873 Decisive Battle 2

The Strongest Gene


Suddenly, Luo Yuan's laughter paused. He had suddenly thought of another question. If Wu Hui was here, where was Chen Feng?


A sudden boom reverberated across the sky. At a certain location in this world, a figure was walking out of a place of secluded cultivation. With a single glance, Luo Yuan's body chilled. That person was precisely Chen Feng. Chen Feng was now a high-tier true god. At this moment, Luo Yuan finally understood everything. All along, Chen Feng had not been messing around in this alien world. From the moment this world had started to collapse, he had been in cultivation. When Luo Yuan had been fighting all those people, Chen Feng had still been in cultivation. Even during the several hundred days that Luo Yuan was fighting Wu Hui, Chen Feng had still been cultivating. All this while, Chen Feng had been cultivating in the region where the flow of time was the fastest.

Chen Feng smiled calmly. "It has been a while, Luo Yuan."

Luo Yuan's heart trembled, and he felt somewhat plaintive. This was a familiar greeting in a completely unfamiliar scenario. This time, he was at an absolute disadvantage. He was suffering from grave injuries and could display less than 10% of his peak strength. All his trump cards had been exhausted, and he was greatly weakened. Standing before him was Chen Feng, who was fresh out of his cultivation. In such situation, how was he supposed to face Chen Feng?

Chen Feng looked at him. "You have been the main character for over 30 years. Now it is time to give up on your position as main character."


He moved toward Luo Yuan one step at a time. Each step he took was accompanied by a boundless radiance. Luo Yuan wanted to say something to drag this out. Unfortunately for him, Chen Feng was evidently not planning to give him more time. At this moment, everyone knew what would come next.


Chen Feng lifted his hand. This was a familiar action, done with a familiar posture.

"God Punisher!"


Boundless power bloomed. A terrifying power erupted, instantly submerging Luo Yuan. In truth, this power wasn't particularly powerful. It was even weaker than the attack that Luo Yuan had imagined. After all, the Chen Feng he had imagined had been capable of engaging in battle with Luo Yuan for several hundred days before severely injuring him. It was clear that the Chen Feng before him did not have such combat power.

If Luo Yuan were at his peak, he would be able to easily block this attack. Unfortunately, he was not at his peak. Presently, he was seriously injured.


The terrifying power of God Punisher pierced Luo Yuan's body. Chen Feng knew too well that Luo Yuan was trying to buy time so as to allow his Absolute Defense to recover. Obviously, Chen Feng would not give him the time to do so.


God Punisher was still attacking. Chen Feng's expression was ice cold. He had waited far too long for this moment. He had been in hiding for several decades all for today. Qin Hai, Kong Bai, Xu Fei, and Wu Hui were dead. There were also others. Too many had been sacrificed just to reach this step. Chen Feng hoped to end this as soon as possible.

He had hoped that Kong Bai would be successful in defeating Luo Yuan. Alas, Kong Bai had been killed. He had also hoped that Qin Hai would be successful. Unfortunately, Qin Hai had been killed as well. It was the same for Xu Fei and Wu Hui. Each step taken had been arduous. It had been too hard, the sacrifices too great. Now, only Chen Feng was left. Therefore, he had to remain alive. He had to kill Luo Yuan. He had to bring everyone back.


The final second of God Punisher's firing phase arrived. That terrifying beam submerged Luo Yuan, and that terrifying power pierced through Luo Yuan. At this moment, Luo Yuan's consciousness was already turning hazy. He could not understand this. He stared ahead blankly. The decisive battle he had waited so long for had actually come to this.

So it turned out that when he finally met Chen Feng, he could only receive a beating without being able to even strike back? How lamentable. How sad. How unwilling!

"I am unwilling to accept this!" howled Luo Yuan. He was Luo Yuan! The almighty god-king! How could he be defeated by Chen Feng? A weakling like this? He was unwilling.

"If I have to die, you will come with me," he howled inwardly.

He would not allow his final battle to be one where he was completely on the receiving end. He would not permit this. He wanted to destroy everything. Luo Yuan was an extremely intelligent person. As such, all his preparations had long been put in place. The trump card for the perfect rebirth was one such preparation. The destruction of the world was another.

He was Luo Yuan, the person who controlled everyone. Because of that, he had once thought of an interesting idea. What would happen if all his abilities exploded at the same time? He was quite curious. However, he had never dared to attempt this, as even he might be killed as a result. Now, though…

"Hehe. Chen Feng, don't you want to kill me?" A cruel smile appeared on Luo Yuan's face. "Come at me then!"


Luo Yuan held his head high and puffed his chest out. Even though he was already laden with holes, his back was still straight.

He howled with laughter. "Let this world perish together with me!"


All of his abilities were set alight. Instantly, a terrifying power engulfed the whole world. He wanted the entire world to perish together with him. He wanted Chen Feng to perish together with him. This was the only conclusion he was willing to accept. This was a conclusion befitting of him. If he had to suffer defeat, the defeat would be a magnificent one.

Alas, at this moment, Chen Feng's voice resounded by his ear. "Luo Yuan, don't you remember why you used the power of time to strengthen this world?"

Huh? Why? Instinctively, Luo Yuan answered that he had done that because he'd feared Chen Feng would drag him down so that they'd die together. As Luo Yuan's thoughts reached this point, he was instantly startled awake. Die together? Yes, this world had already been strengthened. It was now hard to destroy. He was in a trap he had planted himself!

"Damn it!" Luo Yuan's face became unsightly. Despite that, he was still howling amid the boundless radiance. "That only applies to you. My millions and millions of abilities are sufficient to destroy everything!" howled Luo Yuan.

"Yes," Chen Feng replied, "you are indeed capable of destroying this world. However, your speed will still be affected."

Luo Yuan's eyes opened wide. Amid the boundless radiance engulfing this world, he could see Chen Feng leaving this collapsing world slowly while carrying the huge palace that Wang Yao was in. The collapse of this world was obviously too slow to catch up to Chen Feng.

"No!" howled Luo Yuan.


The world exploded, yet Chen Feng had already departed. With his eyes open wide, Luo Yuan stared blankly as Chen Feng left, as his figure vanished into the distance.

"No! How can this happen!" Slowly, Luo Yuan's body was reduced to nothingness. The eruption of all of his abilities was indeed sufficient to destroy him. At this moment, the world of The Crystal Palace was destroyed as well and turned into nothingness. At the final moment before everything turned dark, in Luo Yuan's hazy vision, he seemed to sense a sweet-scented wind blowing past him. He could see the vague image of that flower-like young lady.

"Hey… I… missed you."


With a boundless blast, the world of The Crystal Palace was reduced to nothingness, leaving nothing behind.