1149 Assaul

The Strongest System

It wasn't a good thing for the living beings of the Endless Mainland now that the Master Gods of the Moon Shadow Mainland were keeping such a low profile. In their minds, the quieter the calm before the storm, the greater the impact they would have to face.

As for the remaining surviving sects, none of them would dare to let down their guard at all. They knew that the Master Gods of the Endless Mainland were not going to let everything go just like that. Back when the Moon Shadow Mainland had just invaded into the Endless Mainland, all of them had wanted to preserve some strength, and let others take the frontlines and the brunt of the attacks.

But, as the invasion of the Moon Shadow Mainland carried on, all of them realized that they could not just stand by idly and watch — the strength of the Master Gods was far too great. Their methods were so cunning that it was simply impossible if anyone wanted to observe and wait from the sidelines. After all, if the Master Gods of the Moon Shadow Mainland were allowed to just slowly kill off the sects of the Endless Mainland one after another, there would only be a single outcome even for those who had managed to survive all the way to the very end — death.

Therefore, during the period of the invasion from the Moon Shadow Mainland, all of them had put in loads of effort to communicate with the various other sects out there, so that they could prepare for their counterattacks of the Master Gods from the Moon Shadow Mainland.

Amongst all of the surviving sects right now, the Heaven and Earth Sect was the one with the most skilled fighters remaining, as all the Senior Old Masters and Grandmasters of the Good and Evil Buddha Sect had joined them. Even the Kunlun God Sect, which had some disagreements with the Heaven and Earth Sect, had joined in the fray with them. At a critical moment as such, Old Master White Saint of the Kunlun God Sect was willing to let go of their past hatred and stand together in the face of this impending calamity. Whatever hatred they had could always be settled after they were done with the issue of the Master Gods from the Moon Shadow Mainland.

Half a year later…

At the boundaries of the Ocean of Death were disciples of the various sects standing guard with vigilance.

The sects had all sent out an Immortal King each to stand guard here, just in case the living beings of the Moon Shadow Mainland were to launch a sudden attack. Against the invasion of the Moon Shadow Mainland, the only way for them to have the greatest assurance of defending was for Immortal Kings to be stationed here. However, it was a fact as well that the disciples stationed here might not be a match for those Master Gods either.

A series of patrolling squads were making their rounds around the seaside. In front of that vast black ocean which knew no bounds, all of them felt a sense of fear in their hearts. They could feel an extremely bone chilling aura that was emanating out of the depths of that Ocean of Death. It was as though they would just disappear into nothingness should they enter within it.

As for what lay in the depths of the Ocean of Death, that was something that no one would know about. Perhaps, the only ones who knew might just be the Heavenly Lords.

At that moment, a single patrol squad was conversing amongst themselves. They had already been patrolling here for three months now, without discovering anything unusual.

"Say, do you guys think that these invaders of the Moon Shadow Mainland might have gotten scared or something? Could they have just returned back home and would not dare to come over to our Endless Mainland ever again?"

In the past half a year, there had been nothing happening at all, not even the slightest bit of activity. Hence, these disciples had long gone relaxed over everything. In their minds, it was natural to assume that the powerful beings of the Moon Shadow Mainland were just not going to appear any longer.

However, all of the powerful beings saw things otherwise — this was probably just the beginning. This momentary peace meant nothing, and the truly horrifying events were yet to come. With their heavenly cultivation states, they had an astute sixth sense. In their eyes, they just had this strong, unshakable feeling that something horrifying was about to descend upon them.

Other than the Moon Shadow Mainland, what else could that trepidation in their hearts relate to?

"Don't let your guards down! The Old Masters have already said that those Master Gods of the Moon Shadow Mainland are not going to let up just like that. They are probably just readjusting their forces and strategies, waiting for the best moment to descend upon us. If we were to let up our guard, the only thing awaiting us would be nothing but death."

"We know about all that. But, there's no need to get overly cautious as well. Given our strength, we would be able to tell from the slightest feedback in our surroundings. Furthermore, we're not the only few people or patrolling squads around this place. It's okay to relax at times."

But right at that moment, the entire ground started quaking. The surface of the Ocean of Death shone with a brilliant radiance as a series of hexagonal star-shaped Teleportation Formations appeared.

The disciples started exclaiming out, "Not good! The Moon Shadow Mainland has attacked!"



The hexagonal stars flashed out intermittently as a series of figures exited from within. Thereafter, the edges of the Ocean of Death were filled up with a dense cluster of people. By the time those patrolling disciples reacted to it, they were already completely surrounded by living beings of the Moon Shadow Mainland.


In the blink of an eye, those living beings of the Moon Shadow Mainland had them slaughtered entirely; they did not even have a chance of seeking reinforcements before they died.


A series of furious howls boomed out of the place.

The invasion of the Moon Shadow Mainland had begun.

At that moment, the largest hexagonal star of them all flashed out with a bedazzling gleam. By the time that gleam was gone, a series of godly figures had appeared from it.

When those figures appeared out in the Heaven and Earth one after another, it caused the entire world to seemingly dim in comparison to their majestic splendor.

"Hmph! We're back. This time around, we must definitely trample over the whole Endless Mainland." One of the Master Gods spoke up.

"That's right."

Right now, all the Master Gods of the Moon Shadow Mainland were gathered here. To them, the moment to destroy everything here had arrived. In no way would they be as carefree and casual as before. After returning to the Moon Shadow Mainland, they had found an even greater strength. At the same time, the Frost Master God had descended together with them as one of their main fighting strengths. They were determined to let all the living beings of the Endless Mainland know about the true horror of their strength.

For their return this time around, the Master Gods had not only gathered completely, they had even rounded up all the resources of the Moon Shadow Mainland and brought them here. Making use of their alchemy crafting techniques, they had crafted out numerous Alchemy Weapons that even those Immortal Kings of the Endless Mainland should most likely be unable to handle.

At that moment, all the Old Masters that were watching over the Ocean of Death suddenly jerked their eyes wide open in shock — they had just discovered an absolutely terrifying power emanating out of the area! Immediately, they cast a trace of their consciousness into the void.

News of the Moon Shadow Mainland's counterattack definitely had to be made known to the sect!

"Heh, heh... Trying to send the news out? You guys have got to be dreaming." At that moment, a series of figures floated out into the void. One of the Master Gods smashed the void broken right away. As for those traces of consciousness which were sent out, they were rebounded and destroyed with a single palm strike.

"To think that you guys would dare to come back!" The Old Masters who were keeping watch over the place snarled out fiercely.

But soon, these Old Masters found themselves completely helpless in the face of all these Master Gods.


A bright flash of light streaked through the entire world. With a slicing sound, those Old Masters suddenly realized that their bodies had been split cleanly into two.

Far in the distance, the eyes of the War Master God were burning with a fervent flame as the destructive weapon he held in his hand exuded an absolutely gut smashing aura.

"Indigenous Beings of the Endless Mainland, your death has arrived." The War Master God snorted out coldly.


Those Old Masters that were stationed here were no match for these Master Gods at all. With that single strike, all of them were defeated without a single chance of fighting back at all.

The Frost Master God merely surveyed everything before her with a cold gaze. She had spent the entire time recovering the damage of her God Core. Right now, her God Powers had already recovered to a good seventy percent. Despite that, she was still the undisputed strongest existence amongst the Master Gods.

As she swept her robes, the entire sky was filled with frost that blanketed down on the entire world. Extending out gradually, it didn't take long before the mountains, rivers, and everything else was completely frozen over.

She was bent on using her endless wrath to turn the Endless Mainland into a complete World of Ice, freezing it over entirely.

The Annihilation Master God looked at everything before him calmly. "Use the Alchemy Weapon, Chaos God Cannon. It's time to let the Endless Mainland sink into the fiery flames of war."

At that moment, under the command of the Master Gods of the Moon Shadow Mainland, ten gigantic God Cannons appeared. Those God Cannons looked sparkling fervently, as though they were created from the fusion of countless Legendary Materials. The moment they were activated, they let off a brilliant glow. At the mouth of the cannons, a rainbow ball of light was channeling rapidly.

Aimed in a single direction, all ten God Cannons fired off in salvo.

With that, ten gigantic beams of rainbow lights shot out. Wherever they passed by, emptiness ensued.

The rivers split apart.

The Heavens and Earth quaked.

There was absolutely nothing left alive under this horrifying power.