not use the most suitable method or ability to deal with whatever attack he decided to use.

Unfortunately for Luo Yuan, every single time, Chen Feng chose to use the ability or method Luo Yuan most hoped Chen Feng wouldn't use. This battle was almost equivalent to a game of poker. The moment Luo Yuan moved, Chen Feng knew what he was going to do. Then, Chen Feng would use the most appropriate defensive measure.

Therefore, the battle between them was in fact one laden with annoyances. The damage of each of Luo Yuan's attack was mitigated to the limit by Chen Feng. Although Luo Yuan was able to suppress Chen Feng on every level, the damage he could deal to Chen Feng was minimal. The damage he was dealing was even lower than what he had been able to deal to Xu Fei earlier. Therefore, although Chen Feng's defeat was certain, it wouldn't be an easy defeat.

Luo Yuan sneered. "It doesn't matter. I can afford to wait." He had already waited so many years. What was a few more days? Bring it on!

 Bang! Bang!

He once again started attacking. Time passed. One day, two days, 10 days, 100 days…

Slowly, Chen Feng's body was became less able to endure. After all, he was but a high-tier true god. Even though he could mitigate Luo Yuan's attacks to the limit, the accumulating damage he was receiving had reached a terrifying level after so many days. Finally, his face became exceptionally unsightly, and his aura became extremely feeble.

Bang! Bang!

Luo Yuan continued his cruel attacks. One day, two days, 10 days, 100 days…


Chen Feng coughed up blood for the very first day since the start of their battle. Luo Yuan was overjoyed. He knew that Chen Feng wouldn't be able to hold on much longer.

"Still not willing to use it? Still trying to save your trump card? Haha. Qin Hai and the rest are already dead, yet you are still hiding your trump card? If you continue hiding it, I'm afraid you won't have the chance to use it. Do you intend to be exhausted to death by me just like this? Haha."

Luo Yuan howled with laughter. His terrifying strength poured out in an absolutely unrestrained manner. Chen Feng's face was ashen as he looked at Luo Yuan and suddenly sighed. "So it has finally reached this point…"

"Mhm?" Luo Yuan's mind jolted. Here it was! He knew that Chen Feng's trump card was going to arrive. He had been waiting so many days just for this moment. So long as he survived this trump card, everything would end. What could be Chen Feng's trump card? Luo Yuan's mind worked overtime, taking in various possibilities before narrowing it down to a single ability. He was clear that this was certainly Chen Feng's trump card. This was Chen Feng's only possible trump card. This was the most terrifying ability Chen Feng had had back then: God Punisher!

God Punisher was an ability capable of unleashing every ability the user had ever used all at once. For abilities that had been used more than once, the strongest version of that ability would be selected. This was Chen Feng's strongest trump card. When he had still been weak back then, it hadn't been that scary an ability. But now…

This was probably the reason Chen Feng had endured in this battle for several hundred days. During this period, apart from defending himself, Chen Feng had also been spamming numerous abilities without stop. Ultimately, he would most likely use God Punisher to unleash them all. Granted, individually, these abilities were weak and incapable of dealing major damage to Luo Yuan. However, when tens of thousands of abilities at the level of high-tier true god were unleashed all at once, it might be able to kill even a peak true god like him. At this moment, Chen Feng finally raised his hand, forming that familiar gesture with his hand.

"Indeed…" Luo Yuan inhaled deeply. Come then, the legendary God Punisher!

Shua! Shua! Shua!

Every ability Chen Feng had and every defensive ability that Luo Yuan possessed surfaced in Luo Yuan's mind. Was this ability of Chen Feng's powerful? Yes. Alas, it had been revealed too far in advance.

Therefore, a long time ago, when Luo Yuan had learned that his enemy would be Chen Feng, he had prepared appropriately to deal with God Punisher. An ability most suitable for this task had been prepared. This was an extremely powerful defensive ability.

"Come!" howled Luo Yuan.

At this time, Chen Feng, his expression solemn, pointed his finger at Luo Yuan. "Go."


God Punisher: unleashed!

Everything was as Luo Yuan had guessed. Chen Feng had unleashed God Punisher, which was exactly as powerful as he'd predicted.


He was engulfed by God Punisher.


He stood up, using his flesh to take the God Punisher on.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Blood splashed everywhere. However, Luo Yuan was instead howling with laughter. He could clearly feel the might of God Punisher, and he could also clearly feel God Punisher's amplification after each attack. He knew that this ability would be at its strongest in the final second. Luo Yuan's body was stuck in a cycle of constant destruction and regeneration. He was taking on Chen Feng's God Punisher forcefully, taking on that nearly never-ending bombardment, that terrifying power that was nearly impossible to resist.

Even so, God Punisher was still increasing in strength. The speed of the attacks was increasing as well. Faster… and faster! God Punisher, which had originally been a slow attack, had long become an extremely terrifying ability after the numerous modifications it had gone through. Now, even though the amount of abilities it contained had increased, it only required a short three seconds to fully unleash everything in its arsenal.

During the first two seconds, Luo Yuan took on the attacks with his own flesh. He was now drenched with blood. With his teeth clenched, he survived. Now, the final second had arrived.


The torrential attacks unleashed by God Punisher suddenly became terrifying and horrifying. Despite this, Luo Yuan laughed. He laughed an extremely happy laugh. Gently, he unleashed the nice surprised he had prepared for Chen Feng: Absolute Defense! For a period of one second after activating this ability, the user would be completely invincible! In its final second, God Punisher was rendered ineffective. Although Chen Feng had noticed that something wasn't right with his keen senses and had adjusted his God Punisher in order to somewhat lengthen the release period, it was too late. By the time the Absolute Defense was activated, God Punisher's attacks had already started pouring out. Therefore, God Punisher's attacks finally pierced through Luo Yuan. Yet amid the splattering blood, Luo Yuan howled with laughter. He knew that victory was now in his hands.