876 Decisive Battle 3

The Strongest Gene

"I am not small," Wang Yao grumbled.

Chen Feng shook his head. "I don't believe you. Hearing about it means nothing. Even when looking at it, it might be fake. Only by feeling it with my own hands…"

"Hmph!" Wang Yao gave him a furious glare, then suddenly laughed. This fellow… was truly still the same.

"Hehe." Duma laughed dryly by the side. This display of affection was somewhat overboard. Even Duma, who had lived for so many years, couldn't take it anymore. As the displays of affection grew more intense, Duma's face greened.

Fortunately, Chen Feng still knew what he should do. He told Wang Yao everything that had happened recently. Wang Yao understood what Chen Feng wanted to do as well. What he wanted was to be the world controller. However, this was understandable.

She stood up and looked at the world around her. This world had been ravaged badly. Half the world had been destroyed by Luo Yuan, and countless life-forms had been enslaved by him. They lived a life no better than death itself. As for the other half of the world, they could only live on bitterly through constant struggle. This was the present state of the world, a world without any vitality. After all, to Luo Yuan, this world was merely a tool for his return to the past. Why would he treat this world well?

Therefore, Chen Feng had no choice but to continue Luo Yuan's plan. He had to first control the world, then rewind time. However, he wouldn't rewind to the era Luo Yuan had wanted. Rather, he wanted to return to the best era this world had ever experienced, the Genetic Era he knew of.

Wang Yao looked at Chen Feng solemnly. "Have you made up your mind?"

Chen Feng nodded. "Mhm." He had long since decided in his heart.

"Controlling the world isn't that hard." Wang Yao took in a deep breath. "However, rewinding time is extremely difficult, especially when the rewind needs to stop at a specific point in time. Even though the power of time is at your disposal, it will still be very exhausting. Moreover, you might not be a true god anymore afterward, or maybe you'll cease to exist," Wang Yao sternly explained.

In this world, Chen Feng was a true god. He was extremely powerful. Since defeating Luo Yuan, he was unopposable. Without a doubt, he would be able to easily gain control over this world. After all, he still had luck and misfortune under his control.

Therefore, controlling the world wouldn't be that hard for Chen Feng. He could easily mold this world as he wished, turning it back into a world filled with vitality, allowing this world to sail smoothly from now on.

In this new world, Chen Feng was the uncrowned king. Even if he wanted to crown himself, that would not be a problem. On the contrary, rewinding time would be way harder. To rewind the entire world's time, in addition to the power of time, a huge amount of godly power would be required as well. This power would not appear out of thin air. If so, whose power would be exhausted? Without a doubt, that person would be Chen Feng.

With Chen Feng as the implementer, with the world as the material, with Wang Yao's power of time as the catalyst, and with Chen Feng's godly power as the fuel, the rewind would start. The end result could very well be Chen Feng losing all his godly power. The longer back in time they needed to rewind, the worse off Chen Feng would be. Was this truly what he wanted? Moreover…

"Luo Yuan and Ye," said Wang Yao, reminding him of those two. Although those two were dead now, if they returned back to a period where the both of them were still alive... Back then, Luo Yuan had accidentally awakened Ye through his time travel. Now, if Chen Feng was careless, he might awaken both Luo Yuan and Ye.

At that time, how would the exhausted Chen Feng face them? He would die a miserable death. Therefore, they had to exercise extreme caution when carrying out this plan. Rewinding time was not something that allowed any room for mistakes.

Chen Feng nodded. "I understand." He had thought of all these things.

Chen Feng's gaze was resolute as he said, "I have no choice; I promised them that I will save them. Moreover, I have already thought through this whole matter. There won't be any problems. In this world, nobody can stop me. Nobody can influence me either."

Chen Feng was sure. With Luo Yuan's death, he was now the strongest.

"Mhm." Wang Yao nodded. Since Luo Yuan was already dead, she would not stop Chen Feng.

"Then let us begin," Wang Yao said.

"All right." Chen Feng inhaled deeply. "The source of my power is nearly identical to Luo Yuan's. Therefore, controlling the world will be very easy. The crucial part of the plan is rewinding time. I will need your help with this."

"Understood", Wang Yao replied solemnly.


Faint godly power roiled out. Chen Feng began to shine with an intense radiance.


The godly power converged. In Chen Feng's hands, power unique to the world slowly appeared. In Wang Yao's hands, power unique to time gathered. Slowly, the two powers fused.


Finally, the two powers met. A terrifying shockwave swept out. Where the two of them stood, an alarming power erupted. A transparent whirlpool formed, a whirlpool containing the power of time, containing everything. Without a doubt, the moment that whirlpool covered the entirety of this world, time would start going backward.

This was rewinding time. This was how powerful time was. Alas, right at this instant, when they just started releasing their power to rewind time, a streak of light appeared. This streak of light appeared from a corner they could not see, hidden within the void. There, an illusory figure appeared.


That person appeared suddenly and charged at them directly.

"Luo Yuan!" Wang Yao cried out in alarm. Her eyes went wide. Evidently, she had not expected that Luo Yuan would appear here. This was definitely the clone that Chen Feng had mentioned.

"You are courting death." Chen Feng's eyes gleamed coldly. Since he had been aware that Luo Yuan's clone was still out there, he had naturally prepared for his appearance. A clone? A high-tier true god? In the past, he might have feared such an existence. However, he was now the world controller. He was the peak of this world in the truest sense. Merely Luo Yuan? Chen Feng sneered. "I have been waiting a long time for you."


Instantly, the power of a peak true god swept out. As a precaution against Luo Yuan, Chen Feng had reserved a portion of his power. This power now poured out and instantly pierced through Luo Yuan.

Perhaps Luo Yuan had once been formidable, but he was a mere clone now. A mere high-tier true-god clone like him was incapable of posing any threat to Chen Feng, let alone causing any trouble in Chen Feng's plan. Surprisingly, even after being pierced through, the smile on Luo Yuan's face still remained.

Luo Yuan laughed heartily. "Haha. I knew I wouldn't be a match for you. However, who told you that I am here merely to cause a disturbance? After all, what you are doing is what I have been trying to do all this while. Hehe, why would I even try to stop you? I won't stop you. Rather, I will help you!"


A bizarre power suddenly shot out of his hand. It entered the whirlpool of rewinding time. The moment it entered, Wang Yao was alarmed.


Wang Yao's expression shifted. That's right, the power Luo Yuan had shot into the whirlpool was the power of time. This power was feeble, but when it entered the whirlpool, which had only stabilized with great difficulty, the balance within the whirlpool immediately shifted.

"You all have seemingly forgotten that a long time ago, Duma used to wear a wristband as well. I copied his power too!" Luo Yuan howled with laughter. This decision of his had been correct after all.