872 The Horrifying Truth

The Strongest Gene

"I knew you would lengthen the firing phase of your God Punisher. However, you can only lengthen it slightly, not a lot. Moreover, this will also result in a drop in power. Therefore, it does not matter even if the attack manages to land."


Luo Yuan spat out a mouthful of blood and laughed heartily. "Haha. God Punisher? Hahaha! Powerful indeed."


His body started healing at a rapid pace. Despite the huge energy intake required for this and the heavy injury he had sustained, he still burned energy without hesitation to fully heal his body. At the same time, his most powerful attack was shot at Chen Feng. Based on his understanding, Chen Feng was now at his weakest.


The beam of light he shot out pierced through Chen Feng, immediately skewering him right where he stood. Chen Feng's heart was pierced through. He was left so weak that perhaps even a blade of grass would be sufficient to kill him.

"It's over," Luo Yuan said in a somewhat exhausted manner with the ease of someone that had been released of a burden. It had finally ended.


Luo Yuan was still coughing up blood, as he had similarly sustained grave injuries. However, this did not matter, as he could sense the rapid recovery his body was going through.

"You are very intelligent. You are very powerful as well. Unfortunately, you are too young, and you're weaker than me." Luo Yuan gazed into Chen Feng's unwilling eyes. "If… if you were born slightly earlier than me, you would most certainly be stronger than me. What a pity… Nevertheless, do not worry. I promised Wang Yao that I would save you. Hehe. The Chen Feng of the past can continue to be together with Wang Yao. This is quite a good outcome, right?"

Luo Yuan sat down beside Chen Feng. This scene of the two of them side by side appeared rather harmonious. Naturally, this was only true if that bright thorn piercing out of Chen Feng's chest was ignored.

"You won," Chen Feng said weakly.

"Of course." Luo Yuan put his hand on Chen Feng's body. "Don't worry. There will be no reversal from this. This thorn is capable of sealing all rebirth and recovery abilities. This is why I didn't allowed you to kill me before I used my Nirvana Rebirth earlier; after all, if you played a trick, it could have been possible to render the rebirth invalid." Luo Yuan smiled cruelly. "Therefore, go in peace."

Luo Yuan pushed the torn deeper into Chen Feng's body. Once again, Chen Feng was pierced through by the thorn. Almost instantly, Chen Feng's aura became insubstantial, seemingly on the brink of destruction.

"You…" Chen Feng looked at Luo Yuan, filled with indignation. "Have… you not considered that I might still be able to be reborn?"

Luo Yuan sneered. "Reborn? Not possible."

"Fine." Chen Feng's gaze was going blank. "Did you know that I still have a trump card capable of rebirth?"

"It is useless." Luo Yuan curled his lips. "I told you. All methods of rebirth have been sealed."

Chen Feng: "…Are you sure about that?" Suddenly, Chen Feng laughed. "True, it is indeed unrealistic to expect you to keep falling for my tricks."

"Mhm?" Why were the words this fellow was saying so weird? It was reasonable to assume that Chen Feng was on the verge of death and that he was presently uttering his final words. However, why was Luo Yuan still getting such an uncomfortable feeling? Rebirth should not be possible. That thorn was capable of sealing even his Nirvana Rebirth. As such, it would definitely not allow Chen Feng any avenue of rebirth. And yet why did he feel a chill deep in his heart, listening to Chen Feng? He had no answer to that.

"It's a pity. You are so firm in your belief that I will die. Otherwise, I would most definitely be reborn anew…" Chen Feng appeared incredibly regretful.

"???" Luo Yuan was somewhat dumbfounded. What did his belief have to do with Chen Feng's rebirth?

"Hehe." Chen Feng laughed. Despite his dissipating aura, he laughed. "Dear Luo Yuan… have you not noticed that everything you planned progressed too smoothly? To the point where even the final fatal attack you dealt to Chen Feng was exactly as had imagined and believed would happen?" Chen Feng's aura was getting more and more feeble. "What a… wonderful plan…"


And thus, Chen Feng slumped down powerlessly. Dead. Chen Feng was dead. And yet the words he had uttered before his death caused a chill to rise within Luo Yuan's heart. What did he mean? Everything was as Luo Yuan had planned? Was this some sort of illusion? No, that was unlikely. Why had that fellow uttered those words, then?

Suddenly, Luo Yuan recalled how, in the past, he had also firmly believed in Chen Feng's fake death and had been tricked for several decades. However, it was different this time. Chen Feng had truly died in front of him, killed by him personally. Therefore, he was absolutely certain that Chen Feng was dead. If so, what did those words mean?

For an unfathomable reason, Luo Yuan felt a sense of horror. Was this some sort of seed Chen Feng had planted in him just so he could never have peace of mind? Or was it for some other bizarre reason? Luo Yuan was clueless. What was the meaning of those words? Luo Yuan was utterly dumbstruck. He had a feeling that he had entered some sort of odd condition. So this Chen Feng guy was trying to force him to his insanity even after death?

Shortly after, Luo Yuan recollected his mind. He knew that he couldn't dwell on this any longer. He had to stabilize his will. Regardless of what Chen Feng had been scheming, Luo Yuan would face it with force. After all, all Chen Feng had left was merely his bunch of ragtag friends.

At present, nobody was capable of stopping Luo Yuan. Even in this alien world, Luo Yuan was the sole master. Hehe… His next step was to return to the outside world, to unify the world under his rule. Indeed, he was still the true main character of this world. With renewed belief, he left. However, before leaving, he instinctively glanced over at Chen Feng's corpse.

Immediately, unprecedented horror washed over him. There, Chen Feng's corpse… had changed.

Luo Yuan trembled. "How is this possible?" He charged over franticly. He lifted Chen Feng's corpse up and fixed his gaze on the corpse. His entire body chilled at what he saw. The corpse was here. However, this corpse here, this person he had personally killed, was not Chen Feng. Rather… it was Wu Hui, Chen Feng's disciple.


A resounding boom erupted in Luo Yuan's mind. At this moment, he finally understood all those things he had found odd earlier. Why had "Qin Hai" suddenly started killing? Because Wu Hui had appeared. He had pretended to be Qin Hai, feeding upon the fear and imagination of the various gods and killing everyone that believed they would be killed by Qin Hai.

Why had Kong Bai killed even after the correct answer was given? It was for the same reason. The gods were too terrified and were of the belief that Kong Bai would kill them. This belief had been too strong, causing Wu Hui to make their belief a reality.

Even he himself had fallen victim to this. He suddenly understood the reason "Chen Feng" had told him what the plan was. "Chen Feng" had also told Luo Yuan that his strength was now that of a high-tier true god, said that they now shared the same abilities, and so on. All that had been to feed Luo Yuan's imagination, which Wu Hui would in turn feed on.

It was no wonder that "Chen Feng" had been so hard to defeat. It was no wonder that every single ability Luo Yuan had been scared of seeing had been unleashed correctly by "Chen Feng." It was no wonder that even the final result of their battle was exactly what he'd believed it would be. True, everything had progressed way too smoothly. So it turned out he had been fighting his own imagination all this while?


In his anger, Luo Yuan howled with laughter, tears dripping down his face. How lamentable. So after exhausting all his trump cards, he had merely killed a figment of his own imagination? Just some Wu Hui? A disciple of Chen Feng?