877 Decisive Battle 4

The Strongest Gene

Before the time whirlpool, Luo Yuan showed himself. He had always been hiding one fact: he had also copied Duma's power. Luo Yuan had once thought of studying this power as well. Alas, Duma's power of time was too weak, comparable to Kong Bai's branch of transmigration. Therefore, Luo Yuan had only been able to give up on it. Nevertheless, he had still been able to fine-tune the power of time.

Chen Feng could die over and over again just to hide from Luo Yuan. Luo Yuan was also capable of such minor usages of time. Therefore, he had been killing himself and resurrecting himself at fixed intervals. This was what Chen Feng had used against Luo Yuan back then. Now, this method was being used against Chen Feng. This guaranteed that Chen Feng would never be able to locate him, assuring him that he would be able to stay hidden at all times.

Of course, he was but a mere clone. However, as far as Luo Yuan was concerned, only his physical flesh was that of a clone. After all, he now possessed the complete memories and thought process of the real body. On top of that, this minuscule power of time was something only this clone had. Luo Yuan had left this power behind before leaving for the world of The Crystal Palace back then so as to hide that he had this power from Chen Feng.

After all, this was a trump card, an incomparably powerful trump card. With this power of time, his thought process was getting infinitely identical to the real body's thought process. As for this cloned body, it was now the real body. Apart from the absence of the memories of what had happened on the world of The Crystal Palace, he was no different from Luo Yuan himself.

Therefore, after his complete awakening, Luo Yuan had continued with the backup plan he had prepared back then. This plan involved him ambushing Chen Feng. Thus, he had appeared here after sensing the appearance of the power of time. He had been hiding and waiting. Now, what he had been waiting for had finally arrived. This was precisely what he had been waiting for.

He might be weak now, but he had the power to control the world. The only thing he lacked was the power of misfortune, which just so happened to be in Chen Feng's hands. As far as he was concerned, Chen Feng was equivalent to a key, a key to start rewinding time. As such, it did not matter who started the rewinding process.

What was truly important was who controlled time after the key was used to start the process. Luo Yuan had decided to allow Chen Feng to be the one to start the process. Chen Feng succeeded. He won. Alas… he was but a key.


Mighty power poured out of Luo Yuan's hand. Instantly, this power traversed the world and arrived within Chen Feng and Wang Yao's whirlpool. This was the power to change everything. Chen Feng had used all his power to start this process. His aura and his godly power were fully being used to control the power of the world. As for Luo Yuan, the only thing he needed to do was place a timestamp on the process.

The only thing he changed was the stopping point, that was all. The timestamp Chen Feng had set in the Genetic Era was changed back to the era of Luo Yuan's youth. This was his true goal. So Chen Feng believed that he had won? Indeed, he had emerged victorious from the battle. However, so what? With this as the end result, the one who ultimately lost was still Chen Feng.

Luo Yuan had needed to deal with two issues to accomplish his goal. The first was Chen Feng, who would never compromise with him. To defeat Chen Feng and take the power of misfortune would take a very long time.

His second issue was Wang Yao. Even though he had locked Wang Yao up and forced her to cultivate, she had only obeyed because he had been stronger. The moment Wang Yao became a true god, the moment she had terrifying power at her disposal, how could he force her to rewind time as he wished? This was a major issue.

Therefore, rewinding time was an extremely difficult process for Luo Yuan. However, what if Chen Feng was the one to do it? Everything would fall into place perfectly. And thus, Luo Yuan had died. Chen Feng would now personally do all this.

Wang Yao would most certainly agree to help. Therefore, Chen Feng would be able to flawlessly start the rewinding process. Yes, Luo Yuan was currently very weak. So what? All Chen Feng's power had been used to start this process. Many factors needed to be controlled: the rewinding process, time, the timestamp, stability, and so on. Too many things required his focus. As for Luo Yuan, he only needed to exhaust the entirety of his power to alter the timestamp. That was all.

He had succeeded easily. In the end, this world was still his. Chen Feng? Haha. He would die from exhaustion during the rewinding process. He would be sucked dry by the power of time! Everyone would die. Only Luo Yuan would return to that era belonging to himself. Moreover, he would return with his current strength.


The time whirlpool revolved slowly. That faint power of time started influencing the world.

Wang Yao's face fell. "This is bad. The timestamp has been locked." At this point, she could no longer control the rewinding perfectly. Under Luo Yuan's influence, the rewinding was shifting toward a certain direction. The timestamp left by Luo Yuan was akin to a nail that could not be driven off. Silently, it changed the trajectory of the entire process.

Finally, Chen Feng understood. "So this is your actual goal." At this point, how could he not understand? Perhaps this had been Luo Yuan's plan all along? From his invasion of the alien world to his present intrusion into the rewinding process, had it all been part of his plan? Had he used his life as the price to ensure that Chen Feng would be the one to start this process? What a ruthless guy. To think that he still dared to do something like this even after the betrayal of his clone. He still dared to allow his clone to take over by sacrificing his real body. What a madman.

"Haha, you have only thought of it now? It is already too late." Luo Yuan howled with laughter. "I finally understand. When someone is too strong and nearly unequaled, they will always neglect some things. This applies to both the me before and the present you. Haha, although I suffered one defeat, I am the final victor. Sorry, Chen Feng."

Luo Yuan lifted his hand, hastening the flow of time.


The time whirlpool started revolving at a rapid speed and growing in size.

"No wonder…" Chen Feng finally understood everything. It was no wonder that Luo Yuan had died so easily. It turned out that he had intended to die all along. What a terrifying plan. He had expected that Luo Yuan might come himself, yet he had never expected that Luo Yuan to have control over the power of time.

The corner of Luo Yuan's mouth curled up, forming a smile. "A perfect plan, right?" This was his true plan. This was the final plan he had come up with after improvising on the plan Luck Aura had selected for him based on the hot-headed template.


The timestamp he had condensed was like a nail that was nailed tightly in the time rewind. Now, the entire world would rewind as he wished.