875 Vestiges of Time

The Strongest Gene

Time passed quietly. Chen Feng had returned to the outside world carrying the palace. Silently, he waited for Wang Yao to awaken. He knew that the moment she awoke would be the end of everything. As such, he was waiting. At the same time, he was operating his powerful strength. Slowly, all the powers he had absorbed were fused. With his new godly power, all the other godly powers could only submit. This was easier now after his battle with Luo Yuan, as he'd harvested all of Luo Yuan's godly powers.

During this period of time while Chen Feng was waiting, his strength was still growing without stop. The task Luo Yuan had failed even after several decades was completed by him: becoming the world controller. Chen Feng was now a peak true god in the truest sense. He had now reached a height even higher than the previous Luo Yuan. He was even stronger than Luo Yuan had been at his peak. In addition to controlling all godly powers, he had also fully fused the powers. Now, all that was left was waiting for Wang Yao's awakening.

"Is everything progressing smoothly?" Duma asked Chen Feng, who was near the palace. Chen Feng had been back for quite a while, yet all this while, he had never left this palace. Reaching this point had been way too hard. He did not wish to see any mistakes. After all, Luo Yuan's clone was still out there. Even though this clone was incredibly weak next to Chen Feng, he still did not wish to see anything unexpected happening.

"I guess," he answered after feeling out the aura within the palace. The power of time was converging again. It wouldn't be that long before Wang Yao finally broke through.

Duma heaved a breath of relief. "That's good." After hearing about the things that had happened on the alien world, he had indeed been deeply shocked. Even Miss Xiao Yue had not seen that coming. Likewise, none of them had ever expected that Chen Feng would actually emerge victorious. This was a total victory.

Naturally, Duma was not aware that he had also played an important role in this battle. He had been used as a lie against Luo Yuan. Nevertheless, Duma couldn't help but wonder if Chen Feng was truly fine. After all, in that huge world of The Crystal Palace, Chen Feng was the only survivor.

Chen Feng smiled. "Don't worry. The fight has just begun. How can I give up so easily?"

"Begun?" Duma blanked. Wasn't it over?

"The fight with Luo Yuan is indeed over," Chen Feng said calmly. "However, this is merely the beginning of my fight."

That's right, his fight. He would not allow Qin Hai and the rest to have died in vain. Since everyone had placed their trust in him, handing over their lives, Chen Feng absolutely had to fulfill his promise to resurrect them. He would definitely accomplish this.

Chen Feng's gaze was resolute. He turned around and looked at the palace Wang Yao was in. "I have defeated even Luo Yuan. You…"



Faintly, the power of time continued swirling around. Chen Feng could sense that Wang Yao would be able to break through at any moment, entering the true god stage.

Suddenly, Duma said, "The wind is blowing." He could feel a gentle breeze brushing past them.

A smile formed on Chen Feng's face. "Yeah, the wind is blowing." The wind was here. What should have appeared would now appear. He stood up and placed his palm on the palace. "Senior Duma."

Duma nodded. "Understood." He knew that his turn to make a move had arrived.


A wave of the power of time pulsed out. In Duma's hand was a faint clump of the power of time. This power passed through the palace directly and reached the hall within. The power of time was the only power capable of exerting any sort of influence on the palace, since it was the same kind of power: the power of time. The power that Duma could control was extremely weak. It was so weak that it couldn't do anything to Wang Yao. However, his task was not to assist Wang Yao's cultivation. Rather…

Shua! Shua!

Faintly, the power of time poured in. Right at this moment, the young lady within the palace, who had stayed unmoving for a long time, suddenly opened her eyes. Her eyes flashed brilliantly the moment she opened them.

This was a power she was familiar with. She knew that this was the power of that old turtle.

Her emotionless eyes shone brightly. "Are you making your move?" Was Duma trying to awaken her? This signified that Luo Yuan had yet to obtain victory, right? A certain memory surfaced. She could remember that the last message she received had been from Luo Yuan. He had told her that Chen Feng was already dead. She had been forced to accept this fact and wait for the moment she finally became a true god. She had her own plans. The moment Chen Feng had died, she had already decided. But now… Duma was trying to awaken her?

"Are you guys still capable of resisting Luo Yuan?" Wang Yao wondered if Duma was the one fighting Luo Yuan now. Shortly afterward, she rejected this notion. She suddenly recalled Duma's power. It was the power of time. Rather, it was a weak version of the power of time; nevertheless, it was still the power of time. If Duma was together with Chen Feng… right. Wang Yao suddenly thought of another person: Miss Xiao Yue. If she was around as well…

Suddenly, Wang Yao's heart throbbed. Perhaps Chen Feng was still alive?


The moment this thought appeared, her calm demeanor broke. The power that had stayed calm within her for so long instantly erupted, incapable of being held back. These years, she had been suppressing her power. She had been accumulating power without stop. Firstly, she did not intend to let Luo Yuan borrow her power. Secondly, only by suppressing and accumulating power would she be able to truly transform during the moment of her breakthrough.

All along, she had never intended to merely be Luo Yuan's tool. She was Wang Yao, a person who had been reborn. She had not returned just to be cannon fodder. If she had continued her accumulation, during the moment of her breakthrough, Luo Yuan's victory would become uncertain. But now… there was no longer any need for that.


A terrifying power of time roiled out. The berserk power blasted the palace apart. The moment this power left the palace, the entire world trembled. This was the power of time, a power even the Creation God had not controlled. This was a power that was not supposed to exist.

Bang! Bang!

Boundless power pulsed out. Amid the terrifying storm of time, Wang Yao walked out with a calm expression. When she saw that familiar figure standing before the palace, a smile formed on her face. So he was still alive. How good this was. Wang Yao was intelligent. When she saw that they were no longer in outer space, when she saw that only a portion of the palace remained here, she instantly understood what had happened. This fellow had actually gone to outer space to carry the palace back. What a guy.

A sweet feeling surfaced in Wang Yao's heart.

She knew that Chen Feng, who had once been weaker than her, who had once required her protection, had, at her moment of danger, stepped on a cloud of seven colors and rescued her like a prince charming. This was quite cliché, but it was still touching.


She drifted forth on the current of time to directly reach Chen Feng.

"You have gotten fat." Chen Feng was in an emotional state of mind. What had remained mere memories for a long time, at this moment, had become tangible again. He felt extremely guilty for letting Wang Yao remain locked up for so long. He was extremely sad, as he had actually forgotten about her at one point. Throughout the years, she had been locked in the room. She had been forced to cultivate day and night, living a hopeless life. What had her life been like?

The thought of what she had gone through caused Chen Feng's heart to ache. Fortunately, everything was over now. Wang Yao still appeared as pleasant as ever. The vestiges of time couldn't be seen on her. This was the truth. After all, with a cursory glance at Wang Yao, Chen Feng found that her height was the same, as were the two clumps on her chest.

Wang Yao: "???"