1150 Ten percent Destruction

The Strongest System

The many Master Gods present looked at the ten brilliant beams of light as they remarked, "This is truly a beautiful sight!"

These Chaos God Cannons were the pinnacle products from the Alchemy of the Moon Shadow Mainland. Gathering all the resources of the Moon Shadow Mainland and finally compressing every single bit of power from all the Master Gods, they possessed an incredibly destructive power that could shoot all the way to the edges of the Endless Mainland even from the shores of the Ocean of Death. Although, these Chaos God Cannons were only single-use items that could be scrapped after a one turn.

Despite that, the effect was still unusually tremendous — ten Chaos God Cannons were all that were required to cover ten percent of the entire Endless Mainland.

Heaven and Earth Sect…

Lin Fan had been in seclusion the entire time. But all of a sudden, he jerked his eyes wide open — he could sense that an extremely terrifying power was piercing all the way over from far in the distance. Without delay, the next time he appeared, he was in the depths of the sect.

"Old Master, I'm afraid that the Master Gods of the Moon Shadow Mainland have arrived." Lin Fan declared.

Geng Yangtian's sense of perception was nowhere as strong as Lin Fan's. Thus, he was stunned. "How com… "

But before he could even finish with his words, the Heaven and Earth trembled out as though doomsday was approaching. Lin Fan's face changed as he appeared in the skies above the sect.

All he saw was a beam of blinding light that seemed as though it was lighting up the entire world from far beyond in the horizons.

At another side far away…

The Old Masters of the various sects out there could sense the massive power that was coming toward them. When they bolted up the sky above their sects and caught sight of the gigantic beams of light that were ripping out toward them, their faces took on a grim turn. The power emanating from those beams of light was extremely horrifying. As much as they wanted to get out of this place right now, they couldn't — their sects were all here. There was no way they could just leave.

Senior Old Masters of the major sects: "Just what in the world are those things? Could this be an attack from the Master Gods?"

Even though they did not know what in the world this was all about, they knew that they could not hesitate anymore at this moment. "Everyone, fight against it together."

Instantly, all the Senior Old Masters cast all of their unparalleled defensive Immortal Arts to have the sects enveloped within. This was a situation that was happening all over the entire Endless Mainland at this moment as every single sect — even the strong ones — were petrified at the sight of these destructive beams of light. None of them knew what this was all about. And that wasn't even all; the area covered was so great that all of them were included in it, and had nowhere to escape.

Under the protection of the many Old Masters, a series of defensive Immortal Arts wrapped the sects up such that all the disciples out there were flustered and caught at a loss for words. While they did not know what those beams of lights were for, they could sense a blood curdling power emanating from them, giving them absolute chills.


In the blink of an eye, those beams of light penetrated through everything and struck out. Just like pieces of paper, those barriers that were imbued with the powers of countless of defensive Immortal Arts broke apart without putting up even the slightest bit of resistance.

"How could this be!" When the many Old Masters caught sight of this, they were immediately shocked. It was as though they had just witnessed the most horrifying event on the face of this world.

However, their shocks did not last for more than a split second.

As the beams of light wrapped them up within it, there was nothing left but pure silence.

With that, the entire place had turned into complete nothingness, without any living beings in it at all. All of those Old Masters were Immortal King state beings! However, under that combined beam of light, they were utterly helpless — that was just how terrifying it was.

This wasn't the only sect that had undergone the same situation — there were countless sects just like it, disappearing instantaneously in the long rivers of history. Even if they had the cover of Immortal King state beings, they were still rendered defenseless.

However, there were some sects that had luck on their side. Those beams of light had not covered their sects at all. Although, if their sects were even scratched at the sides by the beams of light, those portions would have been destroyed entirely as well.

This absolutely horrific event had all of them astounded as they collapsed onto the ground in a crippled thud, seeming like they had just seen a ghost.

Every, single, thing, was engulfed in that monstrous power without being able to fight back at all.

Lin Fan stood in the void; the longer he stood, the more horrifying those powers felt to him.

Geng Yangtian stood beside him. "What's that?"

"I've got no idea." Lin Fan shook his head. Till this point, he had yet to figure out just what it was at all. However, he could just feel an extremely frightening power that was speeding over. Not only that, the area of effect for that power was enormously huge.

"This…" Geng Yangtian had no idea as well.

The Buddha Eyes of Old Master Pu Xin blanketed the entire world when all of a sudden, blood started to ooze out of his pupils as his face tightened up. "This strength is truly formidable. I tried to peer through the long rivers of time with my Buddha Eyes to make clear of things, yet I was severely injured by that power. This is frighteningly treacherous."

Lin Fan contemplated for a moment. "There's no other way about it. This must definitely be the counterattack from the Moon Shadow Mainland. I'm afraid that no one will be able to survive under the might of this formidable power."

Heaven and Earth Smelt…

With a single thought of his mind, the Heaven and Earth Smelt appeared, floating out in the void gently.



At the same time as the Heaven and Earth Smelt was expanding, that tremendous might was approaching even closer. In fact, they could already start to sense that ferociously destructive power coming close to them.

Lin Fan did not hesitate as he caged up the entire Heaven and Earth Sect with the expanded Smelt, slamming it down onto the ground. He was still rather confident about the defensive capabilities of the Heaven and Earth Smelt no matter what.

Geng Yangtian could feel his heart clenching up. "It's coming…"

Far in the distance, a single spot of light was approaching in a flurry. Upon closer inspection, it was, in fact, a gigantic beam of light that struck out furiously onto the walls of the Heaven and Earth Smelt.

Lin Fan was stunned. "What's up with this?"


The rainbow colored light beam struck out at the Heaven and Earth Smelt, causing it to tremble violently. Lin Fan's face turned grim — he was discovering that this was the strongest of all the strongest powers he had ever encountered thus far.

Boom! Boom!

The quakes were relentless, as the powerful force caused the ground beneath it to start cracking out.

Geng Yangtian was absolutely stumped. "Just what in the world is going on with this situation? How could there be such a destructive power out in the world that can turn everything into nothingness?"

Han Juntian was equally frozen. "If other places out there were struck by this beam of light…"

He didn't finish his words. However, it was clear as day in everyone's minds that under a power of this level, there was no way the other sects would be able to hold out at all.

Lin Fan did not say anything at all. As his palm made contact with the Heaven and Earth Smelt, a sudden surge of power cruised through his body, causing the blood within it to rumble out furiously. He then retracted his hand right away as his eyes shone with a strange look.

What a strong vibration that was! If he were to take it on directly, he might not have been able to defend against it at all!

The light beam dissipated as the Heaven and Earth Smelt started calming down.

But, when Lin Fan kept the Heaven and Earth Smelt away, he found out that everywhere else was absolutely deserted, leaving nothing but an empty void with dust clouds everywhere.

This was an absolute annihilation!

'Holy f*ck!'

Lin Fan could feel that things were truly not that simple this time around.

"Old Master, I'm afraid that things might have really gotten out of hands this time around." Lin Fan remarked.

Geng Yangtian looked over and felt his heart clench up. "This…"

Old Master Pu Xin was equally astounded. This was a power that had far exceeded anything they had. Could they really have no chance of fighting back at all?

Lin Fan took in a deep breath of air. "Old Master, we MUST gather every single bit of strength that's scattered out there right now. It's time for a final duel to the death against the Master Gods."

Han Juntian replied, "Thankfully, all the major sects out there have already gathered their main fighting strength over at the Heaven and Earth Sect. If they hadn't done so, our losses would have been crazily immense under the might of this attack."

Lin Fan did not know just how wide the area of effect was for this power, but it was definitely not enough to annihilate the whole Endless Mainland entirely.

Ocean of Death…

The Master Gods were extremely pleased as they watched the wonderful work that they had just completed. As of now, the Chaos God Cannons were already useless; but, it was all worth it.

"Ten percent of the Endless Mainland has been destroyed with this. For them, this must be an absolutely painful loss. Get the entire army out for the assault and take them down completely. With all of us remaining Master Gods gathered together, who else in the Endless Mainland can possibly be a match for us?"

The many Master Gods laughed out as their eyes flashed with a deranged expression before moving out toward the distant void together. This time around, they were bent on suppressing the Endless Mainland entirely.

The living beings that had an entire galaxy worth of numbers were clamoring forward in high spirits as their battle intent soared.

Once again, they stepped foot onto the Endless Mainland…